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  1. Hi sorrry for not existing yesterday but I exist now so Im getting really wobbly feelings off Fadran but Ill give them a new player pass for like another cycle it feels a bit like culture shock but like weird opinions with litle to no backing and all that is a bit wobbly Ive read the thread like three times now and the only thing thats sticking out to me is the run of early bad Fifth votes I feel like I can get Ashbringers Bookkwyrms feels almost typical for them kinda which is a little concerning but oh well and like Im a little ambivalent between xinoehp and Silhouette but Im about to sleep and I dont have time or energy to actually evaluate things so xinoehp over Silhouette mostly because Id be very upset if Fifth died for reasons ammounting to nothing Good night for the less saber inclined evil quokkas heres a knife quokka
  2. I kinda find myself confused in general by the cases presented maybe my hreading comprehension is trashed Ive been very tired recently but what exactly is the public Stick reasoning ok and the xnioehp reasoning from Stick is the specific picking of Bookwyrm in D1 but not voting Bookwyrm D2 plus general reticence and the Archer vote from Novel comes from the assumption Szeth was the night kill Ive read through everything like twice and my head hurts and Ive kind of come to the conclusion Im not voting Stick today beyond some brief paranoia founded on weak assumptions it doesnt feel amazing and the reasoning is just a bit fragile and it doesnt feel good and yeah honestly like Id like them dead at some point just cause paranoia alarm bells all that but I dont really know it feels wobbly I think Im just not that suspicious of them for whatever reason like I kinda want to be at this point itd be easier but no theres just confusion Araris is definitely off from what I think of as their playstyle but theyve said theyre sick so Im not really sure how to evaluate that and like if theyre evil its a definite shift in behavior fro what sort of lives in my brain as their standard which oh well Archer ok like Archer Ive been backreading and the thing thats getting to me just a bit is this post And if the threads get merged later and this vanishes this is the 'oh boy 15 quotes' post on like page 7 of D1 like this throws a lot of shade makes a lot of implications and doesnt really do anything with it like it tries for and like they have opinions I cant really account for that dont trail back to established things they have a bit of wobble honestly Im not being very articulate right now sorry my head hurrts Wobbly thoughts that probably arent founded in anything other than my brain at most one of Stick Alvron Elkanah are evil at most one of Archer Araris are evil a significant quantity of evils just havent been challenged or prodded in any way Chanarach for the love of the Stormfather can you kill one of the many many people were wobbling over to get us some conclusive information thanks love you Ok my head hurts Im tired Archer but like you have to realize its founded in my brain going hm at posts and not like actual logic and reasoning Im so tired bye bye goodnight Heres a quokka thats just me just very confused and wobbled
  3. Jen-child-Verin could feel the blood dripping from their hands. If they looked, they would see nothing. They knew this because they had looked down many times. The blood was thick, cloying. It dried on their hands. They had seen death before, of course. They had seen it far too often. It settled in their midst like an old cloak, tattered and worn and useless at keeping out the chill. But this was the first death that was their fault. They had accused Rizam-son-Azram. Yes, others had as well, but that did not lessen the burden of guilt. The blood had not come near them, had not even touched their hands, but they could feel it. It was red. It had been warm once. Ok so like I reread the game a lot right and I think I just ended up confused like everyones a blur and Im tired and its not even that late everyone feels like a blob of confusion like usually I have some irrational trusts and suspicions by now but we killed my irrational suspicion and Im just confused and I might go to sleep early honestly my brain is fuzz so heres a good night quokka sorry for low effort post today just not really feeling it at the moment just sorta fuzz
