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  1. OMIBILLCIPHER YES YES YES!! Finally an RP i can commit to :DDDD
  2. Who do u guys kin I wanna kin wendy (duh everyone does) but in actuality i'm more like... Gideon or Pacifica ;-; LMAO. Tag urself: Here are more memes
  3. *takes a big testosterone bite* Mmmmm cRuNcHy Can i get ripped now
  4. Dang Huh I have had bad experiences with anime in the past but i must admit my interest is piqued Is it on netflix?
  5. AHHGH- NO- SPOILERS!!!!! darnit i need to read faster
  6. Hi guys!!! I started this podcast a couple of week ago and I am now on episode 52. It's seriously great and I really need to gush about it. Hence, Thread. Anyway... Favorite characters? I really like Carlos and Dana (like probably everyone, I'm not special, I know. But there's nothing wrong with liking popular things if they are good. Which Carlos and Dana very much are.) Random Nightvale thoughts to provoke disscusion: Episode 38 is my favorite episode so far. Sometimes I think about how awesome Cecil is and then I remember he'd hate me because I am a Scorpio lol (he is still awesome ofc) Episode 47 was incredibly painful to listen to and episode 49 was some of the most wonderful audio I have ever injected into my ears via earphones. The two season finales I have listened to so far have knocked it out of the park (especially 49- 25 was amazing, but more sentimental than huge and exciting, I think. And the build-up to 49 was incredible. I wish I could forget it and listen to it over and over again, just to re-create the feeling. And omg I wish so badly I could time travel and go to that liveshow). Does anyone know where the "Cecil has tentacles that he can sprout and detract at will" headcanon came from? I am not opposed, but its existence baffles me. Some fun ort/memes i got from pinterest: Tagging people who listen/are planning to listen: @Robin Sedai @Aes Sedai @Morningtide @Witless of Shinovar edit: nooo i forgot to vote for dana ;-;
  7. i'd read it after you listen to episode 75 but NOT before episode 76 (76 is a bit of a summary of the book for peeps who didn't read it, i started it and i didn't rly get spoilers but it'd be better to listen afterwards, probabaly) also, i highly reccomend the audiobook bcuz it's cecil and also there's sound effects for the parts that are in episode style. (there are chapters and then intermittent sections called "the voice of nightvale" that are like a cecil broadcast :D)
  8. Guys the book is so cute It's obviously wacky as ever cause it's Nightvale but it's also sweet and relatable. And I know so much about the man in the tan jacket already.... and I'm only about 40% done..... edit: there's a couple of chapters where one of the characters goes to carlos's lab n we get to hear him sciencing and i keep re listening it's so adorable omg
  9. SZEEETTHHHH HE's SO COOL WHAT also i love your Kaladin so so much (all of it is amazing but Szethy and Kal are my favs. Also the Lift one maybe. And the Elend and Vin one. also maybe the Elend one. And the Veil one. But mostly the Szethy and Kal)
  10. Granted! You get a bright orange 1970s camero. Your bane is that Maggie Steifvater follows you around everywhere and tries to take your car. I wish for more time to read books.
  11. Can the next person who votes slip in a vote for Dana and Janice on my behalf? When voting i forgot you can vote for multiple and only voted for Carlos lol
  12. in the upper 40s he is destroying the people of nightvale via exaggerated late stage capitalism :| u do u though <333
  13. Granted! You are eight feet tall. However, gravity no longer applies you very much and you always have to walk on the ceiling, meaning you cannot go outdoors without someone holding on to you or you would float endlessly up to space. I wish for a really good lunch.
  14. Here is what just happened to me (bruh): My siblings and i went downstairs for a brunch break from homework. I went to the fridge and got the leftover gnocchi from last night, and heated it up in the microwave. then I set it down on the table (right next to the fridge) and turned to the fridge to find the grated parmesan. when i turned back, my 10 year old sister had scooped a generous amount of pasta from my tupperware and was now picking out all of the mushrooms from hers and putting them back into mine. now, i don't mind mushrooms, but i was a little pissed. there had been about one serving in the container to start, and that had now been diminished, and i was very hungry and had been looking forward to wholly nourishing myself. i picked up the tupperwear so she couldn't take any more. anyway queue an explosion of screaming at me by little sis and also my little brother (???) about how she needed more and how she hadn't had any last night (she was literally at our cousins house having dinner there) and how i was being awful and selfish. they were making a huge racket, as was i in protest, and our cries reached my mother who was very concerned at our yelling (they were going i n s a n e). i started wolfing down the pasta cause i knew i was probably going to be made to give it over (i can never win an argument with my siblings in front of my mom. i'd hurt my voice.) and sure enough my brother ran to my mom and started screaming about how i was being selfish and not sharing (there was one o n e serving left oh my god it's not like we didn't have other food??? mom went to the gorcery store yesterday the fridge is fully stocked you guys can eat literally anything we own i just got the leftovers first. my fricking god). my sister kept running at me with a big spoon to try to scoop more gnocchi out of my container, and she kept poking me with it, and it was pretty much chaos. anyway sure enough mom made me let her take as much as she wanted and i was left with three gnocchis and some mushrooms. i consumed them quickly, shutting out the mean and upsetting comments and triumphant jeers from my siblings (epscially my brother??? like ????? you didn't even want any gnocchi! why are you treating me like this ????) and then i ran to my room really fast and breathed heavily for a couple minutes. tbh i don't think i conveyed the upsetting-ness of the situation via writing. it was much more upsetting than it seems. Anyway now i am A. mildy hungry B. mildly sick feeling (sometimes when i feel like crying my stomach tenses up instead and i feel ill) and C. rather pissed ahahah little siblings are the best amirite Bruh
  15. Granted!! Your bane is unfortunately that you have to live in Nightvale now, where wheat and wheat by-products are severely illegal. I wish for someone else to do all my homework :DDD
  16. Hey guys

