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  1. Brandon confirmed this was nazh
  2. As soon as I saw what nicrosil did I knew it would be important in era three
  3. Remember that sazed only knew how to change the world to look all lush and normal because of records of his copper minds , without that ash would still fall and stuff but sazed didn’t have any copper minds for southern scadrial
  4. STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE SPOILERS so we know that era two is a few years ahead of the current stormlight archive timeline, so I’m thinking, dalinar loses the contest of champions and odium turns him into this spacefaring warlord who will conquer stuff for odium,so what if odium has sent dalinar to scadrial to conquer it , kill harmony etc and also we see that red mist sazed shows wax, and I’m thinking it looks eerily similar to the red mist seen in the thrill in oathbringer (I think it’s oathbringer at least) which is odiums investiture so what if dalinar is trell?(this is extremely far fetched Ik)
  5. Charlie rowe as elend , my onky problem is getting the actor for cute final empire elend to look like scadrian dalinar kholin elend in HOA
  6. Nikolaj coster waldau for kelsier, and I recently had the thought during a rewatch if lord of the rings that I recon Elrond looks like rashek quite alot
  7. Let’s see who can translate a cosmere theory I have from high imperial into normal wasing the issing of having the have feruchemy that allows to travel between the basin and the where of needing with duralumin to wanting the taking of connection to of the basin to be wanting to travel of one land to another
  8. Mistborn secret history spoilers
  9. So I’m new to mbti and I’m trying to work out the personality types for ppl in era one here is what I got so far vin:istp kelsier: (damn this was hard as he is so unique)estp elend: infp, as an infp myself I saw a lot in elend that matched with my type sazed:istj? let me know if u have more
  10. So I saw a wob saying luthadel is named after someone , and I just want to know if we know anything about who this supposed “lutha” is
  11. I love this theory, it adds so much depth to the character
  12. Yes, but they r replicating the effects by connecting himself slightly to the SR
  13. Presumably atium does some spiritual stuff that allows one to see the future, as a bond smith he can probably replicate it
  14. The lopen wants to know your location
  15. Aswell as that , riino is slightly awoken when raoden makes an aon , and taln is slightly awoken when shallan does some light weaving