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  1. Wow. Love the tattoo, dude. 

    1. kalamitous_emoashions


      Thanks so much Elf! You could say I am really wearing my love of the Cosmere on my sleeve aha 

  2. nice pic Elf, I just noticed that, it fits you really well.

    1. Elf at heart

      Elf at heart

      Oh, my profile picture? Thank you so much. Its a fanart of Simon Spier from Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda. AKA the best romance character like...ever!

    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      hm, dont know if I've ever heard of that.

  3. and what do we have to do for the final round? same thing as before?
  4. No, no. You're not out at all. The rules are not hard and fast. Its really just a school game that I thought I'll bring here. @The One Ring word?
  5. Thank you for following me!

  6. Oh, thats a good idea. Ok, we'll do that. And you can use any place, fictional or real. Now, the players are @Szeth's Facepalm @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine @Nameless @Malim @Mage @The Unknown Order and @The One Ring Since @Experience has been eliminated. Sorry, maybe you can join the next round if you are still interested. EDIT: @The One Ring its been a day and I haven't gotten my word yet. Since Experience was eliminated, @Nameless had to pick a word and then send that on. I hope that was clear?
  7. Did you like your school?/Do you like your school? I don't know what age you are so I included both questions.
  8. Nope. As far as I know I am not allergic to anything. The person below me is good at drawing.
  9. Ok, guys, I am so sorry. I had an exam today so I just didn't check the Shard. And I dont think there really are "rounds" per se. I was wrong when I said that before. You just keep playing till people keep getting eliminated and only one winnet is left. Now I will accept only these new people right now, because I like all of them. And then no more new people. The final players are @Szeth's Facepalm @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine @Experience @Nameless @Malim @Mage @The Unknown Order and @The One Ring Now I am the first one, so Malim will send a word to Mage now intead of me and so on and so forth. And The One Ring will send a word to me. Whenever you can't think of a word just say ATLAS to the next person, and also say it here. That next person will choose a word and start it again and you will be out the game. We keep doing that till only one person is left who is the champion! Just wanted to make that clear though you all probably knew it anyway. Also, please no google-searching. And yeah. That's it. P.S. I will be more punctual from now.
  10. Ok. So we got @Szeth's Facepalm @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine @Experience @Nameless and @Malim In that order, where I am first. And I will send a word to Szeth's Facepalm and Malim will send a word to me. Ok. I think we can start now.
  11. Vivenna? Don't know why I think its her.
  12. Great. Thats fine. We'll have a one day limit for anyone to send their word to the next person. Ok. I am first in line then, its @Szeth Facpalm . Anybody else? We need atleast 4 to play properly.
  13. Netherlands You know what I just realized? This would work way better as a personal message game. You just message a place tot he next person and whoever cant think of place messages ATLAS to me and the next person in line. Then they can't play anymore. And we keep excluding people till only one champion remains. Anybody interested? @Szeth Facpalm @Doomstick @Experience @Nameless @The One Ring @Mage @Malim @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine And wow, this is a much better way of playing. We can actually have a winner this way. Also, I'm dumb. I didn't think of this before. Also anyone else who wants to play, say it here till tomorrow.
  14. Oh, okay. Cool. Thats a lot of accounts. Thank you.
  15. Oh. Ok. That makes so much sense. Thanks. And if I may take one more moment of your time, what exactly is a member number? And thank you for telling me mine.