    So i um

    I don't write very much, but when i do, i have been informed that i write good.

    (yes, i know the proper grammar is "write well", and thus i am not demonstrating my writing abilities. it's for personality.)

    Anyway i kind of wanna share some writing with you guys and also see if a couple story ideas i have sound interesting... specially because A. i need to choose one to work on and B. i need to write more to keep my skillz sharp, and it'd be easier to be consistent if there were people waiting on me to write something. I work mildly better under pressure. Mildly. So... this is sort of gauging interest for a Facepalm Writes thread :D

    Anyone interested?

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    2. Justice_Magician
    3. Wittles of Shinovar

      Wittles of Shinovar

      That sounds awesome! I'd love to see your writing!

    4. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      Thx guys!!! I probably shouldn't have posted that on a Sunday cause i will now be distracted by school and hw and therefore will be unable to get this set up till Friday probably ;-; but be counting on it Friday or Saturday!

  17. naw bro... it;s kind of lame... DUH OF COURSE YOU SHOULD Oh, FYI guys, i'm starting the book!! I got the audiobook from my digital library, so i can listen to Cecil :3 apparently it reveals the truth about the man in the tan jacket........ very excited :33333
  19. Star i hate fanfic with a burning passion (don't ask why i don't want to talk about it) but storms. That was an insane hook. I'll read it. ALSO! Gay people please please please PLEASE i am begging you read The Locked Tomb series. Most unique and incredible books i have ever read. I'm begging i need to talk about it with someone PLEASE READ THEM theY ARE WILD AND INSANE AND SO UNIQUE please please please Sorry i'd write something really good and convincing like Star but it's 10:30 and i'm in an airport typing on my phone and i am quite tired and can't summon the brain power LOVE U GUYS BYE oh also if anyone wanted to read Surrender Your Sons that'd be cool. Do the audiobook though because i could not stop laughing while i was listening to it and it was due to the narrator's perfect accent and delivery (and the writing but the narrator was so good). Also it greatly increased my conversion camp fear. Anyway BYE
  20. Omg omg i got to 67 Has anyone got there I need to discuss omg
  21. I don't know what to say to y'all but i will be hiding from you over here with Carlos and Cecil and Dana and Janice and Khoshekh. Y'all scare me. Also i think maybe you are missing the point of the plot ;-; but ofc y'all are free to like whatever characters you wish and i am clearly outvoted here :DDDD Oh guys guess what i had a nightvale dream!!! Here's it (plot spoilers up to ep 50, relationship spoilers up to ep 100)
  22. But guys kevin is like legitimately evil and doesn't actually care about human life ALSO HE SAID CARLOS WAS UGLY!!! Has anyone gotten to ep 49?!? Or 46 even?? Get to 46-49 and tell me you still like Kevin LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME HE IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER