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  1. Thanks Chaos!
  2. Am i just dumb or are none of these buttons for the emotes It's been a while since i was on here. Perhaps i just forgot how to shard
  3. The final empire Thoughts so far ----------- Ash fell from the sky. Oh that is such a good line Omg Mozart requiem is such a good thing to listen to while reading this Tresting, you are a disgusting creature When will my Kelsier arrive? Kelsierkelsierkeliserkeliserkelisier Yes show that defiance Ah i love my murderous pyscopath Tresting, you are disgusting ------------ I havent even finished the prolouge yet and i had so many throughts. This is copied straight from the notes app on my phone where i as typing my throughts as I read
  4. Right now, I'm finding myself having a lack of interest in any of the books I have so I'm going to give re-reading a go for the first time ever. (Yes, I have never re-read a book before.) I'm going to re-read the Cosmere. Here I document my reactions. Re-reading the cosmere , start date- 21st May, 2022
  5. I only liked the original trilogy. But then again i tried the movies when i was thirteen so perhaps i should try them again.
  6. when your strategy when you're going through a bad time is repeating Life before death Strength before weakness Journey before destination over and over in your head like a mantra
  7. Ikigai, the japanese secret to a long and happy life. it just felt a very preachy sort of book ig My school's mini-sports day. Before it started, we had a march past. first the prefect body came out, and then they were followed by the different houses (willoughby, malcom, barnes, heber) and then the senior student body administration (head boy, head girl, vice head boy, vice head girl, sports captains, ) did a march and carried the flags of the school Which teacher do you hate the most/ hated the most?
  8. Aren't you afraid your book obsession is getting a bit out of hand? Us Capitalists will rule the world someday
  9. where does your username come from?
  10. A dark academic is a person who relates to dark academia which is an internet subculture that idealises a time when the higher classes of society focused on education in liberal arts It's basically Poetry Donna Tart The secret history Sweaters Shirts Journals Writing Tweed Candles Books Classic literature Edgar Allan Poe Dracula Moody weather Gothic architecture Studying in a library at midnight Spending hours in a bookstore Reading obscure books Coffee Tea Classical music If you identify with any of these, come join me
  11. Hello! I would very much so like some horror movie reccomendations. Please keep in mind that I am 15 years old and I am also a scaredy cat. (So think, conjuring. Not midsommar) But as Kaladin rode a horse to get over his fear I shall also watch horror movies to get over my fear. Thank you.
  12. Ik that but i was wondering how an elf went up there with them. Cause in that short story, it's only him and butler
  13. I- What- When?
  14. For the what iirc holly is still very much on earth?
  15. Happy shardiversary!

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaa i love Artemis fowl
  17. Make a partnership and destroy the world together
  18. No, I do not belive in god.
  19. How do I hail a cab?
  20. Ah allright. I'll still try it out i suppose. No harm in that.
  21. Thanks guys! I'll check these movies out. I did try Alien but I found it a bit too gory for my taste. Like I'm fine with most stuff, but not body horror so ig that's why i didnt like it
  22. I think you do it's quite nearly been a year since i joined already but we're not gonna talk about that till June 10th
  23. I saw keeper of the lost cities books in the bookstore i went to. Is it a good series?