  4. Jev stepped out of the bar in the midst of the chaos. No comms. That meant no way to hail their crew. No way off-planet. No way off-planet with a bounty hunter on their tail. If they wanted to live through this, they couldn't do it as Jev. They had several fake IDs on them, but that wouldn't help when the hunters had a holo of their face. They needed a disguise, quick. They could rule out several options immediately. No one important would be trapped here. They'd all have personal shuttles and entourages. Same with most competent people. Most of the incompetents would already have been in the bar. The non-human disguises wouldn't hold up under prolonged scrutiny. Only a few options left now. Shoot for competence, or try to hang low. The thing is, everyone notices someone with something to hide. The trick to keeping on the down-low is to be someone so vibrantly obvious that no one thinks to look deeper. There was only one outfit that could do the trick. Tilana Pavin, an old name in the business. She had her fingers in criminal activity across the star system. They had trained under the real Pavin once, many years ago, to get her posture and accent just so. She walked like a bird of prey, sudden movements and placid stillness, and she did not blink. She'd actually gotten modded with a nictitating membrane just so she wouldn't have to blink. Jev didn't have the credits for anything so drastic, but sclera lenses looked much the same. They just had to keep any blinking slow and deliberate, a mockery instead of a necessity. Waterproof make-up to hide their freckles, a quick change of clothes, a set of sharper teeth, tied-back hair, and of course, the lenses. The persona wasn't perfect. No amount of training could hide a lack of extra joints, but it didn't have to be perfect. It just had to be good enough that no one would dare call them out. Sure, maybe the Lady Pavin would reward them handsomely for catching an imposter, but the punishment for being wrong was far worse than death. They just had to stay in character for long enough to justify Pavin leaving, then come back with a different face. Then, hopefully the bounty hunter would think Jev had gotten off-planet before the comms went down. They pulled open the door in a single movement and stepped over the counter in that step-jerk fashion. "What does it take for a lady to get a drink around here?" The words felt round and full in their mouth, smooth like whiskey and sharp like glass. They smiled, hoping the way the false teeth caught the light wasn't noticeable in the dimness of the bar. The bartender slid them an ale, and they sipped it once. Pavin checked every drink for poison first, though Jev didn't have the mods to let them actually taste anything wrong with it. They didn't actually like this type of ale, but everyone knew Tilana Pavin's preferred drink. They knocked it back, slammed the glass down, and wiped their mouth with a hand. "Now, what's this I hear about a Sith destroying key infrastructure in this fine locale?" Ok so this game is so cool I just want to preface this with that this is so cool the wincons will take contemplating but first I was thinking duel thoughts earlier and I kind of determined theyre not a great option to take for either party cause like the outcome of the duel is basically random assuming optimal RP from both sides and either the challenger ends up dead which is kinda pointless or the challenger is revealed to the other side and if its a Jedi challenging the Sith just kill them next time or the time after the protect cant be used twice and cant be used on yourself and like the Sith can just sort of pick off anyone they want to kill and if the Jedi are suspicious enough of someone to duel them surely theyd be able to make an adequate case in thread cause theres no PMs no transfer of secret information besides Knight Sith and Apprentice comms So standard ratios do not apply this game honestly the only consideration for balancing numbers how much padding the Jedi need to not get murdered immediately with also considering the more cultists around the better chance they get apprenticed and get protects and just defend their Sith masters forever and really the only reason why the Desann care about the cultists is every vote wasted getting them out is a vote that could have been used on finding and seeking a knight Honestly best opening strategy for knights might be one spam redirect the other spam apprentices once you find both Desann one person announce and also ask for every apprentice with Force Sense to defend while the other knight also defends just to make sure you could also sack the apprentices here for double covergae its just a bit more risky I think the main problem though is standard evil behavior of trying to get as many people dead as possible doesnt apply like they basically have the same goal as the Jedi just with a side of murder Id actually lowball cultist numbers cause like theyre not important or really that relevant you know but I can get why overestimating is safer Heres a poorly edited Sith quokka
