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  1. Testament Sorry got mixed up with the last round. Raboniel
  2. Sorry, I really did not mean that in that way. I just was genuinely impressed with you getting through that thing. I it so different from Part 1 that everyone I talked to, who had picked it up after really liking the first one, just put it down again. Fun fact: I konw that things can be good and/or even great art without me liking them. (That is probably true for most of them. Have you tried Thomas Mann? I got through a short story, kinda liked the ending but I would never of my own free will touch anything written by him ever again. And that man got a storming nobel prize.)
  3. Yes, Game of Thrones is really good. At least the first few seasons are, after the third or fourth it went downhill. Mainly because the next books were not written then (and are still work in progess) and the showrunners were lacking the storytelling skills. But it has been said that the ending was given to them by GRRM, so even if the way there will make much more sense in the books, the ending should be the same. That being said, GoT is very bloody and contains copious amounts of nudity and sexual acts. If it doesn't have to be traditional fantasy, I would recommend the movie adaptations of the Terry Pratchett novels Color of Magic, Going Postal and Hogfather. They are not only good as movies but also as book adaptations, something that is quite rare.
  4. Susebron? Lightsong? Blushweaver?
  5. Serious hats off for this! Goethe is great and I too love Faust, but part 2 is just too covoluted. Like a much longer version of the Walpurgisnacht in the first part and this one was largely just Goethe criticizing other autors of his time. And being written about 20 years after the first part it never really fit well for me. My list is not that classy, just the authors I really enjoy for one reason or another: 1. Sanderson - Probably more surprising to me than anyone else here. I really wouldn't have thought that an author I just recently discovered (last december) could move up that fast. 2. Neil Gaiman - American Gods will always be one of my favorite books and most of his other works are superb. The Sandman is still one of the defining works for a whole genre and an absolute must read for any comic enthusiast. 3. Terry Prattchett - I simply loves his Witches Series and I have yet to read a bad book by him. Extremely enjoyable and much deeper than anyone might expect. 4. Alan Moore - I really should not have to write much more here. If you know Moores work, there is no explanation needed, if not, it might not be for you. The only reason he isn't higher on my list is that his stories are a bit too wierd. The first chapter of Voice of the Fire might be a good index for that. 5. Simon Beckett - My favorite crime author. Nothing special, just simple murder mysteries with an emphasis on forensics. 6. Garth Nix - His books are kinda hit or miss, but when they are hit, they REALLY are hit. The Old Kingdom Series is my favorite, followed by The Seventh Tower. I could never really get behind the Keys to the Kingdom, but I'd really love a follow-up to Frogkisser. That one was really amazing. 7. Warren Ellis - Mostly for his work in comics and graphic novels, but I also really liked Crooked Little Vein. Gun Machine not so much though. 8. David Edings - Would be much higher on my list except I just really love The Belgariad and The Malloreon. Other books from him just never clicked for me. But those 10 books are really burned into my mind. I know the characters and places better than the world arround me. Feel free to interpret that any way you like. Noteworthy, but not great authors, no ranking: Terry Goodkind - The Sword of Truth is actually quite excellent, but I have trouble recommending it to anyone because of the rape fantasies. John Connolly - Another crime author. Very enjoyable, but it drifts into the supernatural very fast after the initiall great Every Dead Thing. Still nice though. J.K. Rowlings - I guess almost everybody likes Harry Potter, but I actually really like her works as Robert Galbraith. Of course, crime again, but excellent setting and characters! Timothy Zahn - If you're ever to read any Star Wars Novel, pick one of his. I probably forgot some, but that's it for now.
  6. Thanks! I am usually not big on podcasts and audiobooks, so I would have probably missed that.
  7. Doomslug Just some peace and quiet, broken by the occasional snore and a flutey imitation of it. Heaven!
  8. Lopen. So agressively optimistic and insane in a good way. Always makes me smile. Who's yours?
  9. Welcome! And thanks for making me feel not so insane anymore. I started The Final Empire in december and have since read the rest of the Cosmere (except White Sands). I'm already considering starting rereading everything because it's such an amazing ride!
  10. Welcome to the forum! Hope you like the way the internet is only zeros and ones and can still somehow lie. Good to know, thanks!