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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. I wouldn't say we're in completely different camps - we're both still on the side of Korellium Avast being on the side of the good of Roshar. Anyhow, your interpretation of Cultivation's Intent probably is more accurate that how I interpreted it on further reflection... otherwise she would just be called Growth or something along those lines. And seeing that Dalinar and Taravingian are both influential figures in Roshar even prior to gaining a boon/bane, yeah, maybe Cultivation does have an end goal. I amend my opinions. Nevertheless, I still do stand by the fact that Cultivation had to choose people who embodied the opposite of the shards that they were meant to hold and suffered as a result in order for her to bestow powers upon them
  3. Now that you say it, it does seem plausible that Dai-Gonarthis was in the Davar family. I think we can be pretty confident that Dai-Gonarthis is now somehow involved with Moash, but I suppose there isn't evidence for Dai-Gonarthis being anywhere else at the time of Shallan's childhood. Ah well, I guess we really do know nothing about Chemoarish then. Not sure what you mean about the unmade bonding with people though - do you mean specifically Yelig-nar with Aesudan and Amaram? I think that's unique to Yelig-nar, as we haven't seen any other Unmade do something similar.
  4. I know this has already been said, I kind of do want to reiterate that Cultivation does seem to be hoping to put the shards in the hands of whoever would grow most as a result of holding those shards. At the time of asking for a boon from the Nightwatcher, each of the three shard candidates were antithetical to the intents of the shards they were presumably being prepped to bear. Dalinar was a poor leader who acted without restraint in the name of the greater good - in short, he was dishonorable. Lift asked not to change - not to cultivate herself into whatever she had the potential to be. Taravingian strove for the ability to make logically perfect choices apart from emotion, opposite the Passion that Odium espouses himself to be. Evidently, they were all unhappy with their lives, seeking the Nightwatcher as a result. Cultivation then gave them boons that would help them realize a life acting in a way the shards intended. Dalinar, able to temporarily lose some of his guilt, is able to pick up the Codes and live honorably. Lift, having been given powers, is put in a position of power that forces some degree of responsibility on her; the fact that she is starting to physically age despite always being full of Light that shapes your body into your own self perception being symbolic of the fact that she is at least somewhat accepting that she is growing up. Taravingian, having his dumb days, learns (or at least was supposed to learn) that having empathy is something that is useful for the greater good. ... That being said, I also don't think that is evidence enough that Cultivation has no endgame. There were surely non-shardic ways that could have cultivated Dalinar, Lift, and Taravingian just as well. And if taking up shards were really such a good way of cultivating people, I would think that Cultivation would have raised people to hold them in the past (at the very least for Honor, who has no bearer at the moment). I think what we need to recognize is that even if they have been together for a very long time, there still is Cultivation the shard and Korellium Avast, its holder. Picture this. Korellium Avast has recognized that Roshar - which she very much cares for, it basically being something that she raised with Tanavast - is extremely screwed. But having her shard for so long, she isn't able to take any drastic actions not in the Intent of Cultivation. There isn't anything she can do that saves Roshar in a direct manner, so the least that she can do is cause some chaos by meddling with the affairs of the most powerful things on the planet. So, in short, I think Korellium Avast does have Roshar's best interests in mind. It's just that by virtue of being beholden to her shardic Intent, giving the shards new bearers that would be cultivated from holding them is the best that she can do. Edit: Yes, villain Cultivation would be cool. But seeing as Odium kinda murdered her lover and Unmade many of her creations, effectively reverse-cultivating them, I don't really see a team up happening.
