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  1. Hmm that's slow compared to where I come from regarding my homesite. It isn't unusual for top posters to be in the hundreds of posts where I'm at.
  2. Hello Aon. I haven't played on this website before, though I've heard a little bit about how games are run here.
  3. I'm thinking of joining, though I'm a little worried I might be multi tabbing and that's not a good idea where I'm at.
  4. Proof of why the Golden Ratio is an irrational number. Golden Ratio = (1 + sqrt 5)/2 We can prove sqrt 5 is irrational. Lets supposed sqrt 5 is rational, or sqrt 5 = a/b Square both sides so that 5 = (a/b)^2 5b^2 = a^2. If sqrt is rational, then a and b are simplified to lowest terms. We note that a^2 is a multiple of 5. Let a = 5c 5b^2 =(5c)^2 = 25c^2 b^2 = 5c^2 Note: a and b have no common factors if sqrt 5 is rational and is simplified to lowest terms. Except we have proven that 5 is a common factor of a and b, which can't be the case if sqrt 5 is rational. Therefore sqrt of 5 is irrational.
  5. Hey did you all hear about the recent turbo on Mafia Universe? Completed: Breaking Site Turbo ( Edit: I've also heard of a social deduction game called Blood on the Clocktower. Has anyone here heard, let alone played it?
  6. This is a pretty elegant proof of the Pythagorean Theorem no?
  7. Seems I made a mistake phi^-1 = Phi - 1
  8. Oh yeah phi^2 = phi +1 and phi^1/2 = phi - 1.
  9. Phi - 1 = 1/phi x(phi) x(phi) phi^2 - phi = 1 -1 -1 phi^2 - phi - 1 = 0 Use quadratic formula phi = +- 1 *sqrt((-1)^2 - 4*1*-1))/2 = 1 *+-sqrt((1 - - 4))/2 = 1 *+-sqrt((5))/2 Phi > 0 so phi = 1 + sqrt(5) / 2
  10. Hello. What if I told you that the Golden Ratio shows up in Pascal's Triangle? There is a formula to derive the Golden Ratio too.
  11. 48/24 is indeed the usual cycle length. 48 hour long days and 24 hour long nights.
  12. Oh hello. So this is the Forum Mafia section of the website?