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  1. This was just a rabbithole I went down as a joke on a Discord Group Message, but I kinda think I am actually onto something and want to share it online. Albeit organized in a more coherent manner. Don't be too harsh, I admit it is quite a stretch and wanted to do it for fun mostly. ------ So, we all know how there are 4 Dawnshards, and we could say that there are 4 Realms, Physical, Cognitive, Spiritual, and The Beyond. So, with that said, I noticed some connections between things. So 4^2 is 16, and there are 16 Shards. Well, going off of Sel and Roshar, we can see the presence of 16 in Pre-Shattering days. And I can see ways in which we can connect Adonalsium to 16, in how Dawshards could permeate all 4 Realms, and have separate traits in each of them. In the Physical Realm they could be with the Four Fundamental Forces, and take on different aspects of Creation in the other Realms, this would make for 16 Aspects in total. One can also see that Yolen, where Adonalsium originally created humans, has Two Ecosystems, Trune and Fain, well 2^2 is 4, and this idea can be backed up by how Taldain System, where Taldain also has Two Ecosystems, likely inspired by Yolen, and if you count the number of Celestial Bodies you have Two Stars, One Moon, and One Planet. This making up Four in total, further backing up by idea of the connection of 2 and 4. 2^2 = 4 and 4^2 = 16. This shows that 16 did come from Adonalsium and is (maybe) associated with the Dawnshards. --------- Separate idea of the importance of 4, 4 Realms, 4 Dawnshards, 4 Dimensions, (which encompass everything that is) 4 Fundamental Forces, (which control how the world works) 4 Basic States of Matter (which all partakes in) 4 Elements in Buddhism and Classical Greek beliefs 4 Letters of the Tetragammon (and Adonalsium is named after Adonai, one of the names of God in Judiasm) 4 Nucleobases in DNA (which makes up the code of how animals operate, like how Dawnshards are like rules of Reality) 4 Basic Operations of Arithmetic (through which all math can be done and reality can be quantified and have its rules described)
  2. I must have misworded myself. We do have it confirmed that souls are pulled to it, just look at Mistborn Secret History, what happens when they are there we have no clue, but we know they are pulled to it. Is it the Afterlife? Is it Spiritual Destruction? Is it Reincarnation of some kind? That is what is left up to debate. That is what I meant by "but past that, yeah, nothing" as we do not know what it is, and will never know. I did say that. My mistake if my meaning wasn't clear.
  3. Yeah, I know, thats why I set up the idea of it being a Realm beforehand, as it really isn't a given. As all we know about it is Souls go to it after death, but past that, yeah, nothing. And if Brandon keeps the same viewpoint, it will never be explained past it just being a "thing". It was mostly a consideration done to get back to the idea of Four and how the Dawnshards could be different ideas for every realm, which if incluing Beyond, would be 16 Aspects. But it is kinda a crackpot theory, pretty assumptuous.
  4. Well it is still considered one of the Four Fundamental Forces, even if it is not a force according to general relativity. I am well aware of how Gravity is often considered, no need to explain it all to me or get so hostile. I am just using the agreed upon terminology. Fundamental Forces and Fundamental Interactions and such. It is the common terminology to refer to Weak Force-Strong Force-Electromagnetic-Gravity connections and correlations, even if Gravity isn't necessarily a force in how its modeled. I was considering The Beyond as a Realm, as mentioned in my post. Yeah, it isn't actively called a Realm, but my connections and such don't work if it isn't considered one. Though mostly due to my ideas of the 16 Aspects being very tenuous and reaching to begin with.
  5. Rather be a Knights Radiant, because I would enjoy having the company of a Spren and have that close bond. I would also prefer it due to the healing factor and how I could use it for changing my body and such, which Mistborn cannot do as well or as efficiently as a Knights Radiant.
  6. The answer to that would just be that we don't know. It is possible, as a Shard was once on Ashyn, but we don't know if it currently has any Perpendicularity.
  7. It means that the summation of every value of n!/r!(n-r)! with a constant N value, would simply to 2^n. In simpler terms. And also, fair, it would be theoretically possible, albeit require very specific circumstances.