  5. Nice theory! I don't think I've seen all of the Unmade's purposes compiled together like this Not very well evidenced, but a theory about Chemoarish I've seen thrown around: The title of Dustmother is very reminiscent of Dustbringer, which is Chanarach's order Per WOB, the Davar household was influenced by one of the Unmade at some point There is increasing evidence that Chana is Shallan's order Therefore, that the reason the Davar Household is so screwed up is due to the influence of Chemoarish, who has some sort of emotional manipulation ability like Dai-Gonarthis or Ashertmarn. Not exactly sure what emotions are manipulated specifically, but interesting IMO
  6. Fitting that a thread about electricity of all things would be necromanced - I probably shouldn't contribute to this but I can't help myself. Having taser hands as a magic power actually seems like it could yield a lot of really interesting results. It could potentially interesting weapon combat - one could dual wield thin long swords to effectively forcefully stick high-voltage battery terminals into an opponent, and maybe actually use the otherwise stupid nunchucks effectively (as grabbing both ends of the nunchuck would run current through it). Perhaps more interestingly, a taser-handed who is precise and knowledgeable enough could do some interesting biological manipulation. Why use CPR if you're a living defibrillator? Why use reigns on a mount if you can just forcefully contract its muscles yourself? Electricity, literally being the flow of fundamental particles that are basically ever present, is woefully underutilized as "pew pew shoot lightning bolt" in most fantasy settings.
  7. I still follow the Rithmatist threads! I love the theory of the vertical chalk entity being a bindagent that is a glyph of rending chalkling made by the church. I've often seen the drawing from the prologue header being used as a representation of the vertical chalk drawing, though I'm not sure whether that is confirmed - if it is, then that would suggest that the vertical chalk entity seen by Joel was a chalkling. If such is the case, then it has to have the glyph of rending on it, and its purpose as a bindagent makes a whole lot of sense. However, while the "vessel preparation" scene does sound like it would be dramatic, I'm not so inclined to believe in it because if the bindagents were capable of such a thing, they likely would have done it before. And as far as we know, there haven't been anyone who suddenly became a Rithmatist long after their induction ritual. Also, Brandon always says that Aztlanian is still on his radar. And I feel like he's open enough to have said that he's ditching it if he really were, so there is still hope!
  8. Only after Roshar 1174; otherwise blasphemous
  9. Oh no Dor Survival sounds basically impossible If Shadsmar Orienteering requires 3 orienteering courses like regular orienteering then that also sounds very hard (I failed orienteering merit badge) Wonder if metallurgy requires you to make spikes... seems morally questionable for the upright Chicken Scouts Nice list
  10. I'd imagine it has to be both. We know for a fact that geographical features matter at least to some degree, because of the chasm. We also know that one can be taken by the Shaod without actually being in Arelon since Galladon's father lived in Duladel proper, so the territories must not be strictly geopolitical. However, as you said, the shape of the cognitive realm is shaped by people's perceptions. But geopolitical borders aren't the only things that people perceive as groupings. I personally think that if Fjordell annexed Arelon, the two magic systems would remain distinct so long as the Aonic people thought of themselves as Aonic people.
  11. Definitely a fan of the fashion studies; could definitely see Adolin being a councilor for that. Wonder what you'd do for Light Eating if you're not a radiant, but funny . As for a couple more pitches: Fabrial/Fabrial Science: The Rosharan equivalent of Invention/Inventing, the former being the OG version that you needed a patent to earn Highstorm Survival: Consists of learning how to seek shelter during a highstorm, complete with the obnoxious first aid requirement in every badge ever. Notable lack of anything numerology, writing, or anything of relation to being a stormwarden. Sailing: Similar to the real BSA sailing, but with the option to use a madra-carried boat for those not so lucky to be in the physical realm
  12. I assume this means that Chicken Scouts is gender inclusive? That's good to hear!
  13. Just watched the Secret Project #1 stream and learned about the ongoing Chicken Scouts joke, and though it would be interesting to compile a list of Chicken Scout merit badges. From the original Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter we have Shardblade Safety Greatshell Wrangling And from the stream we have Spore Collecting Cake Eating Are there any others confirmed?
  14. Rithmatist actually was intended to be Cosmere for quite a while. In older versions Kinda sad it isn’t Cosmere… it would probably be a lot more popular if it did, so maybe we’d get more answers about the magic system.
  15. @Thaidakar the Ghostblood how could you say that clearly The Rithmatist is the best (almost a) Cosmere novel