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  1. I remember reading a theory that after snapping children are given a vial with all 16 metals and a seeker is present to identify which metal is burned. If that were the case there could be a giant metalborn database kept by the government. No evidence to suggest this but if there are detailed records of Noble houses and their lineage that could include what metals each individual could burn.
  2. Could you create cadmium bubbles but molded in a way so that you are extremely close to the edge and can walk out? I can't remember if the bubble collapses or not after the misting leaves.
  3. Alright, so I have been trying to think of ways that a painter's skillset could be useful in the wider cosmere. They no longer have nightmares to defend against so there aren't any super obvious answers. We know that spren on Roshar will change based on your perception if only slightly. I think in the first book there's a study where a flame spren will stay the exact height if you write down the measurements. So my question is how far does this go? If there was a flame spren and I started to do the same process used to mold nightmares (which is more a mental technique than a type of magic), could I change it's shape? Either make it smaller or larger? What about changing it's shape completely into a horse or something? Basically, how far does a spren's reliance on people's perception go? And could a painter who's aware of this take advantage of it? This is all leading to the biggest question which is could this be applied in combat somehow? Say a painter does this to a radiant's plate spren, could that create an opening in the armor? It's probably too invested but this is the only combat application I could think of. What do you guys think?
  4. Alright, there might already be a feed for this but I haven't been able to find one. While Tress is visiting Ulaam he makes a reference to a "true monster" that is in one of his drawer that has seven faces and then rattles mysteriously. Ulaam references it again in the future saying he figured out where to put the 8th face which was under the thorax or something like that? Any ideas what this could be? My only guess is a baby mistwraith he has or something like that. What do y'all think?
  5. I know that the warbreaker sequel has been talked about for a while and there is no current release date or timetable if/when we will get a sequel. I still would like to hear what y'all would want to see in a sequel. Here is what we know (according to coppermind) Would likely be called Nightblood Would focus on Vasher, Vienna, and nightblood trying to stop Yessteel as he does new things with an improved version of ichor-alcohol blood. The coppermind says it could also include trying to create awakened shardblades and a second manywar. It would also give us more information on the origin of the Idrian royal family, Returned and would act as a bridge for why certain characters from Warbreaker show up in Stormlight. What I would like to see I can't remember where but I've heard the idea of a lifeless PoV character. It seems impossible but there were hints in the first book that some lifeless were more aware than others, such as Arsteel being more animated when he was fighting. It would be very interesting I would want to see new ways to use Breaths including new commands. I would specifically want to see new ways Awakening can be used in combat because I feel like it doesn't really compare to Allomancy or Surgebinding when it comes to power. I would also want to see Vienna get better at Awakening because I also think it would be interesting to see a different kingdom besides Hallendran and how they view Breaths and Returned because outside of a few countries, we don't know much about Nalthis Anyway, we don't have a lot to go off but what would y'all like to see in a warbreaker sequel?
  6. Radiant Order - Heartmender (Progression/Adhesion) Order Theme/Core Ideal: I will heal and improve others. Heartmenders are another one of the healer-based radiant orders. Instead of being on the battlefield like edgedancers, heartmenders prefer to be in medic tents or in noncombat roles to help others. They want to help those who are injured but also find ways to help those who have been hurt in ways progression can't heal. Surges: Adhesion and Progression Adhesion can be used to stick things together and bind things. Heartmenders are better at spiritual adhesion which they use to bind the soul of a person to their body when they are starting to drift into the beyond. (like how Szeth was dying at the end of Stormlight 2 but Nale used an adhesion fabrial to reattach his soul to his body. Only used when someone is flatlining but can be used in emergencies if for some reason they just need more time. ) Progression can be used to heal recent injuries. Resonance: They can use their Adhesion to help heal others as mentioned above. (I'm still figuring out the difference between a combo of surges or what a resonance is) True Spren: Carespren (or maybe mercyspren?) Platespren: Bloodspren Ideals: Healing others and helping them improve. First: LBD/SBW/JBD Second: I will heal the broken and make them better Third: I will heal those who are too far gone. Fourth: There are some people I cannot heal (maybe there are some people I should not heal, like enemies) Fifth: I will teach others to be healers (this one could use some work) Note - The sibling likes radiants of this order more because they share the surges of honor and cultivation. (Could maybe be a resonance?)
  7. I've been wondering for a while why each Knight Radiant order shares a specific surge with a different order. While this could be a coincidence I think it's more likely that an order's ideal is shaped by the combination of its surges and its respective theme. For example, truthwatchers and lightweavers both are centered on truth but have different views on them (societal truth and personal truth). I believe that these different perspectives on truth are changed by the secondary surge each order possesses and it changes how the order views truth. This could theoretically help us understand the other orders better if we can isolate each surges "theme" and then predict how these themes mix together. For example, if we could figure out the themes of abrasion and progression (edgedancer) then we could figure out the themes of abrasion and division (dustbringer) I tried to create an ideal of some kind for each surge and want to know y'alls thoughts. Abrasion - Willpower? (This is kind of a shot in the dark, willshapers need a strong will for their powers and edgedancers need a strong will or commitment to care for those easily ignored) Adhesion - Connection (Dalinar's theme of uniting and the tight-knit squads windrunners form) Cohesion - Agency (willshapers focus on free will and stonewards choose to become dependable?) Gravitation - Honor Illumination - truth Progression -selflessness Transformation - self-improvement (Jasnah focuses on self improvement and the truths lightweavers reveal help them improve) Transportation - exploration Tension? Definitely needs some polish but I think there is something there. What do you think and are there any suggestions?
  8. Hey does anyone know if the spreadsheet is up to date? I want to do an order but want to try and do a combo that hasn't been discussed yet.
  9. That idea that I've always thought would be fun is if a member of your crew has been captured and is being interrogated. A steel inquisitor is on its way to interrogate them and if your players don't break out your friend then he will eventually reveal the location of your hideout and set a steel inquisitor on your tail which is basically a death sentence. Sounds like a good in-world prison break movie. The other idea is a pretty standard break into a vault during a ball one-shot. Could use the mentality that even though there will be more guards they would be distracted by all the guests. Gives your players an RP opportunity as well.
  10. So is the rationale behind stonewards plate being made of painespren is that they can handle it? We haven't seen a stoneward POV yet but I find it hard to imagine that a stoneward would draw an unusual amount of painspren to them. Could they draw some kind of spren we haven't seen like stone spren or some kind of stubborn spren?
  11. I think even if it would be hard to use a silver weapon against nightmares that could go through walls creating wards/barriers made of silver like they do on threnodite would be a good way to protect citizens till a painter could arrive.
  12. I've had this question for a while. Why did the Sand Lord command Elorin, to destroy the Diem and to stop using sand mastery? We know that Elorin was a supporter of the Diem until the sand lord appeared to him one day. After that encounter, he converted to the Ker'Reen faith. He stopped using sand mastery and helped betray the Diem. We know the Sand lord is an avatar of autonomy and while they have a measure of independence usually support Autonomy's goals. So the broad question is why does Autonomy's avatar want to stop the use of sand mastery?
  13. I don’t see why they couldn’t form blades but maybe they would be slightly different. Still sharp but not cut through souls sharp but could stop a shardblade maybe. It raises the question of if any cognitive being or splinter brought in the physical realm would share the same traits as spren with radiant oaths.