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  1. The Radiant spren may have been intended to show up in Shadesmar over a period of time, but I don't know if anyone was particularly looking for them. It could have taken a few years for the spren in shadesmar to notice that they hadn't seen any of the old radiant spren, and by then all the radiants could have broken their oaths and there's no way to contact them. As for why they were in such a rush to break their oaths, no clue. Probably has to do with what they found out about how the surges were used to destroy Ashyn. And as to why all the spren had to take part, I imagine all the surges were dangerous enough to cause the cataclysm, but it's a moot point because we KNOW all the spren didn't take part. The highspren clearly didn't agree and kept their order going, why they felt that way and if it was just a decision based on their belief of following laws/oaths, idk. Why they didn't tell the other spren of shadesmar what happened, who knows? Hopefully we'll find out in book 5 which is supposed to be the skybreaker book.
  2. Well point 2 is what would have happened if the whole BAM thing didn't cause all the radiant spren to become deadeyes? It's what the radiants intended. Point 3 is what ended up happening after they became deadeyes, and none of the old radiants were aware that their plan went wrong. Maya says as much during the trial that they didn't expect the spren to become deadeyes.
  3. 1) We don't know exactly why they did it, but my guess is they feared continuously using the surges on Roshar would lead to some cataclysm. In RoW we learn Odium tricked Ishar into playing with surges which ended up destroying the planet so it's viable they were afraid of it happening again. 2) Knowledge wouldn't be lost if the Recreance happened the way I theorize it should have. The spren would have kept their Sapience and be able to teach the future generations of spren about the dangers of surgebinding. Theoretically, they would form some kind of psedo bond with future humans, which would allow them to dismiss the shardblade sans gem, and in that time the spren are in the Cognitive Realm, hanging out with their descendants. 3) No they don't have to do it at the same time, but I think it would be hard for the remaining Radiants to be aware that something weird happened. The gem stone trick to dismiss the shardblades hadn't been discovered until way after the Recreance. So all the spren are in Shardblade form, therefore they're not visible in the Cognitive realm if an Elsecaller or Lightweaver or Willshaper took a look. The only way they would notice is if they picked up a shardblade, which I think is unlikely if they have their own spren hanging around.
  4. So my theory is that the spren and old radiants became afraid of their bonds because something similar caused the destruction of Ashyn, and they don't want a repeat to occur on Roshar. So they think the normal Radiant bond is dangerous and want to stop them, but there's the threat of the singers and the Fused returning again, so the Radiants wouldn't want to leave humanity completely helpless in future generations. So they devise breaking their oaths, with the understanding that doing so will cause the current generation of spren to be unable to form Radiant bonds in terms of granting surges, but may remain in the Physical Realm as Shards and even having some say in who wields them. This way it leaves some weapons for future humans to use to fight the Singers. Of course it all goes wrong with the spren losing all sapience and turning into deadeyes
  5. Thank you that's a very through answer! is the nicroburst affecting only kinetic investiture another WOB?
  6. So as fun as this question is, I believe your initial premise of asking it is incorrect. Despite having more color receptors than humans, shrimp do not actually see more colors. Humans have 3 receptors that can blend and work together to create the full variety of the visual spectrum. Shrimp can only use each of the 16 or so receptors they have individually. So in reality they see less color than we do. Here's a scientific journal making the same point probably better than I did: https://www.nature.com/articles/nature.2014.14578
  7. I'd temper that with the idea that they were in the Cognitive realm so everything was fuzzy and misty. For all we know Vax had alot of misty days and not necessarily Pre-Catecendre climate.
  8. What's fascinating is if you have a Chromium Twinborn, that basically gets you infinite Fortune which I imagine has lots of benefits.
  9. Let's say the Leecher has an insane amount of chromium ingested, would they be able to drain Nightblood quicker than Nightblood could kill them? My guess is yes because theoretically you'd only have to release a certain number of breaths worth of investiture before the metal loses sapience. Unless every bit of investiture Nightblood has drained since it was created has been stored within the sword, at which point I think the Leecher is done for lol. Especially since a certain event in RoW (No spoilers). But I see no indication of that since the sword is always "hungry." Similarly what would a Nicroburst do to Nightblood? Flaring all of it's Investiture so it uses it in a single burst I feel would kill everything around the sword in a huge radius, possibly planet killing. Kind of a crazy thought.
  10. Oh so do you think that the Spren can manifest their full forms physically after their Radiant swears the 5th ideal? That would be interesting though I don't see the point of it, manifesting as a blade after the 3rd ideal seems to have a very specific battle purpose, if they just gained a physical body at the 5th ideal all it would do is make them an easy target, especially with the Anti-Stormlight weapons we have hanging around after RoW. And the Radiant would lose access to the shardblade. I never thought of the spren's "manifestation" in the physical realm as really changing after each ideal is sworn. It seemed like a mental change with Syl having more complex thoughts and feelings and Pattern understanding humans better. That's always the trade off I thought, Radiants get access to surges and spren get to feel emotions and understand life.
  11. In terms of timing, I don't think the Recreance had to happen all at once. Because as some Radiants broke their oaths, they left their spren as Shardblades. As Shardblades, they remain in the physical realm. Over a few years probably, all the radiants have broken their oaths, all the radiant spren are left as Shardblades. No one knows what happens because no one has figured out how to dismiss a shardblade yet. Years later the trick with the gem is discovered, and now people can bond the shardblades and dismiss them, so the spren return to the Cognitive realm as deadeyes for the first time.
  12. Fair enough, I can't wait till book 5 when we get some answers!
  13. Right and my idea is that after BAM got imprisoned, even old veteran honorspren who's radiant broke oaths before the recreance turned into deadeyes. Now there's no existing honorspren around until Stormfather creates some others, and this new generation has no clue that once there would be honorspren who's radiant broke oaths but they didn't turn into deadeyes.
  14. In regards to how the radiant Spren look in the Physical Realm, I noticed some pairings where the spren of different orders will manifest in the same way. Honorspren and Inkspren: Both appear in the Physical Realm as basically short versions of themselves. Interestingly both tend to carry weapons that are a part of their form. Cryptics and Cultivationspren: Both essentially manifest their heads in the Physical Realm. Highspren and Mistspren: I group these two because I think they both look similar in terms of very abstract representations of their cognitive forms. High spren appear as a tear in space and mist spren are like the reflecting light, to me that is a similar thematic appearance at least. The last three I can't really group properly as they share physical characteristics with the others. Peak spren like cryptics can't really become invisible but just kind of merge with physical material around them. Ashspren like Cultivationspren move by spreading across the space, one uses vines that disintegrate as they move, the other leaves cracks in the material that then repair themselves. Lightspren I'm not really sure have anything in common with the rest. Anyway these are just some musings I don't think it means anything, let me know if you would pair them differently.
  15. Yeah that's very possible, I'm sure division is hard for them to use/control and maybe that's why we haven't seen them use it in battle.