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  1. Kiss Adolin, marry Renarin, kill Dalinar Vin, Renarin, Kelsier
  2. Hands Boomerang Guy a Chicken
  3. You just won for 1 hour, i can see d e t o r i a t i o n
  4. Does nobody want to friend me on Discord? :mellow:

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    2. Szeth_Pancakes


      The mildly traumatized side of my brain wants to advise you against getting discord, but the logical side of it is telling me I have no valid reason to say that. So… *shrug*

    3. Ookla the Theoretical

      Ookla the Theoretical

      I will take that into account:D Who knows, I've been thinking about it for almost a year, so by this time it could be another five years before I get around to actually making a decision. Yay for procrastination!

    4. Mystic Syn

      Mystic Syn

      I’ll make this easy: Do you want to see what I actually text like, especially when I’m tired, or do you just want to play it safe and not? Bc I can totally understand if you choose the second option.

  5. Gods above I'm bored as hell. In lockdown everyday feels like the last.
  6. You mean my win, don't you?
  7. Ok, thanks I'm glad I made the right decision
  8. But the thing is, he almost never talked to me. And the few times I tried to talk to him, he'd be like- oh you don't know anything, why are you butting in in things you have no knowledge about. And then one time he was so rude to me and calling me such things that I just blocked him. And I swear I only tried to talk to him a few times, I never persistently annoyed him.
  9. Not Reen Not Taravangian Not Marasi 1. This character was always misunderstood 2. This character was considered weak by many 3. This character always lived in someone else's shadow.
  10. No, not Reen. 1. This character was always misunderstood. 2. This character was considered weak by many
  11. Oh. I'm right. Yay! 1. This character was always misunderstood.