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  2. The one she uses on the Oathgate was Pattern though, as dead Blades aren't supposed to work? The Truth came later. I would have to get my poor old copy of WoR to confirm but I also think she changed the Blade's size in the chasms, while cutting out the shelter. I got a new idea about that end-of-RoW Truth, not sure if it's been brought up or maybe obvious to some, but could that Truth have been to Testament, not Pattern? It was mentioned Testament looked better afterwards, but at the time I wasn't sure why. I certainly agree about drawing conclusions about Lightweavers from Shallan, not only is she unreliable but there's also the double bond situation now messing up things.
  3. Basically what the title says. RoW spoilers. Unless I'm missing something, Shallan's 3rd Ideal was acknowledging that she killed her father - then she used Pattern as a Blade in WoR. Her 4th comes at the end of WoR, the death of her mother, and Radiant (who seems Shallan's way of bypassing the 4th Truth) has Plate in the battle of Thaylen Field. Then the truth about Testament would be her 5th. But there are still things for her to overcome. Even if Radiant is a mask to hide from the 4th Truth (and only merging her back would give Shallan full access to the Plate), there is the question of her family's relation with the Ghostbloods and how she bonded Testament in the first place. It seems big enough to be a Truth too. It's been hinted at that Shallan believes she can find out the truth herself, without Mraize revealing it, if only she can face her past. So, do you think it's possible that Lightweavers say as many Truths as it takes? Is there maybe some WoB on it?
  4. I really like this idea and I think it makes sense if we assume the next big plot point for Kaladin is Moash/Vyre. At this point Kaladin could probably kill Moash in a heated battle, but anything like an execution, even as mercy, is imo out of the question. "Sometimes I should not protect" would also match what "I am Law" does for a Skybreaker, ie. it lifts the moral limitation while trusting the KR to follow the spirit of the order anyway? We see Nale following the letter of all local laws despite the 5th Ideal, but being the law himself, he *could* probably override them. Same way "Sometimes I should not protect" would leave it to Kaladin and Syl to decide when not to protect.