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  1. Harmony is the best. He may be hampering human progress a bit, but he had a great lush land in the north (Elendel Basin) and out of hardship, one of the most technologically advanced in the south (Alik's people.) His only mistake was making it a little too easygoing for people. On the other hand, most others are dead, destructive, or passive. The dead ones only supply magic, the destructive one (Odium) is going to shape up as the big baddy in the Cosmere-wide brawl that's coming up, and the not-very-much-known-of ones aren't doing much, and they strike me as either extreme or completely passive. Cultivation, Autonomy, and Stick are all pretty good but Cultivation hasn't done too much for Roshar, although her assistance in some cases should not be overlooked, Endowment is cool because she's not been interfering too much in her planet(s), but I can't really judge cuz I haven't read Sixth yet, and if Stick really is Survival/Wisdom Shard they automatically ascends to my favorite, but still not the one who did the most. Autonomy is okay, but she hasn't done much.
  2. When you are prone to ten-hour bouts of crying because there are no new books out. *cries*
  3. Finn shrugged. "Okay." He bended sunlight towards the needle, heating it at the point in between melting it and cleaning it off. He reached into his pack and pulled out a bunch of bandages. After that, he bended light into an orb in his hand, brought everything to Sparrow, and sat down.
  4. Finn walked out curiously. This wasn't something you see everyday. Using pain to overload an opponent, then punch and stab him, and then heal. He shrugged. He walked over to Brother Sparrow. "I have some light field medic experience. Anything I can do to help?"
  5. Does anyone else find it crazy that on average, whenever Chinkoln posts something he gets around 3 rep? I mean, he's posted 1000 times and he has 3000 rep.

    1. AonEne


      it's the memes, they do that :P 

  6. The next nation in my new world. You can use it for inspiration or anything if you would like. This one isn't as good as the other ones, I think. 


  7. A huge bear clad in spiky armour appeared after a glow of light. It snarled, and then charged Scimitar and Wish. A figure in a mistcloak whirled out of the shadows, flinging glass knives at the goons and Pokemon. Then, whoever it was crouched into a fighting position, and the burned tin, pewter, steel, iron, copper, and bronze, nodding satisfactorily at their full reserves. In their left hand, three glass knives glinted and an obsidian dagger gleamed in their right.
  8. "Don't ask."
  9. Granted, you start growing down. I wish for one day where I can do whatever I want with no repercussions, and then that day is erased forever.
  10. Finn has been essentially rolling his eyes on repeat, but he does sort of respect Cruz for what he did and how he's facilitating the argument. He notices the Dreadlord's mistake, smiles wickedly and fires twelve arrows in quick succession, lobs a flashbang grenade, a standard grenade, and throws a couple of knives. He grimaces. If that doesn't kill the Dreadlord, well, he always has more arrows, grenades, and knives.
  11. Granted. Your nose is now 11 inches long. I wish that I could beat a video game.
  12. "Of course. I was just thinking that it's a good last resort weapon."
  13. Finn nodded without looking backwards. "Neat. So...can your bites deliver the same venom?"
  14. Finn glanced at her in worry before turning back to keep his eyes and arrow trained on his target. His arms were starting to hurt from the strain. "What is that poison, exactly? Made me feel like dirt after a stampede."