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  1. This was more along my thoughts and reaction as well. I thought the love blooming in The Final Empire was quite believable, but after that I only saw flashes and as a whole wasn't moved by them as a couple. I suppose this was influenced by me finding Elend increasingly distasteful (which I do lament) through the books. Far too self-righteous for my liking. He is a very very good character though. Vin on the other hand I connected with immensely, and it wasn't the fact she died that made me angry, still makes me angry (I'm burning up right now phwoarrrr haha :P/>/>/> ), is that I thought she would make a perfect god (Especially for Preservation) with all that compassion and goodwill and belief in others. And suddenly she was gone, and it fell to Sazed. Sazed, who who had hardly felt or understood love or relationships until Tindwyl (Which I found very believable :D/>/>/> ). I guess you could say the same for Vin but I believe she had much more of a sense for this. But I suppose it's all in my opinion on what would make a good god. Scadrial couldn't be remade without Sazed's metal minds, I know, and he's probably going to figure into things in the future but.... maaaaaaaaan! :lol:/>/>/> Please excuse my semi-rant lol. I'm new here. Hi! I've never actually felt so strongly about a character dying in a book. Emotions are supposed to be irrational, right? :D/>/>/>
  2. Thanks for the reply Ahh thank you, I forgot that he was thought of as Blunt by the Purelaker. I lent my TWOK to a friend and didn't have it to reference. Thankyou, I had been reading and searching through threads recently on here and completely missed what Peter said in an interview. That would be that planet and series where the shard holder Bavadin is, right? Phwoarr I appreciate the way you've considered all of the factors then use elimination to come to this, I love to use this when approaching most things and I get filled with such joy when I see people put it into action. (Haha sorry if that's a bit weird but I marvel at little things like that! ) Cheers!
  3. Hi!

    Cheers LessThanGeorge! Yes though I am still an infant I have learned all I know from here in my embryonic lurking phase. Great to feel welcomed. I am not so much of a theoriser I think, but more of an analyzer, so I hope I can aid the unraveling of this oh so curious puzzle with you fine Ladies and Gents. I must say the unorthodox approach this forum takes of being nice, pleasant even, is really something to behold. And the seemingly lack of pointless bickering is strange, yet very inviting.
  4. Which book was Blunt in? I don't quite remember him.
  5. Hi!

    Why thankyou for the warm welcome Windrunner! I would be one of the many that discovered Brandon's works through The Wheel of Time. I was actually planning to stop reading Fantasy because no one captured my imagination like RJ did, until BS of course. Now the Cosmere consumes me, as I'm sure you know haha. I do enjoy Kurt Vonnegut, too. Thankyou, and I will. I have been lurking for a couple of months now and thought I should try to add to the discussions if I can. I really admire how you've all gathered so much information from such little sources Thanks
  6. Hi!

    Hi! I have decided to join this fine forum filled with wonderful people, and thought I should introduce myself. I am Dutch Wives, though I'm not really Dutch, or a wife. I'm actually from Australia. It's assumed that I am a Sando-Fan, right? Other than this my passions lie with football, jazz and films/musicals. I believe in Aesthetics. I'm really looking forward to talking Cosmere with you all. Cheers \o/