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  1. Wait, are we forgetting some of these people are storming married? But I totally think Brandon does a GREAT job including this stuff. They’re sexuality isn’t the end of the world to these characters when the literal end of the world is coming. Something Riordan could have learned…
  2. I don’t think anyone was saying his things are 100% intentional, and even if he isn’t hiding things only LDS will understand, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things in his books that are very similar. I think it’s wrong to say there are NO references to LDS culture, when obviously Brandon sees that there are, whether intentional or not. I do respect that he lets us interpret characters however we want. I think authors give up a little of the imaginative rights to their characters when they give it to the public, something J.K. Rowling should probably try to understand.
  3. Any connections like that in other books?
  4. I don’t want to over simplify, but the idea that you have a bond with a spirit, and you make oaths that you have to keep to receive its power is almost exactly the priesthood. I wouldn’t think anything of it if he wasn’t a member, but the connection is really cool. What are some other correlations in his writing?
  5. So, I hope people don’t hate me for this but there are obvious connections between the knights radiant and the LDS priesthood. Brandon is a member of the LDS church as well, so is that connection known? Thoughts?
  6. I think we’re forgetting that said feruchemists need food. Technically this perpetual motion machine still requires fuel.
  7. film

    Man, there are so many. My choice of an action sequence would have to be when a kelsier and vin spar at the beginning of part two. My character moment would be when vin is hanging in the mists contemplating kelsier’s death. Another option would be when marsh, vin and sazed talking about the lord ruler at the end of the book. I just love the idea of an allomancer, a feruchemist and a hemalurgist watching the sun dawn on the beginning of a new era.
  8. As much as I love kelsier (probably my favorite character in the series) I have to agree that coming out in roughs-style duster and hat, with sterrions in hand and vindication in my holster, woulda felt PRETTY sweet. The only problem is, I’m sure kelsier is more well known that Lord Ladrian, and if we ARE introducing these little cremlings to mistborn we might as well start them off on the right foot. Brandon has thought this out, he’s nothing if not thorough.
  9. I’m sorry everyone, I wasn’t strong enough. I spent twenty bucks to get kelsier. I can only hope those twenty bucks go straight to Brandon’s wallet.
  10. Yeah it’s heresy, and I’m buying it anyway
  11. We can all agree it’s not going to be a good representation, but I think mostly good will come from it.
  12. Where are these pictures??
  13. Maybe this is something that is widely known, but can mistborn push and pull shard metals?
  14. Also, if scadrial gets koloss I think Roshar gets chasmfiends.
  15. I think Summer Glau fits the role better, in my head at least. I know it’s difficult, but I wish someone younger, actual teenage age, could play vin. As for RDJ playing kelsier, he might be too old. Can we please get Tom Hiddleston in here somewhere?