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  1. Happy storming birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. I agree ALL STICKS UNITE!!!!!
  4. lol love this it made me smile lol
  5. love this lol might have to give it to a guy this coming valentines day lol
  6. Thanks for the follow!

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    2. TheWanderer


      Excellent, well if you wish to chat about all things cosmere. You of course know where to find me, and given my general lack of a social life I will likely be free to answer. Unless I actually manage to sleep for a bit.


    3. kelcib


      wait are you an insomniac tooo??? if so same

    4. TheWanderer


      Well, I thought I would be asleep all night. Yet low and behold not 3 hours later I am now fully awake once more. So yeah, pretty bad. Least I got something though. Sorry to hear you have the same issue.


  7. uh so how do i change my profile pic i cant for the life of me figure this out dont know why i cant seem to get a photo to upload 

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      oh yeah it does so if i just crop it it should work???

    3. kelcib


      yay it worked thanks :D:wub:<3

    4. The Storming Stormfather
  8. I'am too i like windrunners, edgedancers, and lightweavers, In that order, the only reason that windrunners are before edgedancers is cause of kaladin. so yeah i agree kaladin is pretty cool
  9. Well I’ve only read WoK and over half of WoR and I’ve started both warbreaker and mistborn. So I’ll reply when I’ve read more of his books I got introduced to Brandon Sandersons book through stormlight so I’m still trying to catch up
  10. lol im only on WoR but i already hate moash for dishonoring kaladin when he tried to kill the king and then has the audacity to introduce him to a group of murderers like what the actual heck anyway ive gone and ranted now so ill shut up and just say thanks for giving me a people to be a part of
  11. Kaladin and syl i like Shalin too but I just relate more to her Soo yeah
  12. Hi as of right now my least favorite character is sadeas or moash I still haven’t read the mistborn series or warbreaker so all I can speak for is the stormlight archives
  13. hi im new im ready to join i can commit to the first ideals, but i just started reading WoR and i started with the stormlight archives... sooo im back tracking and am currently reading both the mistborn series and warbreaker always and forever kelcib