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  1. Thoughts on the actual name for Wisdom/Prudence/Survival? I've been thinking something along the lines of Vigilance, Care, Discretion. The concept seems to be "being conservative or cautious."
  2. The last one would be the "Wisdom/Prudence" one mentioned in WOBs.
  3. This isn't Silence Divine.
  4. The story (and Hoid by extension) says the Iriali vanished from this place. Why would they go here from Roshar?
  5. Doesn't he just say "characters who haven't had their own books before"? Not sure he's saying worlds we haven't seen yet.
  6. Doesn't he just say "characters who haven't had their own books before"? Not sure he's saying worlds we haven't seen yet.
  7. there's no limit on the pledges. you've got plenty of time. stuff doesn't deliver until January 2023.
  8. i like how he expressly asks to not reveal the secret, but everyone shouts it out
  9. The idea that a movie ramping up is going to interfere with novels is a good one, but I don't think he would delay Stormlight 5. It may be more of a "Mistborn is happening (yay!) but I need to be ready to devote time to it later this year, so Stormlight 5 will be my last novel for a little while. This is my big chance to get my stuff adapted and I can't pass it up." Edit: rereading his reddit message, though, I do think it's either "no touring" or "offloading a lot of projects to co-authors."
  10. Since we can take illness off the table, my guess is he's going to stop touring and just do Dragonsteel Con as his event every year. Touring takes a lot out of him: interrupts writing, doesn't see family, traveling is exhausting, etc. Co-authorship of non-Cosmere stories is also likely. I don't think he would co-author Stormlight, Mistborn, or Dragonsteel. Those seem too personal.
  11. how about we hope he's okay first?
  12. Theory: it’s made of Dragonsteel, hence it’s crazy value.
  13. Any update on the Arcanum entry for this event (or any of the subsequent events)? There's so much discussion happening about OB and it's ramifications, but we may be operating with less information than Arcanum transcribers, hard to know what will be outdated theories when the WoBs hit those not attending the small amount of events.