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  1. I agree something weird is going with Nohadon but there is some evidence that he was bonded with an Honorspren (as opposed to Karm, who is bonded to a different spren). Also, Odium calls Nohadon dead: I think it's more likely that the voice that Dalinar hears is Honor's cognitive shadow. That being said, I think Nohadon is a mystifying figure. He speaks of Surgebinders, not Knight's Radiant so it's clear they have not been founded yet. At the same time, in his first vision, Dalinar sees Nohadon wearing the symbol of the Knight's Radiant. We are told that Ishar founded the KR, at other places that Nohadon did. Yet we know he travels to Urithiru by foot. So the city must already exist. I think it was founded in his lifetime.
  2. Torol Sadeas was way better than the man who succeeded him as Sadeas. Also, he never tweeted and was never caught on tape boasting about his power over women. The worst of Roshar > the real world.
  3. I think I know where the voidlight in the spheres that Gavilar has came from. He discovered Bo-Ado-Mishram locked up in the Alethi palace:
  4. I think Eshonai will be "returned" as a Fused.
  5. Fair point. My assumption is they worked together to kill Honor as a one-off step, not that they have an alliance. There remains the question if you don't accept my theory, of the "we". Who does it refer to exactly?
  6. So here's what we know about Honor's death. First, Rayse is considered the most dangerous of the 16, because he has a long tradition of killing other Shards. Second that he was bound at one point by Honor and Cultivation. And we also that notwithstanding the fact that he was bound, he somehow managed to kill Honor. We also know that he remains determined to kill Cultivation and remains afraid of her. All of this begs the question. How did he killed Honor in the first place? His response to Dalinar's transformation provides a clue. He screams "we killed you. WE KILLED YOU". But who is the "we" that Odium would accept as having been an equal assassin? The answer is Cultivation. Why would she join Odium in murdering Honor? Because, as Odium himself says, Cultivation cares "only wants to see transformation. It can be good or bad". Her Shardic Intent is actually opposed to Honor's desire to keep oaths, bonds and circumstances unchanged. More importantly, from a self-preservation perspective, Odium knows something she doesn't. Odium knows how to kill a god. By joining Odium in Honor's murder, (which Odium cannot resist given their past history) she has learnt the secret from him. This makes her very dangerous for him, and the first target he wants to kill.
  7. It was "written" by the Sunmaker, who realized that the only way to delay a Desolation was to force humanity to keep fighting.
  8. We don't have specific confirmation that Melishi is a Bondsmith, no. The reason I think that Ishar could masquerade as a Radiant Bondsmith is that Bondsmiths seem to be in a category apart: as the Stormfather warns Dalinar, he will be a Radiant without shards. And of course we don't know what the Heralds can do even without the Honorblades. I don't think the Parshendi were bound before the Last Desolation. The preface to the Way of Kings suggests that the Parshendi did in fact fight in the battle.
  9. This is a tiny theory, really. We know that the Heralds stuck around on Roshar, and that at some point following the Last Desolation the Parshendi were enslaved as Parshmen. We know that it was done, according to Gavilar, by "capturing an ancient, crucial spren". (Oathbringer, Prologue). We also know the process was undertaken by Melishi, one of the Bondsmiths, and that it was shrouded in mystery. So Melishi retired to his tent, and resolved to destroy the Voidbringers upon the next day, but that night did present a different stratagem, related to the unique abilities of the Bondsmiths; and being hurried, he could make no specific account of his process; it was related to the very nature of the Heralds and their divine duties, an attribute the Bondsmiths alone could address. ” —Words of Radiance, chapter 30, page 18 So here's my theory: Melishi =Ishi =Ishar. Ishar pretended to be a Bondsmith and came up with a way to enslave the Parshmen. After all, no one knew as much as Ishar about the very nature of Heralds and their divine duties. And his supposed hurriedness preventing him from recording what was done was because by that point his madness was already incipient., i.e. he didn't want anyone to know what he did so that they could replicate it or steal the credit.
  10. I don't think the Unmade can be physically fought. I think they have to be bound, possibly by Navani and her artifabrians.
  11. I see the logic, but that doesn't seem to be the full picture. After all, it appears the individuals in the Heb scenario are able to react to Dalinar's behavior in a way that is responsive in real time, and very unlikely to have been mirrored by the real Heb (i.e., picking up a poker to fight Midnight Essence or having the extended conversation about coming to Urithiru for a place in one of the Orders.) Actually, the only individual in the visions who is unable to react to Dalinar is Honor/Tanavast. So it seems Honor/Tanavast can permit Dalinar some form of limited time travel, maybe more than he intended.
  12. I am reading the Secret History, and I found two more names. Cephandrius - it seems like Hoid's original name. Senna - I think she is one of the 16 bearers of Adonalsium.
  13. So we know that they were "fighting the devils on the front lines". We know that there seems to have been some sort of siege, and that they obtained some kind of knowledge that led them to break their Nahel bonds and abandoning the spren. The whole mystery about the Recreance has been set up for the reveal that those "Knights were the first, and they were also the last" of the Radiants who acted honorably. We know the Windrunners and the Stonewards were the primary Radiants who did this, and the Skybreakers apparently never did. It's because they found out something that placed them, like Kaladin, in a situation of conflict between two oaths. Maybe it was the knowledge that their Spren bond was causing the "Desolations". The more humanity united, the more Odium would be free to attack the innocent.
  14. I'm not seeing your first post with the WOB. Can you please share a link? Thank you.