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  1. Whaaaaaat Just checking this post for the first time in, like, 4 years. and, like, wut
  2. Excellent, thank you for catching these my good man!
  3. Which titles did I miss? I thought I saw them all...
  4. Brandon was in a live video chat with some other authors. Throughout the chat he changed his description multiple times and I have screencapped them for the possible laughter of the masses. Upvote if Brandon is the best author ever. http://assets4.pinimg.com/upload/209487820138149790_s6HrKZdR_c.jpg http://media-cache0.pinterest.com/upload/209487820138149382_wSoAvKov_c.jpg http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/upload/209487820138149318_AewWmsG4_c.jpg http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/upload/209487820138149307_WFQmsMs7_c.jpg http://media-cache0.pinterest.com/upload/209487820138149246_YVQwoWUL_c.jpg http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/upload/209487820138149245_DwZC8BA7_c.jpg http://assets3.pinimg.com/upload/209487820138149513_500CFzCf_c.jpg http://assets5.pinimg.com/upload/209487820138149582_Mm4IAzE3_c.jpg http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/upload/209487820138149686_JPZHOvSu_c.jpg
  5. I just think it is funny how you are all taking this post too far, It really was just an excuse to use a Toy Story Reference... (not really, i actually was curious.)
  6. You are right Tulir (and windrunner), I looked it up. on page 448 Szeth says that he lashes the rock to the "sky".
  7. So can you lash yourself to air? that doesn't seem likely... The Radiants would need to Lash themselves to some object, correct?
  8. Ok so when i read TWOK i just assumed that the Radiants just had some knowledge unknown to Szeth or Kaladin of how to use storm light, this is how they could "Fly". However thinking about it, could it just be reducing the earths' pull on you to negative, (so it pushes you away) then lashing yourself to a distant object? so instead of "flying" it is more like falling... with style...
  9. Pfff... kill joy, you do realize that we are talking about a fictional universe and magical powers that are at the mercy of Brandon's imagination, right? screw physics and reality, we have magic!
  10. .. but still, freak'n space travel. ) Speaking of space if you greatly increased your mass, you would suddenly have a gravitational pull, right? so if - hypothetically- some crazy situation requires an allomancer feruchemest to release extraordinary abounts of compounded mass, would the whole universe, or at least a few planets, be wrenched off of theier orbital patterns and begin orbiting around the allomancer? or would the universe simply explode? so many questions, not enough mistborn books... this is where i get all of my information about gravity:
  11. yeah you would most likely go crazy from being isolated for that long... ... unless you knew exactly who you were... ... storing identity?
  12. I had an idea that you could use Feruchemy to manipulate your mass until certain planets had different gravitational pulls on you. this could be a possible way for a traveler to 'steer' through space even though it would be slightly in accurate. kind of like how Lurchers control their 'flight'. also, assuming investiture means other magical powers, you could compound steel to get enough power until just pushing on the earth would be enough to launch yourself out of the atmosphere. the speed should be enough to get into space then that speed should be maintained due to zero gravity. It might not take 300 years to travel to another planet, assuming the Allomancer could gain enough speed by pushing off of planets. they would be super old by the time they arrived... but compounding age... does anyone have any thought on using cadmium or bendalloy in space? i haven't thought this through entirely yet.
  13. Honestly? how have we not seen this before!? a full feruchemest and mistborn (hemalurgy or natural) could totally travel through space. Back story: I was sitting in my AP Psychology class and we were talking about memory. I started to daydream about being a feruchemest who could simply store memories. this led to me fantasizing about real world applications for feruchemests and mistborn. then i mentally played out a story in which i, a full mistborn/ feruchemest, travels the world being epic, then traveling to other worlds and.... then my mind exploded and i was forced to wait a nearly unendurable 8 1/2 minuets till the next bell rang so i could share my insights with Finallity. so here it is: why cant we survive in space? there is no air and it is freezing (or roasting). however, if we didn't need to breathe and we could magically maintain body heat... however, through the power of compounding Feruchemical powers, we could totes travel through space! wa-bwam! so basically after launching ourselves out of the atmosphere, by pushing on the metals in the earth, one could fly through the cosmos traveling to other worlds at ridiculous speeds while staying warm and not needing to breathe. EDIT: also one could use the Feruchemical power of storing nutrition to stay... nutrient-full...uh... not hungry. this also caused me to wonder if marsh has already traveled to other worlds...
  14. Happy day of Birthing Peter!!!
  15. As with many of Brandon's magic systems, Awakening is most likely more like a reflex than anything else, so when arrows are flying toward the enhightened individual, they most likely aren't thinking about what language they should awaken in, in fact they may not even know what language they are speaking. after the action someone might point out to the awakened that they were speaking the Warbreaker equivalent of Spanish with out even knowing it. So basically, the language that you are most familiar with is the one used to awaken. Perhaps.