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  1. I love summer glau, Rdj and Nathan Fillion, but sadly they are all too old. I can see Cillian Murphy pulling off Kelsier, And Elle fanning as vin. Eddie Redmayne would make a good Elend, Jeremy irons as Sazed, or even Robert Downey junior, but my fave would be Hugh Jackman.
  2. Welcome, the gods of the shards will answer - and so will the rest of us geeks! Still feeling it out myself, so to welcome you I attach a picture of my goddess- or at least that’s what she thinks she is!
  3. Ok, I’ve got one photo on my profile, but I can’t get the small one to load. I’m a nerd so this is unusual, but it won’t connect to my gallery. Any suggestions?
  4. Not that hard to get, I was his boss for years so he’s used to me, and the other way around. I’m more on the creative side than Navani, but I like to think I’m still ok looking for my age lol. love a bit of Lopen - which reminds be I need to be somewhere - I’ve got some glowing to do!
  5. Love Kelsier too. Baz started me on stormlight, and I read them straight through, loved them. I read it appease him, but now I’m hooked! Elantris is a good book, and I love that there are strong women in each one. I haven’t had the easiest life and have had to be strong, it’s good to see that reflected in fiction instead of the ‘more coffee darling?’ Stereotype. Just started the mistborn trilogy, on the second book and I love Vin as a character. Moash is my least favourite for obvious reasons. I am looking forward to the rest of the series, and meeting people on here. But I’m also glad I have a kindle, his books are on the large side!
  6. I love Lopen as well! My husband wasn’t that hard to get, but I was his boss for six years! Stormlight is my favourite series, but so far I have to say the Emporers soul has caught my imagination the most. Thanks for the warm welcome all of you - but I expect that from other cosmere fans! i relate to Navani for similar reasons - bad first marriage but got my wonderful children out of it. I’ve known hubby 2 for twenty plus years, been together 2 and married 18 months. When you know, you know. Got back from honeymoon the day before lockdown. He’s supportive, caring but strong - not physically like Gavilar but in every other way, so I’m a lucky girl. He kept telling me how good the books were so I read one to keep him happy, and haven’t stopped yet. that’s enough about me, Elf, what’s your favourite? Actually, favourite and’s least favourite from each of you, and why? Characters, book, series - take your pick! M
  7. Difficult to say …. Moash I guess for least, most favourite is the hardest. Navani is who I relate most to, so I’ll stick my shards there
  8. Hi all my husband got me into Brandon Sanderson, knew there was a good reason I married him! Looking forward to chatting on all things cosmere.