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  1. I don't see that as different physics, outside of magic being basically an extension of physics in the Cosmere. I see it as them somehow building it to mimic gravitation and/or adhesion. As we know that they are very associated with both, especially Adhesion, and can use Adhesion. So yeah, is likely due to that.
  2. We do know for sure it is not instant, just very fast. And yes, I believe that the Great Soothing was a mixture of TLR Compounding, already being an absurdly strong Mistborn even without it, and due to Duralumin. (And yes, I do recall a WoB that said one can Compound for a great Allomantic effect, if you know how, which TLR should)
  3. Well, on the memories thing, we know it works in a way where it is all stored together inside it as discrete memories. Rather than a continuous blob. Also, on compounding those two metals, Brandon has been specifically very tight lipped about them. So it is something he has big plans for.
  4. I was always thinking it, it would also help greatly with medicine, and likely lead to things like transgenderism becoming very well known and respected on Scadrial, due to how Investiture-Based Healing in the Cosmere works. I do feel though that this is gonna be limited, given how Scadrial is currently in a period of deep corruption of the government and the wealthy elite. So they would likely take in all the metalminds they can for their own sake. Rather than distribute them amongst the people. So I feel that the effect would be more limited than it would be if they were more freely distributed.
  5. So I have been wondering for a while how to calculate what speed Wax can go via manipulating his mass. It is simple enough if we ignore Wind Resistance and all. But it gets more complicated including it. Ultimately though, I came to a conclusion. If we treat the change in mass as being by a factor of 1/a. Then the velocity following would be v<sub>0</sub>a. But of course we know wind resistance still effects him, thus we have to take into account drag. Sqrt( [ma^2 * v^2 - 2aF]/m) was my result. This actually reveals some interesting features of his velocity changes. Along with lower and upper bounds to where his mass changes allow him to move. (62kg, 13.8889m/s, store 25%) > (18.279 m/s) I am having trouble finding an equation for the maximum possible velocity given his initial mass and velocity. But here are some examples. I am assuming a base 62kg for Waxillium, a surface area for drag of 0.95 m/s, air density of 1.225, and a Drag Coefficent of 1.15 (62kg, 13.8889m/s) > (248.811 m/s at a = 30.981, or 2kg) [13.8889 is average car speed] (62kg, 1 m/s) > (18.98 m/s at a = 32.208) (62kg, e m/s) > (49.623 m/s at a = 31.374) The formula for the points in which your speed just hits 0 are 2F/mv^2. This sets an upper and lower bound to how much you can store and have an effect, furthermore, past these peak points, ones velocity begins to decrease as one stores more into a metalmind. Formula with Terminal Velocity should be obvious, it is a simple modification which comes out as: Sqrt({2[1/a * m]g} / pAc) This one has no inherent limitations, and can increase and decrease without limit. The fact that there is a limit to the degree in which you can speed up through changing mass does actually fit with what Brandon said in this WoB: (actually can one find the one I am thinking of, can't find it, but he did mention you can't just store a crapton of weight and go extremely fast) Well here is this one for now: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/40/#e692 Another thing of note with this, is that while this preserves momentum, it increases kinetic energy. Which I would assume would have to come from somewhere. As I understand it. But we do know that Feruchemy isn't truly End-Neutral (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/2/#e171), it takes a bit of energy from the Spiritual Realm. Maybe this energy is able to give them more of a shove. Note: Image below assumes mass of 1kg, and initial velocity of 1m/s. This is just because this way it is smaller and looks nicer.
  6. IIRC, it is explained it doesn't kill them because it has the organs move away from the spike. Shaping around it.
  7. I personally disagree, as we know that different Investitures have different Tones, as Shards are Investiture, and Shards have Tones. Therefore, I feel that the way Navani made Anti-Investiture can be extrapolated to any Shard's Investiture as long as you know the Tone. We don't really have reason to believe they wouldn't, IMO.
  8. Yup, all Shards do have a Tone. It isn't just a Roshar thing. Brandon has also said that Rhythms are a Cosmere-wide phenomenon. They are just most prevalent and strong on Roshar, for reasons we don't know yet.
  9. This just makes me think, I wonder what it would be like if you un-key Investiture from any tone, and then get 16 peoples to sing the Tones of different Shards at the same time, wonder what the Investiture born would be like.
  10. spoilers

    From what I heard it is gonna have Skar and Drehy as big characters, and be written before 5. Feels like it makes most sense given all of that, it would be about what happened during Book 4 when he went to the Horneater Peaks. So it doesn't mean that he is still alive by the time Skar and Drehy return. I don't think he is dead, I was just saying that he still could be. Also, can't wait for more info on the Unkalaki tongue, we have quite a bit, and can make a bunch of assumptions on grammer. But want to see more, and also get more words in general. Would make sense to as we are likely gonna get that in Book 5 for the Shin, and they are related tongues. And maybe an explanation for why they seem to be named after Kalak.
  11. Still doesn't explain the lack of a t, only replaced the W.
  12. But it wouldn't be a true Ketek if you don't have a T at the end, otherwise it wouldn't be a palindrome, just almost one.
  13. I do feel that it is probably not gonna be the happiest of endings. Mistborn spoilers, spoiled just in case.
  14. I can't wait until we get the projection type that the Cognitive Realm uses. hope to goodness it isn't Mercator
  15. We now know the likely name and So it will start with Knights of and most likely be Knights of Woeful Truth as of now