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  1. Having a particular skin gives no benefit in the game. The spikes are just a back pack you can put on any of your characters. The daggers are just a visual representation of the default melee weapon, no stronger or better. Its to keep games even, no pay to win. Someone who has never paid a cent has as much chance as someone who has spent thousands. There have been events where you can battle an in game non player character and if you kill them you can take their weapon, such as the Mandalorian and Predator recently or Marvel characters previously. To get mistborn mechanics or powers in the game there would need to be a major event and have NPC characters roaming the island you can battle to take their weapons or powers. Could be fun as finding particular metals could give you that power too but don't see it happening. Star Wars and Marvel had this, don't see Mistborn with that level of popularity.. pity..