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    jab·ber - /ˈjabər/ - verb - talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense - "he jabbered away to his friends"
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    Ummm frogs, reading, existential crisis-es, all the crisis-es, being sad, playing cello and ukulele, dogs, frogs, did i mention reading

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Why do you want to know about me? Honestly, this is really suspicious. Why are you looking at my "about me" page? Are you stalking me?


Well, you made it this far. I guess you can know some stuff about me. I'm not actually that interesting. I'm just a sleep deprived nerd surviving on memes and cheese. My favorite Cosmere book is Words of Radience, and non-Cosmere is the Rithmatists. I'm currently working on a book thats about this guy learning the value of friendship (it's a lot better than it sounds.) I'm a Scorpio. In case you were wondering. Oh, also:


Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you go, never gonna run around and desert you! Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!

i should probably go to bed now. Goodabye.

Edit: i wrote that at 3 AM on a Sunday (technically Monday, i guess) and i don't think I'm gonna change it because it describes me pretty well :P