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  1. Theory: it’s made of Dragonsteel, hence it’s crazy value.
  2. Any update on the Arcanum entry for this event (or any of the subsequent events)? There's so much discussion happening about OB and it's ramifications, but we may be operating with less information than Arcanum transcribers, hard to know what will be outdated theories when the WoBs hit those not attending the small amount of events.
  3. Maybe he changed his mind and wanted to give her a new role in the book. I'm just baffled at the arc of your criticisms about this, I guess. Originally it was that you weren't convinced it was her and 17S shouldn't act like it was certain. Then posters gave you evidence that made it certain and you now say it's too obvious. Sorry if this is harsh, but that doesn't seem consistent, so maybe there's something else about Vivenna being in the book that is bugging you.
  4. I’m really confused. What is trolling about it? And why is it sad?
  5. This is basically what they teach in reading classes as "context." You are meant to infer something by surrounding text, not just directly. It's a way to circumvent obvious exposition, which tends to feel like an unrealistic information dump.
  6. This raises a lot of questions. Whoa.
  7. Well, that's interesting. Sounds like a bit of a bottleneck, but I guess it avoids misconceptions.
  8. Arcanum entries are subject to Peter approvals?
  9. I love the the entire Arcanum project...but I do miss being able to almost immediately see signing reports in these threads. BS never comes near my city, so it's fun reading them. This particular event has at least 208 entries, it looked like (before that info was hidden). But nothing is readable, yet. I assume posters are directly submitting there instead of in the forum threads for the most part?
  10. Do some hunting about Autonomy. There are lots of indications and a few WOBs that Autonomy manifests as different personas, hence the "we" and "us" usage.
  11. FYI: Khriss writes the Ars Arcanum, not Nazh.
  12. The last Dragonsteel Prime chapter has been posted. Frost is back with some knowledge to drop on Jerick.
  13. Hmm, I'd be shocked if the WoB is a hint at "Vivenna will be a major part of Stormlight and warrant a special painting." That said, Ishar and Shalash make a lot of sense here. The masks could be a nod to the art and beauty aspects of her attributes. I can also see Honor and Cultivation, though. At least, these being religious paintings of those two in idealized human forms.
  14. Multiple suggestions in this thread and Reddit that the woman is Vivenna. Have I missed something? How do we know Vivenna is at all prominent or relevant to Stormlight? I've read all the preview chapters, so I'm current.