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  1. Ah I thought Sixth of Dusk was the Threnody book, you are correct.
  2. Predominantly this, Kaladin has the potential to do better for himself and his family. He's second Nahn, he could potentially reach 1st or even 10th Dahn. For example by marrying Laral, or becoming a personal surgeon to a prince following exceptional training in Kharbranth. Lirin never went to Kharbranth IIRC.
  3. On the Stormfather he is a mix of the original Stormfather and Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow. Relevant WOB! So he's got a little bit of Tanavast's personality thrown in there as well as the power of Honour.
  4. I think this theory is dead neat
  5. The power of the Shard remains, but it has been Splintered. This means it's not something one can just pick up. I think there is a WoB about unsplintering but I'm not sure. Odium knows he cannot destroy other Shards or just kill the current bearer as another one can just come along. Nor did he want to take up the shards himself due to...complications that can cause. He Splinters the Shards he defeats to prevent them from being taken up by others, rendering them a non threat. But yes Honor is dead refers primarily to Tanavast. Or to the Recreance. Actually I think it gets a few different interpretations depending on perspective.
  6. I think you're correct :3 I'd love a thread for each book, but only after I've read them so I can sit here with popcorn waiting for certain chapters.
  7. I was expecting a thread based on Soulcasting for some reason. But I'll join in regardless I want Charles Dance, for obvious reasons. Make him Sadeas? I don't really mind as long as he's in it. Maybe Christian Bale as Zahel.
  8. Do we have a timeline for when Ishar reclaimed his Honour Blade? Could he have highjacked the process using a bond?
  9. As someone who started The Way of Kings twice but then never stumbled once as I ploughed through them all without stopping I don't see how you can stop knowing the sequels are actually there.
  10. Is Sixth of Dusk becoming required reading?!
  11. I've only just caught up with the whole thread but it has been a complete delight!
  12. Thanks, I'll give a look!
  13. So I've been looking at the two forms of Shash Glyph online. They're both different but share the same name. Is the Lightweaver Glyph a modified version of the one Kaladin had branded on him? I've been struggling to figure out how they're related, can anyone help me out?
  14. As a native English speaker, ferry can be used colloquially to mean transport one thing from one place to another, and not necessary by water vessel.
  15. The absolute madlad. Looking forward to Elantris 2: Suprise Boogaloo.