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  1. Of course people still play them, it's a lot of fun and memories involved, the games of our childhood. Maybe the graphics and gameplay is not the best, if compared to contemporaneous games, but what makes them special is the fact that they have a huge emotional background, related to our memories from the past, the thing which none of the new games can give. I did play some of them when I lost my LoL account and couldn't play the game. Then I got a new one from and now I don't really have time to play some other games.
  2. Sadly, there's still no release for Book 5. However, knowing how Brandon Sanders is publishing his books, I guess that the book will be released somewhere in 2023. Btw, guys, what do you think that Kaladin will swear by the Fifth Ideal? I suppose that the spoiler is accurate, and the title might be "Stones Unhallowed." I really love his audiobooks. Maybe you know any web pages where I can get a discount for them? For example, I found this one, but it covers only PDF formats. Thanks in advance !.