  8. Though one issue with this, is how we would be assuming impossibilities. like combining the Shards of, for instance, (Autonomy + Dominion + Ruin), with one like (Ruin + Devotion), where you would be combining Shards which already contain some of the same component parts. First Layer of Combinations is This means that we can only combine Shards which do not have the same numbers included within them. Such as {1,2} x {3,4} You cannot combine Godmetals of Gods of the same parts. This would ultimately mean that the number of alloys isn't 2^(2^16), it would be more akin to the 2^16 itself. As 2^(2^16) would include contradictions. and impossibilities. The amount of Shards is fine and sound, but we still need to be able to calculate out, in a better way, how many godmetal alloys there would be. 2 Metals = 214,745,0880 This is the safest bet in my own opinion.
  9. Okay, that all makes more sense, my apologies. ------ The context is just a character who made a blade formed of countless Stars, the number mentioned was only hundreds of millions, but I just wanted to see how high it would be if made into every star. But each Star she had in the blade had a power called an Authority, as they are all sentient beings of enormous power, and she could call upon Each Authority. She could also combine together Authorities to create a power of a different nature, and could do any combination. Thus came up with the (10^21)!/r!(10e21 - r)! This would of course simplify to (2^(10^21))-1, because the summation of n!/r!(n-r)! for all values of R always goes into the Powerset of R, which goes to 10^10^10^1.31130. Of course this is an approximation that would be extremely far from the true answer. But it is close enough. --- And yes, I was talking about that very, very large one as being wrong. And that was the one I especially didn't get the reasoning for. Could you explain what they were doing with it to get it that high?
  10. This is for fun, not any serious theoretical page. This is a discussion about what types of Shards could exist from Combinations, much like how Ruin + Preservation, when stabilized, is Harmony. Ruin + Preservation (Unbalanced) is pretty universally agreed on to be Discord. Honor + Odium Seems like it could be something akin to War. Hatred and Battle, but with a mix of Honor in terms of Codes, Conventions, and Treaties. Ruin + Cultivation would make for an interesting mix, would be like the essence of Change itself, both Growth and Decay, maybe Vicissitude or Transition, though I am leaning towards the former Dominion + Honor would be some form of more righteous leadership with the Shard caring about Oaths and Honor being applied to its self in how it treats its own people, or could manifest to make an even more strict Dominion forcing oaths and pacts upon its people and holding them strictly to it. Cannot think of names for this. Dominion + Cultivation I can definitely see as like, a Shepard in the biblical sense, guiding the people but ultimately wishing to help them grow and develop into more complete individuals. Perhaps Guidance or such would be a fitting name. Devotion + Honor could be like an even stronger form of Honor, of adherence to and devotion to Oaths, Fealty I feel would be pretty fitting as a name. Devotion + Autonomy would just be a contradiction, don't know how that would work in any way. Ambition + Dominion would, guessing on the Intent of Ambition, be something like Conquest Devotion + Dominion Halyo Alex theorizes it is Patriotism Please give your ideas in replies.
  11. This way of calculation doesn't make much sense or have much mathematical backing, can you explain more in how it was done? also This is actually just wrong as the calculation I mentioned did use expontials. (10^21)!/r!(10e21 - r)! with R being calculated for all Whole Number values from 1 to 10e21.
  12. Patriotism is the term for national pride
  13. I may be misunderstanding what you are trying to say, but wouldn't it still just be 16!/(2! * 14!) Godmetal-Allomantic Metal Alloys? Order is unimportant, repetition not allowed is n!/r!(n - r)!. This would come to 120. If you want to include Lerasium-Godmetal combos, it would go to 120 + 15 which is 135. Godmetal-Godmetal, including it if you try to say each Combo can have a Primary-Secondary structure, it is 240. Exclude Lerasium and it is 210. (120 + 240) = 360 I don't know how to do the combo if you count all the Godmetal Alloys with the Base Allomantic Metals. As it would deal with Two Sets of different Cardinalities. Which I am not aware of how one can do that. But in general, I do not see how you are getting such large numbers. Considering you, with the later, even larger, numbers I saw come up, are literally getting numbers that trivialize a calculation I did for another verse which literally counted every single possible combination and permutation of every star in the observable universe. So it seems that you did overestimate, drastically.er
  14. I see it as a mix of burning it away and them having a sort of immunity. It is a handwave, but it is not completely unfeasible to simply not have it react in the toxic manner. According to Wikipedia on Cadmium Toxicity... and according to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7312803/ All of the issues with this Cadmium, and many other toxic metals, is the manner in which it Binds to Cells. Therefore, it could be that the cells of Allomancers are able to recognize the structure of things like Cadmium, and refuse to interact with it. This would make sense due to how much Magic Systems deal with ones Spiritweb, which effects the Cognitive Self, and thus the Physical Self. So it is very plausible as I see it that it simply does not undergo these reactions. I do recall it being mentioned that other, non-allomantic metals can be fatal. So yeah, likely just having the Spiritweb make their body not have the reactions that bring about the toxicity of certain metals through recognition of Cadmium Ions. It is a handwave, but it would work with the Laws of the world, and if the cells were made to not react to it, it would indeed bring about this immunity. So not completely unscientific. Another theory, from the same paper, Biologically speaking they could also have chemicals produced against it, as mentioned before, Polyphenolic Substances, Melatonin, Carotenoids, Quercetine, Resveratrol, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, and Beta-Carotene. It is possible that they could produce such chemicals in response to Cadmium. Melatonin in particular is naturally produced by the pineal gland in humans. Coenzyme Q10 is also produced naturally in humans, so they could have a higher level of Coenzyme Q10.
