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  1. Hi! I'm alive! Sorry for not being around for a bit yesterday, I was out with family and forgot about this a bit, sorry. I'm going to go read what I missed and come back with any thoughts! Be back soon!
  2. Jack Oliver Travis stumbled out of their bunk several hours after everyone else and rushed to the card tent. Forget Voidbringers, time zones were the real enemy. They had almost been late to the round. What a terrible thing. How could they write an essay concerning card games as an allegory for sin when they missed the card games? Sure, they had the sections about how the numbers indicated a gradual slide into sin ("in ones and twos", gradual action in small groups), how the suits showed avenues to sin (spears showing an excess of masculinity, stubbornness, and directness, guards showing deliberate ignorance, disregarding morals for authority, and losing the self, pens showing sedition, paranoia, and betrayal, and swords showing concern for rank over the true self, prioritising showmanship over success, and the mockery of true battle), and what the power cards meant (Shardblade showing wanton destruction, Soulcaster showing the perversion of that which is holy), but none of the rules spoke on the people. If they wanted to study sin, they would have to drown in it. From some previous observation, they had categorised several archetypes of players, each a sinner in a different way. The cheaters were obvious enough, blatantly sinning, but the others were equally sinful. The truthtellers exploited the honesty of others by using their own honesty to gain information. The clever fiends cheated by looking and the bleeding fools. And the captain? Well, the captain was respectable enough in theory, but to play at all implied a tarnished spirit. (So what did that say about their own soul?) They shook off their thoughts, tossed a few clearchips into the pot, and focused on the game. To truly observe the sinners at their default, they would have to immerse themselves in sin. It was all for a higher purpose, so their soul was safe. Yes. Definitely. All for the glory of the Almighty. (And victoire.) Hi! Fabien here with what was supposed to be a general handyman but became an ardent for reasons unknown! I see that we're betting. Hmm... I bet an essay on the nature of sin in relation to this specific card game that at least one Honest person forgets to put their tell in at least once! Sorry for not being here for hours, time zones are terrible. Good to be here finally! I don't really know who to vote for, so I'll just figure it out. Actually... Jack had to enhance the sin on the table. The captain was already abusing authority, albeit in jest, but just a little pressure, and maybe he would crack. Or at least get close. "Now, Captain Karnan, I don't think abusing your authority makes for a fair game." They smiled and leaned back in their chair to feign nonchalance, but they studied the captain's reaction behind lidded eyes.
  3. For me, the fascination outweighs the rage! And I like how he's a foil to Kaladin!
  4. This actually helped. Thanks a lot! The random guy nodded along to the voice in their head and thinks about an arm. The arm would be most helpful, probably. Who knows? After all, this was a guy listening to voices in their head. Not the paragon of logic.
  5. I don't really have one! I don't remember the unnotable ones, and the ones that are antagonistic are narratively interesting!
  6. I think any sensory perception would be affected unless it's an Epic power about indirect sensing like long-distance photography or something. Direct observation is impossible while the power is active. Of course, the power doesn't work when Nobody thinks they're being observed, so it's mildly useless. Just a bit.
  7. This sounds cool. I'm in.
  8. Hi! I don't really know how forum mafia works, but I'd love to find out. I really like playing werewolf with friends, so maybe I'll like this! So you need a character? Uh... I guess I'll go with Jack Oliver Travis, which is definitely not a reference to the word jot, Jack of all Trades, or golf. I do have some questions though. Does the Honest role apply to the semantics of a lie or the spirit of a lie? For example, if I was a wolf and I said "I am a villager" because I live in a village IRL, would that be a lie for the purposes of the role? Or if I said "I'm village" because village is a valid nickname for me Stuff like that. Or "I trust xyz" because as a wolf, I know xyz is also a wolf. Or "I would suspect zyx" using "would" to imply that I don't because as a wolf, I know zyx is not a wolf. Are the cards that work on other people of your choice or random/narrator decided? I think it would be of your choice, but the rules just say "another player" or "a different person" Does the word "can" in some card descriptions mean success is random or the player has the ability to use it without choosing to have the effect?
  9. Hi! I made a character for this, if it's still alive! This world looks pretty cool and I look forward to joining!
  10. Hi! By the looks of things, this place has been pretty quiet, but if it's still alive, I'd like to join! So here's my character. I hope they make sense. Nobody (the name is definitely not stolen from the SCP Foundation)
  11. A random guy fell into existence out of thin air with some Macca's and a hot drink. "What is this place?" the guy asked. "I was told to fall in this general direction by some guy and I have no idea what's going on." I think not bolded text is the non RP stuff? Hi, I'm Fabien, I'm new, and I'm fond of RP but they are all so long and I need a recap of things I need to know. I just clicked the one at the top of the stack and I did not expect this many pages
  12. Oh, RP? That's cool. Might check that out
  13. Ah-do-lin. The root is Ah-do-dah so the name would be Ah-do-lin
  14. My favourite book is Arcanum Unbounded because I quite like TES, SotD, and SFSitFoH
  15. Granted. You no longer regenerate taste buds. I wish for infinite time.