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  1. So apparently I need to send you guys my Discord username. Its- El f#5693

    Send me friend requests please. 

    1. The One Ring

      The One Ring

      Please accept my request:)

  2. Oh, ok. Sorry. I forgot that its checked frequently. And you're welcome. I saw that thing and thought- The mods need to know.
  3. Actually maybe we should ping them by their new name, since they changed it for Ookla Season
  4. i dont know if this topic goes here but I just joined discord but i dont know how anything works. pls explain

    I think its like a messaging app? Well anyway send me friend requests and stuff if you are also on Discord. Am I supposed to tell you my username or something? for you to send me friend requests, I mean/


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    2. Elf


      I...cannot tell if you are serious or joking.

    3. Ookla the Lass

      Ookla the Lass

      Yes, send us your username with the number (for example, I'm DramaQueen#1611)

    4. Thaidakar the Cool Ookla

      Thaidakar the Cool Ookla

      @Elf I am serious how do I work the stormin' thing like, how do I see an artists individual songs? or how do I see what is inside a playlist? seriously how do I work it? 

  6. If you go to the calender section and see the birthdays on December 22, there are 104 birthdays. Most of them have keyboard-smash usernames and all of those ones are 36 years old. if you click on a few of their profiles, they have zero posts, and they have only some weird website URL on their page. I thought someone should check this out. Thanks
  7. My exams are coming in a few months and I just don't want to study, even though I have a lot to learn. Please give me some motivation.
  8. Oh, I am on my phone so I can't see the signatures, so I didn't know.
  9. What is your Hogwarts house?
  10. Oh, I know three languages including my mother tongue! I do want to learn other languages but the problem is I'm not dedicated to enough to learn any
  11. No problem. You are a very cool person so I had to follow. Edit: Ok, I have a question for anyone who is willing to answer. How many languages do you speak, including English?
  12. yah likh kar main jeet gayi
  13. I changed my display name. Do I need to sign up again with my new name? Edit: Ok, I signed up for it again with my new name. Edit 2: Ok, please somebody tell me if I did something wrong by signing up again. @Tesh @Ookla the Lad