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  1. Ok I'll be staying here for a while then *lies down, starts reading*
  2. As far as I know, hormones play a significant role in one's periods. I don't know about your friend and am speaking only from my own experience. Tw: depression Anyway, the effects are not necessarily permanent, even if they continue for a relatively long time.
  3. *browsing the shard while writing my essay* yeah definitely TPBM is a little bored
  4. I did, though only for a short while TPBM didn't hesitate before joining the shard
  5. A dreams thread! Recently I dreamt on two consecutive nights that I became Elend. On the first night I set out to find Kelsier, only to get killed. I can't remember who it was that killed me, just that I was on my way to meet Kel and suddenly everything went black. The next night I approached the Lord Ruler and told him the main plot of Mistborn Era 1, expecting that he'd help me save the world (I was clearly not thinking straight hahaha). However, TLR was like "hey since Scadrial turns out to be fine, I just need to follow the storyline and wait for your future wife to kill me". When I protested he became impatient and everything went black again.
  6. 370. Start writing diaries or memoirs or biographies. What you write might end up being the prologue in front of each chapter, which means you won't die until you finish writing.
  7. Why, I'd take a picture of them and show off to my friends later. Hey can you imagine? I met Thanos earlier today!
  8. Fortunately there's a big age gap between me and my siblings. So we don't know a lot about each other's life at school or work. It's really nice of you to say so!
  9. Ah this would make it so much easier to wash the dishes! I want a force field at my apartment's door. It can tell me who is knocking on the door or lurking around my doorstep. Only with my permission will it let anyone enter. Preferably, it can send electric shock to knock out bad guys. Even better, the ability to remove people from my place. If someone fools me and enters my house, I can teleport them back outside in the blink of an eye.
  10. Thank you! Ah my bad I've forgotten about it. Sooo sorry
  11. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned HOA whose ending turned me into a sobbing mess.
  12. I also love Raboniel! She is such a badass mommy… And as my user name suggests, Rashek.
  13. Thank you, it's just soooo hard *sign* I wish they weren't. They are not the only ones to blame though, I believe I'm not a good big sister.
  14. Yay I see that you share my love for chestnuts. *inhales* CHESTNUTS FOR EVERYONE!