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  1. Thanks. I never thought about it like one of the old magics, but now that you mention it, I guess it kind of is. I sounds kind of like your new magic theory a little too.
  2. There was that one thing where Rlain taught people how to get plants to grow with Lifespren.
  3. Ah so many questions... hmmm let me fill you guys in on some info, and answer some questions. I found out about Mistborn one day when I went into the bookstore and they were giving away free mistborn/stormlight sampler novels. It had a chapter or 2 of mistborn on one half, and Stormlight on the other half I read Mistborn and didn't know or care much about stormlight until I saw a mention of this "Roshar" place in the arcanium in the back of one of the wax and wayne books. Wit, Lift, and Wayne are probably my favorite characters. I like the Windrunners, but I would probably become a Lightweaver. It's hard for me to pick a favorite power, as I like Gravity Manipulation, Soulcasting, and Lightweaving. I think Allomancy is awesome, and I suppose I would like Ironpull for my power, and maybe Chromium for feruchemy. I haven't read the Rithmatist yet.
  4. I keep imagining a sand master trying to lift other things than sand now.
  5. Hello for the first time! I think? I thought I had an account but I guess I never made one.