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  1. The indication is that a spren with a broken bond, which we now know is a deadeye, is similar to the mental state of Talenel. We can't use the information on what happens to spren in the physical realm when a bond breaks because is hasn't happened yet since TWoK until that chapter. Syl doesn't start acting like a dummy in WoR until after this scene which is around the Duel. Being unbonded doesn't mean a broken bond, as both Syl and Pattern had diminished cognitive abilities coming over to the physical realm. I think there is merit to this exchange because Pattern specifically says "broken bond" which we know creates deadeyes. It could be that Shallan is interpreting this as to when she first met Pattern when he had diminished cognitive abilities. Could you please refer to when this exchange happens in the books or is this an assumption? To be fair I do believe that would be the best action to take when you get your own extradimensional incorporeal entity and guess the only thing from stopping you from asking them these types of questions is how they all seem to be tight-lipped on the bonds and the oaths. I wouldn't be surprised if Jasnah achieved this feat though haha.
  2. Yes that's true, but that doesn't imply anything about how this should affect them in Shadesmar or if this creates deadeyes. Syl doesn't start to regress until after this point in WoR either. It is only near the end of the book with the chasm crawling and the Stormfather later stating that Kal had killed Syl did we know of the consequences for breaking your bond. In this scene, Pattern give us the information on what a broken bond does to a spren for the first time. This being that broken bonds makes deadeyes (in Oathbringer) and that they are . Replying by saying that it's similar but different shouldn't be a reply to new information provided to you IMO. This information is also provided while they are trying to investigate Talenel and become exposed to his mental state. This state is more closely related to a deadeye than say Syl's behavior when Kal first started noticing her IMO. So if this answer is implying that Shallan knows what a broken bond does to spren it begs the question as to how she knows this prior to Pattern telling us, which i believe could be related to the truth she has most recently provided.
  3. I am more inclined to think that she understood she did something bad to Testament which is why it is a truth for her "Oaths". As the Truths a lighweaver needs to say seem to relate, at least for Shallan, to something bad they have done in the past and are running away from, it must've meant Shallan understood what she did to Testament after she broke her bond with her. If this isn't the case, then technically the Teatament Truth for Shallan couldn't have existed until at least they went to Shadesmar in Oathbringer and saw Maya for the first time. I am not sure if you can begin the path towards becoming a Knights Radiant if you don't have enough issues to achieve all 5 Oaths from the get go. The feeling I get though is that you have to be broken enough already which would imply you've got enough damage to swear all 5 Oaths.
  4. Hey everyone, Not sure if this is worth making a thread for but just read the below sequence from WoR Chapter 63 and was just blown away how I did not notice this. Love how Shallan just casually drops what a spren who has had their bond broken in Shadesmar is supposed to be like. Brandon with the "100 Sneak" in writing haha.
  5. Ok but is that it? Just basing on how each Oath has provided something tangible to the ongoing conflict that the Radiants have to face it does seem a little lackluster? If that is the case thought, I do wonder if there is a hidden function of being Lighteyed.
  6. BAM seems most like the Stormfather now in the absence of Honor. She provided both access to surges and Voidlight as a spren not a shard. The main difference between how singers and the Knights Radiant access the surges seems to be how they are Connected. Using Nahel Bonds as our standard, usually you require a spren so that you can access the surges. The ability to access surges outside of this scenario is a direct Connection to a Shard (Odium/Fused or Honnorblades which are Slivers of a Shard). During the False Desolation, I believe BAM became the conduit for the singers in relation to Odium's Tone on Roshar and Voidbinding. Similarly to the Elantrians, the medium used to Connect with Investiture was changed i.e.(change to the Domain/Land and change in "spren" for the Light/Tone). This would put her in the same category as a fundamental spren of Roshar compared to a Shard invested in the planetary system. We can only imagine what would happen to spren, as they receive energy from highstorms, if the Stormfather were to be sealed away. With regards to Lighteyes being hereditary, the coppermind does mention that people with light coloured eyes exist outside of L:ighteyes: "The defining characteristic of a lighteyes is not merely the actual color of their eyes, but that they have a light and distinguishable color. For example, although grey is not normally considered a bright color, having light grey eyes qualifies one as a lighteyes.[1] Conversely, although green is normally seen as a light color, having deep, dark green eyes that look muddled and is hard to distinguish from brown or black in average light would qualify one as a darkeyes.[3]"
  7. This is something I just thought of while finishing RoW. Typically a Darkeye can become a Lighteye when they bond a Shardblade or become a Knight Radiant. Yet somehow we have had natural born Lighteyes that has continued for just a bit under 4000 years, most likely since the Recreance. We also know that Deadeyes only started appearing since the Recreance. The link between both "races" would seem to be that the eyes were affected since this happened. We are aware that the sealing of BAM had wide reaching affects on Roshar. A similar example we observe is how the Parshendi were affected by the sealing of BAM, specifically in my opinion is that their Identity was taken away from them. Deadeyes also seem to be in a "Identity"-less state like the Parshmen are. So it feels like something was ripped from the Spiritweb of the spren and imprinted on the humans at the time of unbonding. This then became a hereditary trait on the few people who unbonded their spren/took the dropped shards and continued to pass it onto their descendant's spirtiwebs. TBH I think this might have been very obvious for some people but this just hit me like the stormwall haha.