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  1. Thanks, I will definitely dive into WoBs. I'm not touching the Coppermind again until I finish RoW since I got spoiled because of a misuse of the TimeMachine option xd
  2. Oh, actually Secret History is included in Arcanum Unbounded in the Spanish edition. Thanks for your answer I will dive into that!
  3. (This is my first post here sorry if I make some mistake, and sorry again for my english I'm argentinian xd) This is the thing: I've read everything up to OB but I constantly read and hear people discussing things that may sound familiar to me but I don't really rememeber Brandon going that much into them in the books at least. Things about the shards, the realms, some letters, things about Hoid, etc... What am I missing that I don't have all this info? I've read OB, the six Mistborn books, Elantris, Warbreaker and Arcanum. And every post I read has no spoilers from RoW nor DS which I haven't read yet. At the beginning I thought there was stuff that I didn't remember but it's a lot and seems to be interesting Cosmere things.