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  1. I never considered this! That's an amazing idea! I could see that working cause of course we know division separates molecules, and the minute amount of air resistance would be gone. Only thing I could see wrong with this is that we have no reports of nale blitzing around the battlefield for the fused, as we know he has been there at least once. I'd imagine hypersonic flight would be quite useful Also, if this was the case, then what really would be the point of multiple lashings? If the windrunners can shape the vacuum in front of them to negate air resistance why bother allowing them to lash once twice or 3 times?
  2. thank you everyone!
  3. Question in the title: Can you use a spike on a dead body? As in if an allomancer was killed, could you grab the right spike and steal the power from their dead body? I know it is essentially ripping off a piece of the spiritweb, so it may not work. But it's an interesting question for me
  4. I believe that is the correct answer to give! Good answer mate
  5. Hello to you as well! in a moment a man will come along by the name of @Not an Ooklato ask you who youre least favourite character is. be sure to say the only correct answer
  6. I mean they don't look different enough to be classed as not male or female. Probably just cosmetic by Brandon rather than actually significant
  7. Thanks to you both!
  8. basic question. different people have different spiritwebs (unique and all). hemalurgy steals bits of the spiritweb. savants have different and somewhat warped spiritwebs in comparison to normal allomancers. if you spike a savant, do you get savant level abilities when you use that spike?
  9. No worries. I misunderstood. So in conclusion the added investure if tapped does increase the strength? Must sound like a stuck record by now
  10. can you not use it as fuel? i know the metal essentially acts as a filter for preservations power but does that really matter? all one is doing is adding a bit of preservations power by oneself, not anything raddical
  11. and cause mist is preservations pure gaseous investure, the compounding or tapping of nicrosil while burning a metal would result in a more powerful effect, thus proving my hypothesis correct or am i wrong and just sounded like an idiot there
  12. off topic, if a radiant could hold stormlight like a perfect gemstone they'd get heightenings according to you? what does happen when someone taps nircosil while burning then? nothing?
  13. thats irritating. oh well. is it safe for me to assume that im correct for now?
  14. sorry a significantly higher level of investure. as in f nircosil or BoM level. does that not have the effect of a power boost? when tapping the BoM investure again, Wax and Marisi became astronomically stronger
  15. I see. Then what is the effect of having higher investure in one's body than normal? If not a power boost then what?