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  1. You're not alone. She is one of my favorite characters in the entire Cosmere.
  2. Correct me, but I thought that due to diminishing returns you would probably not have infinite investiture.
  3. For me, overall it's going to be King Iadon. He is just poorly written and the reveal did not do much for me.
  4. I am currently a Physics student at UofA. I am on a mission to complete reading the entire Cosmere. I have finished everything except for Sixth and White Sand. I hope I'll be able to have interesting discussions.
  5. Moash is a villain and I accept him as such. Lirin tries to 'help' Kaladin but is OK with giving up his son to the enemy because he is 'dead to him'. He is just not a good father.
  6. I love cookies and pancakes and sweet things My least favorite Stormlight character is Lirin. I just don't like how hypocritical he can be.
  7. I do appreciate waves and their link to Cosmere. My favorite character right now is Shallan, though it's a function of my mood and if you ask me this question later, I might have a different answer.