  5. Sad to lose control of Pailiah so early on Progressions more effective late game and Illuminations pretty good but since Illweis probably not that PM unsafe they probably werent killed for the blade itself just for who they are second that shaman bit you keep an eye out we need you well actually theres the chance the evils let the blade slide to implicate whoever gets the bump up cause the decision comes right before you get the list so who knows but Pailiahs blade is great for both sides so yeah just keep it in mind and let it implicate things I guess Im tired ignore me if Im not making sense or if Im just saying obvious things Its midnight Im tired Ill have more and better thoughts tomorrow hopefully but for now Bookwyrm for the smae reasons as last time that weird Matrim vote D1 and walkabout with that and I get that how they were a frontrunner is a point against but Im always going to be circling back to them until they die so it might as well be now And now I sleep night night heres sleepy quokka thats me
  6. My bookwrym suspicion boils down to this line of theirs Whcih is just the wildest thing Ive heard lately like what cause its trying to discredit Matrims line of argumentation and Matrim as a whole and evidence gathering in general and like I fully acknowledge this is more based on my emotional reaction to this line over the actual likelihood that this is something someone evil owuld say and I should probably get better reads but wowza And then the way they retract is just Ok it might be me right it might just be me but Bookwyrm just feels really... performative I guess like I think its the italics honestly the italics are doing it but like calling it a 'flimsy assumption' is also getting to me its an hour and a half later and I cant help but feel the full 180 on the opinion just cause they got like foru votes off it I mean that might not be how it is but thats sure how it feels but that turnaround is just so gaaah its very much also a tonal thing I think I need to reroute my brain to get used to how they talk cause everything they say feels tonally like not words I dont really know how to describe it So yeah thats the bulk of my Bookwyrm suspicion Ok so vote ended up like so No vote manip I guess that makes sense all the vote manip blades have better other surges like Jezrien has a target scanner Kalak has a roleblock Ishar has giving stormlight and they only get two charges every three cycles also fun fact every blade has surges that dont necessarily conflict turnwise so thats nice good work there Ashbringer xinoehp voted Wizard for the tie Stick votes for Wizard last second to break the tie Elkanah and Alvron were arranging like it was three way then boom Wizard and thats a bit hm like I get they apparently trusted Bookwyrm for some reason but hm like if Bookwyrm is evil Id lean against cause its a bit too blatant but just something to keep eyes on Elkanah had mixed feelings about both Wizard and Bookwwyrm and tried going for the tie and failed Tani voted Wizard for the tie Szeth votes Wizard for... the tie? Ok Ive been looking through the votes and like the origin of the Wizard train was an early Archer vote going at them for random voting and it just persistent with no actual suspicion or justification out of wanting a tie like seriously I have no problems with ties I object to orchestrating a tie for the sake of the tie regardless of suspiciousness Wizard voted Bookwyrm for weird Insanity interactions JNV (thats me!) voted Bookwyrm for the weirddest turnaround on a read Ive ever seen Araris voted Bookwyrm for being careful Alvron voted Bookwyrm for the tie Novel voted Szeth for sheeping Kasimirs vote on Wizard Archer voted Szeth for unclear reasons either wanting the tie or for wanting the tie Matrim voted Szeth for unstated reasons Insanity votes Matrim for voting them Chantara voted Matrim for no real reason Illwei votes Alvorn for a weird reaction to Elkanah Cash votes Alvron to try and get a tie Kasimir voted Kasimir for pizza and honor The problem with this is how casual it all was like the tie attitude pervaded everything and like Bookwyrm was up there for a while and no one did anything about it and like it doesnt feel like the eilms felt thretaened at all there was no urgency to any of the vote movements except for the tie arranging I spent ages on this ack probably a million ninjas hold up let me look at those Howd you go from a whole post tunneling on Alvron to saying theyre a null read Heres a quokka Heres some RP There was blood on the stone. The stone was sacred, holy, divine, and it was stained with blood. Shin blood, blood that had labored for the benefit of society. Wasted. Blood in the fields can nurture the world. Blood on the stone just tarnishes a sacred thing.
