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    Phew, someone gave me a hamster removal device. I'm fine now :D
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    Why is Rosharian cooking so salty?
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    for the sun. That way it will fall very far away and probably hit someone you don't know. -Mr. Hoid Boi
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    Msn Barbara (please Barbara come back to me, i love you, you are my life soul and world, Joshua could never make you happy. please come back Barbara)
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    Like the ICU, but it's an Intensive Care Quokka.
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    jab·ber - /ˈjabər/ - verb - talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense - "he jabbered away to his friends"
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    Because sodium reigns.

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    Right behind you.
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    Ukulele/cello playing
    Dogs, frogs and many other animals
    Mushrooms (especially the red spotted ones)
    Having the heads of my enemies fashioned into a tankard for drinking w/ Drehy, Skar, and Adolin
    Reading (especially Stormlight Archive, The Rithmatists, and Artemis Fowl)
    Not being wanted by the government
    Baking (mostly cakes)
    Gerbil snorting w/ my pals from the freelands
    Pretending to be older than I actually am
    Attempting to write books
    Disney cartoons (especially Gravity Falls and The Owl House)
    The Magnus Archives
    Feeling the fist of insanity slowly tighten its deathgrip on me
    Peanut MnMs
  1. Thanks for following me, Facepalm :P

  2. *curls up in a corner* TPBM likes rocks :D.
  3. Metal eaters look for rare yummy metals What is your personality type?
  4. *sadness noises*

    Can I have hugs plz

    I am sad


    *More sadness noises*


    Also im prolly gonna be off the shard for about two weeks, but i'll be back.


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    2. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      ^_^ *munches snickers and kitkats* thanks guys! 

      Everyone on here is so nice, thanks for being such cool humans.

      (I did actually go and eat a kitkat irl and those things are SO GOOD, they definitely made happier lol)

    3. The Storming Stormfather

      The Storming Stormfather

      See ya! Enjoy whatever you're doing! *hugs*

    4. Robin Hatter

      Robin Hatter

      *hugs* Au revoir, Facepalm! The Shard won't be the same flavour of insanity without you!

  5. *screeches* *throws chouta at everyone* *runs back and forth* *jumps out the window still screeching* *inexplicably starts flying* *wins*
  6. *YEETS A WAFFLE AT BOOMERANG GUY, WHICH LANDS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM ON A PLATE WITH SYRUP* Excuse me, waffle king, would you please try my waffle? I've been perfecting the recipe for 13 years and if you could try it that would mean a lot to me.
  7. ... Um Cool *pelts Thaidikar with hamsters and potatos*
  8. Nope. About fifty of my 150 are from the last week, though, cause of how active on the shard i've been, so that might be coming up lol TPBM doesn't like roller coasters
  9. Facepalm awakened the popcorn (using Breath) and sent them on a grand quest to find The Ultimate Facepalm. They felt sorry for nameless, because of the loss of his pet rock, so they also told the awakened chicken popcorn to make a beautiful gravestone for the rock.
  10. A&B

    @Szeth_Pancakes Do we just start guessing? I'm gonna guess: 204
  11. Dandy
  12. Hey, wanna come and hang out with us tomorrow? *zing* What were you saying?
  13. "That's because it's Beyond meat, a vegetarian substitute for whitespine or whatever you make chouta out of. I'm vegetarian (except for the blood of my enemies, of course). Try it, you'll like it!" Facepalm picked up the chouta and again offered it to Kaladin. "Please don't kill me!"