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  1. thats perfect thank you
  2. I've been looking into aons and of course all of the ones on the coppermind page are without the chasm line and the original version. It has come to my attention that the position of the chasm line that Brandon drew on a signing is wrong as well. If anyone could send a picture of the chasm line in the Aon Aon properly I'd greatly appreciate it. Again the WOB that has the drawing on the book is apparently wrong im aware this has been posted before I saw it but I didn't get a straight answer so if it's possible for a picture to be put on here with it if greatly appreciate it
  3. My friend and i were discussing the applications of elantrian magic. as i was rereading tha ars arcanum for elantris, i saw the aon eto. for those who dont know, the aon eto is the aon for body flesh and muscle. we know its hypothetically possible to transfer conciousness using either breaths or possibly metalminds, but is it possible to for example create a fully functioning body using the power of aon eto? it would be one empty of a conciousness but if one transfered their conciousness from something else would it be possible to have a new body? feel free to shut me down brutally if this is completely wrong by the way
  4. Approved as well. Thoroughly messed up. You have my stamp
  5. So I was talking to my friend a while ago, and he was trying to guess what biochromatic breath was actually called from a description I gave deliberately horribly: 'you use breath to make things move' He gave me a bunch of random names like oxyglurgy, aerokinesis, etc etc Got me thinking. What are some other names everyone is else can come up with for cosmere magic systems? They cannot be correct, they have to be horribly put together. Be funny!
  6. What I mean to say is that he may have prepared for ashyns destruction, and is only saying that he prepares for the end of world's, so should roshar get bad he will prepare. That's how I took it anyways
  7. I doubt it. I think that would refer to the destruction of Ashyn, as he and heralds were all there. This probably just means that he will only do something when Roshar is going to get destroyed. I doubt Brandon would bring in another big bad anyway, considering we have TOdium to worry about now
  8. I thought it's been said that the intent of a shard is open to interpretation, as shown with Rayse thinking odium is passion Regardless, this is meant to be a fun thread for hypothesis of names
  9. Was re reading mistborn HoA and as usual was intrigued by harmony, not that we have much about him. Found out from the forums that the intent of fused shards are subjective to the person: Preservation and ruin have been said to be harmony, Im more inclined to survival Honour and odium are meant to be war Honour and cultivation are (to navani) science Wondering what people think of fused shard names! Any shards fused, even triple if you like. Go crazy!
  10. I love the analogy of shards as pied Pipers *laughing crying emoji* I see your point but raise you another: odium joined the conflict with the fused in the battle of thalen field. He was directly stated to be there (obviously not all his power that would be stupid) and be using the everstorm and raising thunderclasts to his advantage. While I don't think sazed would participate in a mortal battle, odium certainly doesn't mind doing so
  11. the question then becomes- as much as i love your answer- is the intent of preservation blanket or subjective. we see that he (leras at the time) wanted the final empire to continue so that he could defeat ruin (essentially his opposite intent). TLR, who had been seen as a tyrant almost for years on years, was seen as a force of good and stability by leras (all info from secret history). so, as odium is unchanging and eternal as well, and wants to preserve his own intent, and due to the fact when kelsier held the power the power rebelled because he was trying to use them to harm ruin (though admittedly vin does the same and there are no consequences until ruin starts fighting back so the vailidity is debatable), would the powers allow him to harm odium? its unknown how long it takes for a shards intent to consume a person like ati, leras and rayse did, but we know 300 years isnt enough for them to become so focused. if the 'final battle' between harmony and odium ever takes place it wont be for a while, and so i wonder if having dual opposing shards and being consumed by boths intent (hypothetically) wont render sazed even more unable to act than he is now? that said, again i would love to see your statement come true @Honorless
  12. division's use is as the main battle surge (from what we've seen and been told. id assume with skybreakers it would be for fighting non radiants or non fused, simply flying across the battlefield and skimming a hand across everyone, turning either them, their weapons, or the armour to dust/fire. again though thats not what i asked here. im wondering if its use is different like bondsmith and windrunner adhesion, or if they have a stronger version or alike. does that make sense?
  13. I'm pretty sure he didn't take a shard for himself (the one he would have taken being endowment, and the least influencing) cause he knew they'd be bound or have restrictions or something like that? Evidence from the lin: 'i chose not to and gained freedoms they'd never again possess' Or something along those lines
  14. It's confirmed trell is autonomy by process of elimination...... Though I would love it if your theory was correct, it physically can't be. Also I don't care if TOdium is not Rayse, he's still bound by the shards agreements. Odium made a promise to stay in the rosharan system didn't he?
  15. I doubt that's the case. In the RoW (may have been OB I forget) letters, Sazed mentions that he needs a 'sword' to attack with. Bleeder (shadows of self spoilers) was a bigger threat than miles and I would have thought he would have used Ruin to attack her if he could. And while I love sazed, awesome character, I doubt that one shard battle will be enough to offset the millennia of experience any vessel of odium has over him in splintering Though I would love to see harmony Vs odium at some point