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  1. Now there are at least three football fans on here. Glad I found this. Football fans in the comsere. Amazing.
  2. You could try the Bobiverse. The first book is call We are Legion.(We are Bob). It's pretty sci-fi
  3. I'm going to say Shallan kills off another of her personalities. Radiant, that's you. I think another Herald will die, either Nale or Ishar. I'm surprised that everybody thinks Dalinar will die, because I thought I was going on a limb to say either he or Adolin loses the contest of champions and Kaladin and Szeth have to put him down like a rabbid dog. Not completely sold on this one but it could happen. Lastly, and the one I'm most afraid of is Syl dying as well. I got some weird feelings when she forgot the words to the fourth oath and hope it didn't mean anything dramatic in the future.
  4. Welcome! All theories welcomed, but there are a lot of knowledgeable people on the shard. Have a look around and check out all of the stuff. I'm sure you'll love it
  5. To me this appears to be something similar to what happened to Rand when he went to Rhuidean. It's my opinion that Dalinar is learning how to use his bond smith powers to control/handle connection and these moments where nearest easiest to Dalinar to connect to (for whatever reason) with the most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom. At the very least I think these 'visions of the past' serve as a reminder that the heralds are broken to a point and in such a way they go against the things that they stood for in the past. Almost purposefully contrary in my opinion. As far as info we can glean and speculate off of I think the only one that provides helpful not before known/assumed info is where Nale is talking to Jezrien. I'm not sure however, if there is enough new info to postulate a guess about things otherwise unknown.
  6. Up until last year I threw the javelin in college (which I feel is a pretty close comparison to the spear). I had done fairly good throughout the year and qualified for the West Regional (preliminary rounds of the national championships) but I remember that at one meet I was having a personal relationship problem of my own. Nothing was different about me except my state of mind and I ended up performing my worst all season. I had even preformed better in high school. The fact Kal struggles to preform basic thrusts should speak more to the affect that the personal relationship has on him rather than the affect the nahel bond relationship has on him.
  7. These are pretty cool. I'll give a nickle to anybody who can coherently out constrain themselves come up with a paragraph that follows the same rules
  8. Yeah him and Hoid maybe don't see eye to eye but they are on the same page in that regard.
  9. Does his crazy state make the information he gives shallan any less valuable?
  10. I've been thinking about the reveal that Restares was Kalak at the end of RoW and how unintuitive it is that the Heralds would break their parts of the Oathpact so they could trap Odium/the fused on Braize and not return, and then actively work to bring the void bringers back. I'm unsure what to think about the slight contradiction there. On one hand Restares/Kalak is the supposed leader of the Sons of Honor who were trying to "bring the Heralds back" and I can only think that he had seen enough of the Heralds in their current state that he must have gotten desperate enough to try anything to return them to their former states of glory. He must have thought that the return of desolations would help the Heralds "snap out of it". On the other hand I have a feeling that he's mental state and the lack of consistency with his previous ideals may be to blame. He was know as an excellent judge, but now can't decide what to stick with. Or maybe he was just really eager to have Taln around.
  11. The fact that Nightblood is made up of more than just endowment's investiture makes me think that even if she did have future sight enough to see future events like Odium on Roshar, I still think it was a bit of a gamble on her part that she returned the five scholars with the intent that they would create nightblood and leave him in circulation so that he could be a force against Odium.
  12. Given that there is such a hoard in Lasting Integrity and Restares was living there for a while, I assume that not only do certain groups hoard perfect gemstones if given the chance, but that the Sons of Honor are helping the Spren with their collections.
  13. We’ve seen that when a shards intent isn’t exactly shared by the vessel there begins to be some dissonance. Kaladin definitely has more noble/honorable actions than Szeth, I just think Szeth, better matches the intent of the shard.
  14. I love the theory! There are two ideas/questions that arise as I think of it and from what we've seen of Endowment on Roshar already. We know that as a Returned, Vasher has to consume a breath a day or die. Instead of living off of a stockpile of breaths he consumes investiture in form of stormlight. Because he is investiture dependent, I don't think it matters what investiture it is. Knowing that, when he fights Kaladin, he still awaken objects, but I don't think that he just needs investiture. I think he would have to rely on the breaths that he has saved up to continue to awaken objects. (This opens another can of worms as to what an allomancer would do on Roshar with access to stormlight. Would it still work by consuming metal, or would people be able to 'breath in' stormlight to fuel allomancy. My belief is they would still need metal.) So, getting back to your theory, if they were to awaken the blade, I think they would need breaths to do it. 2nd) If they did use breaths but supplimented it with different investiure as well. (much as nightblood has ruin in him + who knows what) I can totally see it being with Valor's investiture.
  15. Either,(In order of likeliness) the return of the everstorm brought them back. [RoW theory]. Shallan's mother was actually the herald Chanarach and when Shallan killed her she returned to Braize and then broke which allowed them back. They have some technology (similar to what Gavilar was researching). Or we don't know exactly.