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  1. Human cant survive long in cognitive realm really makes sense. The people of Ashyn invaded roshar to live is our biggest clue. And it would also make dalinar and co need to go to the other cosmere worlds to survive and then possibly, puposely or not, conquer it....
  2. It's nice to see this theory got more attention And good job for finding this clue It's interesting if stormfather truly dead, that means we will probably never see dalinar fourth and fifth ideal.
  3. It's nice seeing this theory got some contradiction. Even though, I like backing this theory up. I can see some of it direction make story rather unsatisfying especially for something that have been foreshadowing for so long like Contest of Champions. Also, If Stormfather loses his power or die, it means there's possibility we cant see dalinar Fourth and Fifth Ideal. But, I still curious what "The Night of Sorrow" will be like. and little theory about it is not helping
  4. That's nice prediction Your theory make this quotes much more relevant The day was ours, but they took it. Stormfather! You cannot have it. The day is ours. They come, rasping, and the lights fail. Oh, Stormfather! —Collected circa Tanat 1173 by Taravangian. Subject was a young boy. the 'Stormfather' part may not just simply a cried for help but actually an important part that implied something happened to stormfather
  5. Good prediction, your theory can happened. if it happened, I wish Contest of Champion will still significance at least until we get this reveal. I feel like if we know Todium will bring the night of sorrows regardless if he win or lose, all the foreshadowing and preparation we got for Contest of Champions will become meaningless. It will be funny if we got bamboozled again by brandon like dalinar becoming odium's champion theory. The night of Sorrows will almost happened and somehow it didn't. he can use 'well it's taravangian now not rayse so future got changed'
  6. I may have wrong wording for dalinar lose. I believe regardless of outcome of the Contest of Champions, Dalinar will still lose to Todium. I 100% agree with you, this probably is The Night of Sorrows. Brandon Sanderson come from devoted christian background so it's not weird if he takes great flood/Noah story into his own.
  7. Elantrian. No contest. The most overpowered non-shards magic being in cosmere. By drawing specific symbols, usually in the air, Elantrians are capable of instantaneous travel, healing, turning garbage to food, creating light, creating fire, creating a telescope made of air, creating disguises, etc. U can also have seod while being elantrian If not possible, I will take full feruchemy or full mistborn
  8. This theory came to my mind after I read some of death rattles that still have no meaning Turns out there are some sentence that foreshadow a great body of water that fall from a very long storms. That storms can possibly be everstorm/highstorm or perhaps combination of both A man stood on a cliffside and watched his homeland fall into dust. The waters surged beneath, so far beneath. And he heard a child crying. They were his own tears —Collected on Tanatesev 1171, 30 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a cobbler of some renown. I believe this rattle refers to szeth’s feeling. Sinovar, Szeth’s home, have many mountain that surround it. Will sinovar crumble then got flooded? I'm cold. Mother, I'm cold. Mother? Why can I still hear the rain? Will it stop? —Collected on Vevishes 1172, 32 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a lighteyed female child, approximately six years old. This one refers to a rosharan people feeling amidst this very long storm. Light grows so distant. The storm never stops. I am broken, and all around me have died. I weep for the end of all things. He has won. Oh, he has beaten us. —Collected on Palahakev 1173, 16 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a Thaylen sailor. This might implied that it will be cause by odium (Now Todium). Very long storm will cause the sun to be blocked so sky will turn into night. You might also can find ‘long night’ foreshadowing from this : So the night will reign, for the choice of honor is life... —Observed circa Ishi 1173 by Taravangian. Subject was King Valam of Jah Keved. The day was ours, but they took it. Stormfather! You cannot have it. The day is ours. They come, rasping, and the lights fail. Oh, Stormfather! —Collected circa Tanat 1173 by Taravangian. Subject was a young boy. The darkness becomes a palace. Let it rule! Let it rule! —Collected on Kakevah 1173, 22 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a darkeyed Selay man of unknown profession. I believe this will happened in book 5. Brandon need a bitter ending for book 5 so stormlight archive can continue through book 6 to 10. I believe Todium will somehow create eternal global storm on roshar. This will cause catastrophic apocalyptic event that make living people of roshar migrate to shadesmar. Remember that shadesmar have reverse ecology to the real world? Land in shadesmar is sea in real world while sea in real world is land. So this flood will make shadesmar more occupiable with more land than before. But I believe not all of roshar will be flooded. Mountain will still stand tall above waters so urithru and horneater peak most likely still be safe. This will become a great strategic tool to make dalinar lose. If dalinar lose, Todium will have him to become his general to conquer the rest of cosmere. With this, Todium will be not afraid to lose. If dalinar win, he will still need to have conquer another cosmere’s world or at least will have to find any new world to occupy. They can’t live in Shadesmar forever. After all, if they can, why did people of ashyn (Human in Roshar ancestors) conquer roshar in the first place?