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    Windrunners *are* sentient you know. We just have a lot of them.
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  1. Yeah he stinks.
  2. Argent wins because he talks a lot and commissions some amazing art. Also keeps us on track, which is good for people like me who wander a lot in conversation. Thanks to all y'all for maintaining this forum and associated Discord server.
  3. Yo, I just saw a link to this in the RoW memes channel (idk how to attach a link to that). I will gladly join the hazekillers in defeating the vile Mistborn. I've got a wooden shield for blocking coins and a pole with a rock on the end. Why a pole with a rock on the end? I shall break the kneecaps of any Allomancer who dares use their power for evil. I will gladly wear the aluminum foil hat of the hazekillers and bring justice to our enemies!
  4. This is a tough question. I'm thinking maybe Lift or Syl, because are such great characters.
  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, because Kalak/Kelek is associated with metals and crafting. I forgot that line. Thank you for reminding me.
  6. Why bronze?
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I'm American too but I didn't know about this.
  8. Now I'm a Prelan, so it's back to the Steel Ministry! My time as a monk must have really not gone well.
  9. So now I'm an Arteth. Apparently they are followers of a religion on Sel. I need to talk to Sazed about finding a religion that I can stay in.
  10. Credits go my brother for this one. He has given me permission to post this meme here.
  11. I have realized the error of my ways and been converted to Austrism. I am now an Idrian Monk in service to Austre, God of Colors. However, you Diagram-serving Silent Gatherers are still unholy heretics, but instead of setting Inquisitors on you I will go off into the mountains and hide.
  12. Do I detect...HERESY!!!!!!!!???? Prepare to be hung by a hook through your neck.
  13. Well, now you're both Silent Gatherers, so... Begone, followers of the Diagram! You may only serve the Lord Ruler. Thus sayeth the Steel Ministry.
  14. Yo, that's a Destiny ship. Other than that and the obvious references to How to Train Your Dragon and Skyward, I don't get this. I am also well aware that this post is two years old, but I just finished Skyward and I don't care.