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  1. From the album Name Glyphs -TBC

  2. From the album Name Glyphs -TBC

  3. Hi everyone (all 3 of you), I was wondering if you had any suggestions or request for glyphs. Like word prompts or ideas, because i'm having the ardent equivalent of writer's block. (I was trying to make an "I will seek truth" glyph but it's kind of hard and it's taking really long)

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      1) The names one is a tough one, but I'm game.
      2) They must wear hats...somewhere, i mean they have helmets. Unless Brandon is saving it for Adolin's epilogue were he starts a hat trend.

    3. smashedpotatoes220


      @Robin Hatter Here's you hat glyph


    4. Robin Hatter

      Robin Hatter

      Wow, thanks, I love it so much!

  4. **I'm happy with drama, ribbon and book. The others could use some work
  5. From the album More attempts at glyphs

    Some more quick glyphs I tried to make before the new year, happy 2022 everyone!
  6. Thanks for following me!

  7. From the album Willshaper Motto - Glyph Attempts

    I like making mug designs and this are 2 versions based on the willshaper's colors
  8. From the album Willshaper Motto - Glyph Attempts

    This is my second attempt at an "I will seek freedom design", but I like this version better. For those interested all glyph designs will be uploaded here and the subreddit for the callygrapher's guild is here
  9. Hi everyone! I'm not really artsy but I love glyphs, so I made a subreddit to upload glyph designs and other works in women's script in order to make a fan Archive/Library, and also make requests and posts. I don't think it'll get used but it was worth a shot to make it. Here's the link if anyone's interestes to upload their glyphs.
  10. Hi! I'm not really an artist but I can try to make it prettier, most of the time it's just making the edges and some things loopy. I also tried to make the glyph myself, but if you already had something in mind I can try to help!
  11. From the album Music Glyph

    I was thinking of a glyph for a necklace that you could get cutout in steel, but most of the glyphs have separate components in them (not all the bodies/shapes are connected). So I thought all right, I'll make the word music cuz I like music, but it's really hard to make a pretty glyph when they are kind of huge. So I decided that the necklace would only be one half of the glyph and the other could go to a friend or some bandmate, and between two people you'd get the glyph! (I realize I'm abusing the word but and so: I'm sorry). It's not awesome but it kinda looks like a dragon so i'm happy with that.
  12. From the album Windrunner Motto - Glyph Attempts

    First prototype for windrunner mug.