  15. Okay, yeah, makes more sense. He just didn't word it that well on State of Sanderson. Thanks. Kinda forgot about Archanum when I asked this question, lol.
  16. I can't find a place to ask this so just decided to make another question. Sanderson said this about Dark One, and I am wondering what exactly he meant by it. Is he just saying it got too dark for a YA Novel and he decided to move it away from Cosmere as well. Or is he trying to say it got too dark for Cosmere? Which I highly doubt considering the themes and subject matter of Cosmere books. Like, Drug Addiction, Rape, Slavery, Child Abuse, Depression, among others. I know this is a small question and shouldn't need a whole forum thing, its just weighing on my mind. I am just very confused as it seems to be saying the latter, but the latter makes little sense to me. The former makes a lot more sense, but it doesn't seem to be saying that due to how it is worded. Reading through Dark One, it isn't more twisted or older than Cosmere novels. So he likely just meant the former, just two largely unrelated decisions.
  17. It took the East-West Winds of the Highstorm into account, yes. I just forgot to take into account as well the fact that it would also keep most of its moisture when crossing Unclaimed Hills due to just how significant the storm is. Also, it didn't say that West-East winds didn't occur afaik, so it is safe to assume such winds do exist. What I don't have into account is the effects that the higher rotational speed has on the Coriolis Effect, which would be a significant factor.
  18. I have a question about Aimia, to see if maybe I can get an answer from a member of Brandon's Team or just somebody pointing out a place where this was answered, but I at least can't find any questions about this on Archanum. But why is Aimia so cold? As one can see from the Map of Roshar, it is not that far South, so it should actually have a temperature much like the rest of Roshar, but it is notably too cold for life to thrive without terraforming. Stormlight is in general very consistent with temperatures and their correlation with location, with Frostlands and Thaylenah being particularly cold, and it gets warmer as you move north towards the equator. However, with how Aimia is described, it sounds significantly colder than either Thaylenah or Frostlands, when it should logically be most comparable with Shinovar or Azir in terms of temperature. Has there been an explanation to this? Or has the pecularity of this been pointed out in the works?
  19. Update, I tried putting a map of Earths Currents over Roshar, and it seems to make sense. Ignore the Earths Continents which you can see over it. This does seem to make some sense with the geography of Roshar.
  20. That would make sense, yeah. Here is a possible way for the winds to go based on the mountains and where life if. Makabaki Area would be winds from the north, east, or west, which reflect the very barren nature. Northern can be a normal current, which flowing through collects moisture, being most prominent at Reshi Isles, Purelake, and Iri. And grows somewhat more dry over Jah Keved and Alethkar. Alethkar would also be drier due to the Unclaimed Hills. But can get moisture through the aforementioned current through Reshi, Purelake and such. And a current which flows from Forstlands and up through the South. Shinovar likely has a western or northern wind current. western due to how the mountains to the west are very thin, and if going from the west it would be caught by the Misted Mountains, and gather a lot of moisture in Shinovar. One (Wind Current) which passes through the tip of Steen, explaining why it is slightly green in that area. Alm would be green through the mountains being far thinner in that area, likely taking away far less moisture. If it goes from North to South, and curve back up towards Aimia, it would gather the cold temperatures of that area and make Aimia far colder. This is all a theory, I don't have the best understanding of how to map out or predict wind currents.
