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  1. Thanks that is super helpful. So the Set could melt metal and transport it through pipes and still get investiture out of it, but that might be a waste of time. I wonder if future spaceships will be purposefully invested to resist lashings.
  2. Can a feruchemist use the trace amounts of metals in their body as metalminds? How small can a metalmind be, and could it be a single atom? Could you put more tiny metals in your bloodstream and have a collective small backup metalmind all the time? Is there a limit on how big they could be? If not then there could be an infrastructure of metal cables like the power grid that uses unsealed metalminds so anyone can access the stored power. I'm imagining the Set creating a bank of powers fueled by captive (or hired) feruchemists then selling wires as hookups to it. They could possibly get whole cities or at least law enforcement and certain labor sectors dependent on the extra power (strength/mental speed along with everything else), then they would be in control of those people. Would love to hear anyone's thoughts and would appreciate being pointed in the direction of people already talking about this.
  3. My least favorite character might be Adin from RoW. It seemed like he was only there to show part of how shardplate worked and that could've been done differently (idk about better, it was a cool scene). What about you?
  4. Man that is so tough. Way of Kings was so good and had so much kaladin in it so I loved it. It really drove home the first ideal and not giving up. What about you?
  5. Yes! except for hope of Elantris bc I'm not finished with elantris quite yet.
  6. Hi Marukka, thanks for the welcome! I meant I've read the main books in the Cosmere like Stormlight, Mistborn, Warbreaker but none of the graphic novels or stuff outside of the Cosmere besides Reckoners. I can't wait for era 3 Mistborn.
  7. Read Reckoners a long time ago then and loved it then found the Cosmere at the end of high school. Read the main series and have thoroughly enjoyed it.