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  1. 3 hours ago, AonEne said:

    Totally valid. And oooh wings! 

    They're not! Lemons are yellow and (in my completely unbiased opinion) taste better, and limes are green, a little smaller, and are slightly more bitter, I think. 

    Why Allomancy? 

    They really aren't the same thing? Oh. Then, I might have never tasted a lime. :P

    Why Allomancy? Well, Mistborn is my absolute favourite of all the Cosmere novels. And Kelsier is my favourite character. In fact, mistborn got me into the Cosmere.

    Though, I'd only go with Allomancy if I could be Mistborn and not just a misting. Pushing and pulling metals to basically fly seems like the best thing ever.

    Behold my favourite Mistborn quote-


    He smiled, extinguishing his iron and pushing away from the building with his legs, throwing himself out into the mists like some insane diver.

    For context, this is said about Kelsier. ( I don't think this is a spoiler.)

    I tell you when I read this line, I felt this giddy happiness. I closed the book, closed my eyes and hugged the book to my chest, with a stupid grin on my face.

    Sorry for the long answer. I hope you don't mind. :D



  2. 50 minutes ago, AonEne said:

    Heh, I definitely haven't been around long enough to have started the site! If the staff thinks someone will be good at it, they reach out and ask them. It's not a certain thing, you can be a great community member and be around for a long time and still not become one - there are lots of factors that play into it. 

    And - at the time of day (or rather, the middle of the night) that I am currently seeing this - it's been a good day! ;) You? 

    Oh, thanks for that answer. I had been wondering since a long time.

    Its about 5:30 pm right now where I am and yeah, its been a good day.


  3. 8 hours ago, Venno said:

    Hi there, the names Venno. I'm a new member to the site and I just wanted to introduce myself real quick, but if you could check out my other post real quick that would be great.

    Hello! Welcome to the Shard! Its nice to have another member. :D

    Who's your favourite Cosmere character and why?


  4. 6 hours ago, Radiant Melissa said:

    SO EXCITED to be a part of this fan group! Trying to figure out what I’m doing here, but looks awesome so far! Any help fellow Radiants is welcomed!! Nice to meet you all!

    Hello! Welcome to the Shard! Its nice to meet you too.

    It is so amazing to get another member. I hope you love this site because it is absolutely awesome. :D

    Who's your favourite Cosmere character and why?


  5. Thanks for asking! :D

    Its a fandom persona thing. I am a one hundred percent human. But I want to be an elf so bad.

    Winged elf.

    I don't know the difference between lemons or limes. Are they not...the same thing?

    Hmmm... I want to say philosophy.

    Allomancy, for sure.


  6. 7 hours ago, silver-the-thruhiker said:

    I loved Dawnshard. Rysn is one of my favorite characters in the Cosmere. It was such a romp - it was just so fun! - and it was nice to see a character in a magical world who was struggling with nonmagical difficulties that required nonmagical solutions. Plus, Rhuidean Vibes galore. I can't wait for the audiobook to come out.



    Ooh! I haven't read Dawnshard yet, but I'm planning to when they get it out in physcial form.

    Your reply makes me more excited to read it! :D


  7. Just now, Nameless said:

    My favorite genera is epic fantasy, and I think my favorite book (that I read for fun) is RoW. Outside of Brandon Sanderson, I can't decide what my favorite book is. I recently read the Civil War trilogy by Michael and Jeff Shaara, and that was really good.

    That's awesome. I'll check out that trilogy.

    My favourite genre is...fantasy. *cue shocked face* 

    My favourite book of all time would have to be The Princess Bride.

    What's the time currently where you are?


  8. 3 minutes ago, Nameless said:

    Well, abnormal days would be the days that aren't normal, obviously.

    I like reading books too. (Big surprise on a book forum, I know). My brother likes programming, but I've never gotten into it myself. I like playing minecraft.

    That's nice that you like playing minecraft. I could never get it myself, though.

    What is your favourite book of all time? What is your favourite genre?


  9. 18 minutes ago, Nameless said:

    Hm. What do you like to do on a normal day?

    I like to read books. I am also learning to code and that's fun.

    Also. What are abnormal days?:P. Since you asked what I like to do on a normal day.

    What do you like to do?