  21. Should be: R-Second = 1.387584 E-Second That is assuming it was 50 R-Seconds per R-Minute 1 R-Minute = 1.15632 E-Minute 1 R-Hour = 0.9636 E-Hour 1 R-Day = 0.803 E-Day 1 R-Year = 1.1 E-Year
  22. This is largely done for fun instead of a serious dive, but I wanted to calculate various factors of Roshar, We can assume the distance to the sun of Roshar through Sqrt[3]((GMT^2)/4π) If we assume that the Orbital Period is 36000000 Seconds, due to the information that the years on Roshar are 10,000 Hours long (500 Days of 20 Hours each), and that the Sun is the same parametres of our own, we can find that the distance to the sun is approximately 1.091886 AU or 1.63343821e+11 Metres on average. This is in the habitable zone, but is farther out, and thus likely colder than Earth. Knowing this, we can find the average temperature, which comes out to 244.789108567 Kelvin, though do note, this is not the actual temperature, as Greenhouse Effect causes planets to heat up more, and it is the reason that Earth is able to sustain life and not freeze. As mentioned before, it is still in the habitable zone, and through its atmosphere it would be able to reach survivable heights. But despite this, the method to calculate the true temperature of the planet is beyond me due to a lack of information on all of the aspects needed, such as Axial Tilt, Atmospheric Density, Wind Patterns, etcetera. Only idea we have is a higher density of oxygen than we have on Earth. I will try to find the distance from the sun at the various months, though this I am not as knowledgeable on the methods of. So would take me a moment. Rotational Speed of Roshar, assuming a radius of 5663 km we get a circumference of 35583 km, and we know the Rotational Period to be 20 Hours, therefore, (35583)/20 = 1779.15 Km/h or 494.2083333 M/s. This is approximately 1.44084062187x the Speed of Sound, and 1.06281362x the Velocity of Earth.
  23. I have a theory of how the FTL would work in the Cosmere, and just wish to share my idea here to see what others think about it. This was found in FanX Spring 2019 (April 19, 2019), for those of you wondering. Now, the Alcubierre Drive functions through the creation of a Spacetime Topology which has space compressed on one end of the ship, and expanded on the other. This works in accordance and does not break Einstein's Field Equations. It is very complicated, so I will not go fully into how they are thought to operate in the real world, but you should already be seeing where I am going. Allomantic Cadmium and Bendalloy both are able to, in a localized area, expand and contract time. This is notable, due to the fact that Space and Time, in General Relativity and other fields, are fundamentally interchangeable. Which leaves on to question if it is theoretically possible that a skilled Allomancer could apply the effects of these Metals to Space instead of Time. Therefore causing Space itself to expand and contract like they do to Time. This would be able to create an effect nearly identical to the Alcubierre Drive, creating a very similar Spacetime Topology. This could be done through some sort of automated, mechanical Allomancy, and mix this with Duralumin and one could further intensify the degree of warping which occurs. This would allow one to go, essentially, faster than light, while remaining in adherence to the Laws of General Relativity on a local scale. This does require negative energy, or a infeasible amount of energy. But this can easily be overcome with Cadmium and Bendalloy being used to bring about the proper curvature and topology. Now, one of the major issues with the idea of this, is heat and energy production with the warping, These show that the Warp Drive would likely produce large amounts of heat, but, theoretically, a skilled Feruchemist could find a way to take this heat production and store it in metals in order to help the people within it not perish due to the heat production. Like with the Warp Bubbles, this could also possibly use some form of automated feruchemy, if something of that sort is ever discovered in the future. This fits with the knowledge Sanderson has of Warp Drives, theoretically can be done with Allomancy, and also does not violate causality, which is an issue Sanderson was aware of with FTL Travel, Further support is in how the Time Bubbles are called as they are, as the are close to the term "Warp Bubble", and the shimmering border and how everything that passes through it being disturbed does fit with the idea of a topological defect like that formed by a Warp Drive. Which, while not significant backing, does help support my point. This does have the issue of assuming it can warp space, but according to physics it should be able to. This does also fit with the idea of Sanderson saying that FTL Allomancy uses concepts and uses of the Metallic Arts we are not familiar with yet, this, I believe, could be in reference to Spatial Manipulation. As he did imply that the Tables are only human ideas of how they are organized rather than some kind of Rule. So it is possible that Cadmium and Bendalloy are not purely temporal. So, what do you think of this theory? Does it sound plausible?
  24. Oh yeah, I did forget that it was shorter hours as well. I just got 1.14155251x Earth Year and assumed that that was right due to the years being "Just around 1.1", but yeah, makes more sense.
  25. I see, I am Lesbian and Asexual, Asexual Homoromantic if that is hard to understand, as many get confused by the former. I am very much a gay disaster. : P and currently confused on if I am just homoromantic or if I am biromantic with female leaning