  7. Hi can I have a quick fix slot for a quokka game thanks
  8. Ok cool thanks youre the best I was wondreing where Id gotten that from so yeah shaman whoever you are Im glad you exist No Im going off the "Shin warriors" bit of the opening write up cant really be a warrior without weapons especially against invading shardbearers you know Ok this statement this statement feels a bit iffy like if you think they could be evil say why cause like everyone can be evil you could be evil I could be evil theres no real need to comment on it unless your evil measurement on Kasimir is higher than baseline and if so then why and if not then why bring it up Honestly feels similar to the statement youre reacting to like warn against but also no its fine like it just feels like a statement there to imply without formalizing a position for or against specifically might be reading too much into it oh well Ive got to go to lunch now at me if you need me bye
  9. Hi hi hello wow theres been a lot of quick chatter clever arragnement of blades to have all ten surges but less of the uber powerful ones nice job there Wait hango n I was rereading the rules and just is the shaman guaranteed to exist cause I kinda thought it was but like I dont see that in there so I guess that was just an assumption whoops So blade assumptions not all are guaranteed to eixst four blades will if removed lose access to a surge entirely thats Jezrien Chanarach Kalak and Ishar losing Gravitation Division Cohesion and Tension respectively of those Id be most willing to buy Chanarach not existing cause like two kills every three nights si a bit swingy but if it exists it feels just a bit more like something thatd be in village hands you know Id lean towards Jezrien existing cause Graviation seems kinda useful not entirely sure about Kalak and Ishar like losing Kalaks surges doesnt seem like a huge deal and Im not going to make any strong alignment assumptions about blade distribution cause I feel like Ashbringers the sorrt of person whod be willing to break assumptions jusut t mess with you Theres an unusually high volume of banter might be time zones might be thanksgiving break kicking in for Americans might be people being unusually peppy but yeah lots of chatter not a huge amount of substance A look at the votes so far Kasimir votes Stick as a poke Silhouette votes Matrim as probably a poke Turtle votes Matrim as A POKE VOTE Bookwyrm votes Instanity as a hello poke vote Wizard votes Chantara as a random poke vote Matrim votes Archer as a poke vote Turtle retracts Matrim Mtarim retracts Archer Bookwyrm retracts Insanity um ok I think its the way they signpost their otherwise meaningless votes but this is kinda pinging my radars Matrim votes Instanity cause Bookwyrm retracted Araris vites Alvron for... ? Kasimir votes Matrim Elkanah votes Alvron Szeth votes Novel Insanity votes Matrim Novel votes Araris for voting Alvron Not a lot here honestly And with the advent of the official shuffle squat I would just like to say Im getting village positive vibes from both kasimir and Matrim thank you very much Oop more votes coming in gosh I need to type faster Bookwyrm votes Matrim for "looking for proof in something that isnt reelevant" um yeah so Bookwyrm is pinging every radar you know what JNV votes Bookwyrm for weird reasoning unusual signposting and general suspicion hoenstly migh tbe my instnctual negative read bleeding through but this feels comfy enough Heres a quokka Herse some RP Jen-child-Verin could have been a farmer in another life. They had learned to till earth and bring crops from soil. They had learned to add value to the world. And now they were a warrior, one who subtracts. It was a bitter thing, to have fallen so far. In a perfect world, everyone could be a farmer. In a perfect world, everyone could add. But this was not a perfect world, and the world needed those who would subtract so that others would not have to. Jen did not enjoy holding weapons, but they held them regardless. They were needed. They would follow.
  10. Hi Ill play as Jev a low end smuggler trying to get their name out there while dodging this bounty hunter they cant seem to shake no matter how many secret identities they use hey everyone else this is an invitation to have cool interaction someone be my bounty hunter please thanks
  11. Hi I attacked Wizard C1 and um kinda obviously didnt get around to killing anyone C2 I guess my character fell asleep in the sun or something Im just going to tentatively ignore the people who survived mroe than one attack to focus my firepower elsewhere so by the looks of it those people are Wizard Bookwyrm Devotary so yeah Im not killing you this time around congrats Oop ninjad lets see Wow attacking a sleeping duellist foul play I cry fowl play
  12. Hi cant be on long but like is there value in the vote when the dummies cant have marked duellists yet and the only people who could die is a dummy and also like isnt fewer people throwing around attacks better for us like more attackers means more dummies dead means the duellists have less targets and the dummies have less numbers so the only people who should really want and care about the vote are dummies who want to live and I mean I guess thats the justification for the others to use it counter the dummy protection movement but the vote isnt good for duellists as far as I can tell especially without self voting cause its not really a faction game is it its more of a free for all against a faction plus like the mark is forever the survival thing is one cycle ok got to go bye
  13. Ill play as Jen-child-Verin um might have flickery activity cause you know but I dont think Ill run into real trouble