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  1. So im on episode 19 of TMA and i am so nervous to even start it cause its about a demonic possession 


    I may not sleep tonight 

    But its a risk im willing to take because im genuinely invested at this point 

    Also, TMA fans, I skipped episode 18. That's fine right, continuity wise or something? Cause i have severe trytophobia (or however you spell that) and anything related to food and backwards eating (get it? I cant even type the word, that's how disgusted i am by it)

    1. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      YUP! I wish i had skipped 18 lol. I still think about it a lot and it still grosses me put so much :DDD

      Also... 18 and 19 are pretty fricked up

      Just fyi

      Idk they're plot important but pretty fricked up


    2. Cruciatus_heart



      Okie then maybe not today 

      Cause ive been listening to TMA a lot recently so ill take a bit of a break 

      And its also close to nightfall 

      Also about the episode 18 thing, i jeeo the transcripts handy while listening and they give trigger warnings and i always see the trigger warnings before listening and so i knew episode 18 would put me in a full blown panic attack

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