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  1. OB I-13 is still displayed when I mark Spoilers: WoR
  2. So we know there are Four Dawnshards and 16 Shards, and the Akinah Mural implied they could be seperated into four groups of four. And we do know that the Shards were to some degree effected by the Dawnshards (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/456/#e14677) We know one of the Dawnshards is Change, this can be connected to Ruin and Cultivation, Endowment, possibly Invention If another is the opposite of this, like how Allomantic Metals have opposites in a sense, we can assume Stasis. Which would connect to Preservation, possibly Honor, Change: Ruin: Is inevitable change and decay, entropy Cultivation: Lets people grow and advance Endowment: Resurrects and Gifts people to let them grow and change the future Invention: "the action of inventing something, typically a process or device." or "Creative Ability", these both fit very well with the idea of change and development Stasis: Preservation: Actively works to keep things in stasis and prevent change Honor: Is all about oaths and laws and keeping to them Dominion: Is possibly about keeping authority and having others function according to law This is all that I can think up for this so far, though Autonomy, Odium, Ambition, and Whimsy seem to possibly share traits of living for oneself and ones passions and desires.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot that he was in an Amethyst Gem, so yeah, likely was a result of the Gem he was sealed in. But than again, Spren tend to prefer certain polestones, so it could still very much be intentionally sealed in Amethyst in particular.
  4. Actually, wouldn't Yelig-Nar be of Willshapers due to the fact that when Amaram bonded with it he began to transmute into and grow a bunch of Amethyst crystals, and Amethyst is associated with Kalak and Willshapers according to the Ten Essences.
  5. My thought it that maybe Odium played a part in it. But yeah, it is Braize. One question though that I am wondering, why he worked with some Shards and not betray them afterwards. This is something I have been curious about for a while. But it isn't fully relevant to the current topic.
  6. Definitely not 2, Jasnah is asexual, implied in work and confirmed by WoB. 2 would really only be of active benefit to Hoid.
  7. I kinda think that Rock is already dead. He broke a law of his people, and left to go there, saying goodbye, and when Drehy and Skar returned, they said that he would never be coming back. I saw that as pretty heavily implying he might have been executed.
  8. Well, it could be an intentional choice that he cut out Adhesion and made himself 9 instead of 10. Which would explain the sudden 9 in a system of 10s. Or it could be due to the currently unknown system he originated on being 9-Based. Either can make sense. I also saw people add together the idea that he makes people feel a void of emotions to say that it is like the 10 being added to a removal of -1, the void, making it be 9. Forgot where I saw this theory.
  9. Hmm... That does make a lot of sense. More abstract correlations of course, but that does fit with the WoB that they are similar but not 1-to-1. I quite like this theory about how they line up.
  10. So, I am using a graph for all of this instead of Pixel measurements, so might be off. But I found that the 100 Mile Scale on the Elendel Basin map is around 1.24 Units long when the image is given a width of 6.6, this makes for a ((3.3/1.24)*100) Radius, for an Area of 223,000 Miles squared, or 577567.349 Square Kilometres. Slightly bigger than Yemen. I am not going to go into all as I kinda lost the math, but using this image, I got that the Area of the Final Empire should be around 4,665,850 Miles Squared (12,084,496.025), but I also got 1,720,000 (4,454,779.55) and 3,510,000 (9,090,858.267279) on different attempts overtime. No close comparison for the first, it is bigger than China but smaller than Russia. The others are, Between India and Australia, and bit smaller than United States respectively. I say this both to get feedback on my calculations, and to see if anyone can find better calculations that we can put on the wiki.
  11. Killer of Winds Knight of Winds Knife of Winds King of Worlds Kabbalist of Wisconsin
  12. That would fit with the direction he is going about being more and more focused on helping peoples psychological state in RoW, helping those with less physical pains. It would fit to protect people in all ways.
  13. I thought that Irali were related to Idris and the Royal Locks and such, at least in some manner. Due to Golden hair, along with this "The Iriali also paint their skin with colors and patterns", which fits with the importance of colour on Nalthis. Along with this, This sounds very similar to the Breaths given by Endowment, and how when one dies the Breath returns to Endowment. Returned also are resurrected to change their future and experience a different path. Which further fits with the idea of the One wanting to experience everything.
  14. I am mixed between Feruchemist and Surgebinder. As with Feruchemy I could do a great amount, but if I do Surgebinding I would have power but also be able to get a deep personal connection with a Spren and it seems nice to always have a friend around.
  15. I did the math for some Sel dimensions, as we have it done for Roshar. We know Sel is 1.2 Cosmere Standard in Gravity and 1.5 Cosmere Standard in Size. We know that this basically identical to Earth due to some other calculations. Thus Gravity = 11.7684 m/s2 Radius = 9567.15 km Thus the Mass should come out to 1.61422 * 10^25 Kilograms. We do not know the year or day length as well as we do for Roshar, so cannot calculate the Orbital Period or Angular Velocity or any of that. At least not as of yet.