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  1. Random speculation: what if Tanavast/Honour DID keep to that agreement and went off to Ashlyn, but Kora/Cultivation decided she wasn't going to stay away from her partner and stubbornly followed...? That way Tanavast wouldn't have broken his word or found a loophole; settling together would have been entirely Kora's doing. Even wilder speculation: Tanavast and Kora kind of get along for a while, and the surges grow from their investiture - not unnoticed, but unchecked. Kora starts to take things too far, investing and intervening directly, moulding the surges, and Tanavast disagrees with this approach. They argue and it pushes them apart. Kora's controlling streak (we know she likes to play puppet master) kicks in. She helps get Odium in-system with the aim of leveraging his emotion-linked Intent/powers to compel Honour to come back to her, in line with her thinking. That obviously doesn't work, and we end up with Odium taking the opportunity to whisper to Ishar. I'll stop here before I get too carried away with such nonsense