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  1. Ok, I see what you're saying, and logically I know this is just for fun, but I'm still gonna try to rebut this! So with Roshar, I think Kell's trying to get portable investiture to figure out how to leave Scadrial. With the Shard, I'd say it's more likely that Kell takes Ambition than Autonomy. With the god-killing spree... I completely agree, Kell's just the kind of psychopath who'd kill a dozen infinite gods so they'd stop messing with people.
  2. Ahhhh I just read the preview! I’m even more pumped than ever! We’re so close y’all! After all these years!
  3. Well, Sandra spikes are fully imbedded, so I don't think it has to do with bind points. Maybe TLR just wanted it to be easier to decommission his minions.
  4. I'm not really sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but does anybody know if Moonbreaker will be on Xbox? I've seen that it'll be early access for Steam, but I can't find anywhere whether or not it'll release on console. Anybody know?
  5. Also, we don't really know how Investiture through a Nircosilmind works. BoM hints that it's the storing of the ability to use a power, not like storing Stormlight in a gemstone. Since all metal minds store Investiture for later use, I think any metal mind, if filled to the implausibly huge amount of Investiture close to that of a Shard, would have the same realmatic effect as a Nicrosilmind.
  6. Weird, semi-kinda-not-really-plausible theory: Hoid's quest: put Adonalsium back together after killing all the Shards with bits of their own Investiture. Why? Because Adonalsium was one of many gods in the universe outside the Cosmere, the god of sapience (because Investiture comes to life), and the gods outside the Cosmere hired Hoid to put him back together and bring balance back to the universe. I know this theory is probably completely ridiculous, but I like picturing Hoid as a cosmic bounty hunter.
  7. What you’re proposing sounds like it’s essentially Selish Compounding, using other magics to access an external source of Investiture (specifically the body of the Shard being drawn from with the other magic) to fuel Feruchemy. I think it would maybe be possible to “compound” using Forgery, but it would probably be easier to externally fuel Feruchemy with the Dor using AonDor, considering the sheer amount of investiture accessed with AonDor is much larger than that of a soulstamp (I think).
  8. Deckh arrived at the scene and threw up a speed bubble around Sam’s shaking figure, giving him a moment of peace to recover. “I saw you save them,” Deckh said. “Nice work.”
  9. But anti-investiture? It might work to feed him, but it might also destroy some of the investiture already in him. If Nightblood ate some void light and then some anti-void light, unless his consumption of investiture somehow alters its connections and intent, then the anti-Light would destroy the Light. Probably.
  10. I could be wrong about that. I think I misunderstood the geographically locked nature of AonDor to mean that most of the Dor is around Elantris. Now that I think about it, though, the proximity probably has more to do with the location of the Aon Rao that powers the city than with the location of the Dor in the Cognitive Realm. However, even if I’m wrong, time dilation should still happen, and on an even more massive scale.
  11. If a Radiant stored their connection to their spren in an unlocked duraluminmind, could someone else pick up the metalmind and become a Surgebinder or is that not how F-Duralumin works?
  12. If someone with the intent of Hemalurgy went to Roshar and stabbed a Windrunner in the right place with an Atium spike, would the Hemalurgist be able to steal a spren bond in a similar way to an unchained Bondsmith?
  13. On Sel, specifically near Elantris, the Dor sits in the cognitive realm. The Dor is a massive body of investiture left over from not one but two shards. And I have this WoB: So does that mean that on Sel, there’s a massive amount of time dilation caused by the enormous quantity of investiture outside the SR?
  14. I don’t think that people in the Cosmere’s spirit webs are made up of Investiture with Intent (other than the bits of Preservation and Ruin in Scadrians), as spiritwebs were presumably around when Adonalsium lived and thus would be made of pure Ado-investiture, which I assume would be something similar to intentless. So if a Rosharan other than a Radiant were to store Investiture, I don’t think it would be associated with Honor, as feruchimical investiture storing draws from the spirit web and it’s ability to use certain magics. So to put it shortly, no, I don’t think that in the general Cosmere, other than scadrial, feruchemy automatically stores investiture associated with certain shards.
  15. OOOH IS IT THE DELVER MAZE Edit: never mind that’s not Cosmere lol