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  1. I'm not sure if I'm using this sure right at all. But if I had to pick a least favorite cosmere character, I'd say either one of the unmemorable characters from war breaker (as in I couldn't be bothered to even remember their names they were so boring, so obviously not great characters overall) or maybe spook. [Spoilers for mistborn era 1] . . . He just seemed to get really insecure almost out of nowhere. Then super extra from it, getting really op pretty much off screen. It's like he just exists to have a crush on Vin and then get over it by being made of nothing but plot armor and exposition
  2. Idk if I really buy that though. Not when pregnancy happens inside their body and affects it. Just ejecting the fetus is enough to kill it until very late into pregnancy. It could have a completely different spirit web but still be seen as an invader to the more developed/host one. Degrade or remove the placenta that connects them, and it's basically the same. The menstruation thing does call it into question more though. As it seems to imply reproduction is distinct from other areas of identity and health. But it could also be about expectation (shallan especially, but even lift, could see menstruation as a natural part of biology at their age, even if it's not particularly welcome. But if spiritually they weren't women, old enough, or "mother material" it could make it wonkier. I haven't actually read edgedancer and lift seems like she would have felt like she shouldn't age after visiting cultivation, at least until she's forced to witness her own development. So it's particularly murky there. Basically I'm still questioning the full effects and can see reasoning for multiple ideas.)
  3. It kinda feels like your issues with her are mostly with her being young and largely unguided. She was suppressed by authority completely as a child, to which created further indulgence in private. And once completely free from authority she got kinda... intoxicated with it. She had a few months with Jasnah before the winds pleasure stuff went down. And after that she had concern about offending some people in some ways at some times. It seems like as she matures, she'll likely stop saying what comes to mind so immediately as often. And be less prone to such bouts of emotion. Though it should be noted that even Jasnah made a quip about Amarans mom being a slut (basically), which she immediately regretted. And she's the most refined character we've seen really. So I wouldn't predict that be gone entirely. Personally though. I can relate to her. She's too real to hate as a character. I share a lot of backstory with her. I know what it's like to be suppressed so long that it takes a long time to really decide when to quip, how much to drink, or otherwise how or when to indulge in things I never dared think about before. And without guidance it definitely seems to take longer to get a handle on it.
  4. Looking around I found Sanderson doesn't like to write pregnant characters, but had thought about how his magic systems would affect pregnancy. Stating at least that hemalergy would be bad, and stormlight would be likely better than without it. But that's honestly really vague and made me even more curious. I imagine edgedancers and truth watchers could easily use growth to speed a pregnancy along. But that also makes me wonder if they can do the same to an adult, if they could just be aged to dust etc. But that's less relevant here. I'm mostly just looking at the personal healing aspect of stormlight. Pregnancy could be considered as being invaded by parasites, just as alcohol is seen as poison. So if someone views it in that way, would stormlight end the pregnancy? Kaladin kept his brand and couldn't get a tattoo for the longest time. It just didn't feel right, or like he was ready yet. But more like, Shallan (as an example) not seeing herself as capable of or ready to be a mother, making it so pregnancy can't really happen or last long after implantation once she's using stormlight for anything else. Or would it just mask the pains and limitations normally associated with it? Would stormlight healing prevent developmental issues in the fetus, such as from consuming the wrong things (caffeine, alcohol etc)? Do the radiants get to choose on a conscious level, or does the investiture just so what it decides it best? It seems to do nothing for menstruation (which I have to agree with shallan, is very unfair) so possibly reproductive issues are considered differently, even before any "alien" DNA is introduced into the equation.
  5. I did originally hold off on thinking too much of it until it was confirmed that you can soulcast people. But that's before I realized there's common references to vorinism calling people to soulcast themselves into something better. A bit poetic to be too serious. Except light eyes are soulcast into stone after dying. Soulcaster savants literally become what they create. And jasnah literally soulcast a dude into flames. Soulcasters, even jasnah, have areas they'd are better or worse at. Jasnah doesn't do organic things near as well. It's undoubtedly possible at this point that one could simply just be better at Soulcasting people rather than things. The opposite of Jasnah. Though the method of persuasion is likely the biggest obstacle for shallan. Curious if she could invent a new type of jam made of fruit that only exists in her mind, and manifest it from a more mundane type.
  6. I've been thinking about Shallan and her weakness in soul casting. To use lightweaving Shallan finds drawing helps. And subjects she's drawn "as they could be" do tend to change as a result, largely because they like the image they see more than how they've been. In book 2 I believe she even began discussing sketches as living, and as buds of souls clipped free and all this dramatic stuff. Even Veil and Radiant came out of her drawing herself as she could be, and wanted to be. But radiant and veil aren't simply illusions, nor does she really exhibit true DID symptoms until she read more into them (yes I know real life reasons for that one, but it still affects canon). I believe because they are soulcast versions of herself who become more unstable when she's less sure of who she is and wants to be, and who cannot truly coexist with her (as identity seeks to be one in all three realms). Even her perception of them as symptoms of mental illness likely affected how they functioned according to how she/they saw her/themselves. But beyond herself she changed bluth, elhokar, possibly all the deserters really. On a tangent of Shallan sketching powers here's a couple less related oddities I've seen. 1) her tendency to really want to draw people right before they (presumably) die. Yalb, jasnah, bluth, elhokar. Even capsule to a degree (though he had asked her. Odd how she took an image of him when they first met, but never put it to paper. Guess she got busy, but she did say having the images in her mind made it cluttered and harder to focus or think, so it's still odd to me). It feels like something from the spiritual realm compels her (not unlike the effects an unmade or even another ancient and powerful spren may have. Not enough to really know what's happening, too much of a pattern to be nothing) 2) her ability to glimpse into shadesmare unconsciously while drawing. Specifically by having cryptics invade sketches she's doing of people who are plotting or being deceitful (taravangian and capsule, I think there was another though. I don't think elokhar, though he should have been followed by a cryptic since before they even met considering his complaints of seeing symbol heads in mirrors way back in book 1 marking it as another oddity of her power really. Though she could just control that aspect of it better by book 3). Definitely makes me think she can connect with things in shadesmare through visual communication more easily than the more direct methods jasnah would prefer though. Maybe less sketching specifically, but maybe lightweaving scenes so that a rock can see the change into a gemstone that would be treasured and less lonely etc
  7. Yeah, I guess I pretty much just listen to it. So by memory and sound I probably conflated Thude and Dul there.
  8. I couldn't help but notice that a relatively large point repeated throughout RoW is how Venli thought she was the last listener. How she organized Thudd and some others to escape fused rule. But at the same time, I couldn't help but notice that Thudd and Eshonai were kinda taking bets on venli going into mate form when she was looking for war form. Meaning he must too be a listener, who Venli grew up with and would have known. Maybe I missed or misread something but I haven't been able to find much on Thudd in general