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  1. oh man i'm sorry dude please forgive me ;-;
  2. oh no wait how ;-; i'm sorry ;-; did i spell it wrong?
  3. hey i know this is what my art thread is for but look at this cool drawing i made of @CalanoCorvus



    anyway i have severe art block so hmu if you want me to draw anything :D preferably book characters or podcast characters (by that i mean TMA) because i like drawing stuff i can't see better. 


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    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
    3. Witless of Shinovar
    4. dannnnnex


      i have to admit that’s pretty good, even with the horrendous bow :P

  4. lol. u did post a pic of your signed copy of a book with your first and last name a while back. u r very hot and i tried to capture that
  5. @CalanoCorvus here u go u absolute king
  6. Nowpe Calub :3
  7. hmmm doomie i will make an exception hehe funny that you have the same name as the person who the other person i said i would make an exception for is a clone of (good luck non owl house watchers trying to decipher that)
  8. Alright y'all! I know I said i wasn't drawing due to hw, but that excuse is officially out the window (I did all my hw so far for this quarter lol). So now it's just art block!! Which means commissions! Well, not exactly commissions, cause y'all aren't gonna pay me and i may or may not draw it. But if any of you guys have any suggestions or requests, pray tell :D Anything from media that is not tv or movies is best, because i hate drawing characters that i can see lol. (unless you really need me to draw Hunter from The Owl House. I might make an exception for him.) but all ideas are appreciated!! <3 <3 <3
  9. This is a Renarin appreciation SU

    Love that guy

    May Stormlight Five/Ketek of Wind bring him only good things


    hehe we already know one good thing it's gonna bring him


    CANON RLAINARIN LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO every time i remember it my day brightens considerably







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    2. Cinnamon



    3. Enter a username

      Enter a username


      i think that it's the first in world Singer/Human relationship.

      Sorry, but the Herdazians and Horneaters (and, by extension, the Veden) are all the results of Singer/human interbreeding.


      Brandon Sanderson

      Horneaters are capable [of drinking the Horneater White]. They actually are human-singer hybrids, like the Herdazians, but in a different line. And they have a different physiology. And they actually are not 100% human and are capable of eating and ingesting things that would kill a person.

      Isaac Stewart

      Can singers?

      Brandon Sanderson

      Yes, singers can drink the Horneater White.

      YouTube Livestream 14 (July 30, 2020)


    4. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      Hmmmm interesting. A singer/human relationship between two high-up people will still be a huge thing for the current plot though, not to mention a queer one.

      Omg every time i think about it i get more and more impatient for Stormlight 5. I cannot believe he pushed the release date to 2024 for fricking Skyward............

      (skywards fine and all, but not nearly as good as anything cosmere ;-;)

  10. hey y'all!! I've been not so artsy lately due to hw, but here's some school notebook doodles (cause who needs to learn about the fricking krebs cycle when you can draw instead XD) Magnus Archives season one archival staff (they have my heart forever and always <3 <3 <3): here's Nico Di'Angelo and Will Solace (who else is super excited for The Sun and the Star??!) and here's a chaotic doodle of Michael Shelly from tma (same dude at the top of this page lol. i luv hiim.) the twisted faces are courtesy of my lil sister (she constructed them upon the bones and outlines of heads i started and then erased lmao) and the writing is cause my sister was watching me doodle and does not know who Michael is and needed an explanation, even an incorrect one. i've been working on a drawing of the tma season 3 finale, but i'm not gonna post it cause a lot of y'all are listening to tma rn and i don't want you to get any spoilers. k love y'all byeee!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. duuude that's cool af!!! the colors are so bright!
  12. yeah i forgot!! And it's so cute isn't it <3 <3 it's one of my comfort shows. awwwwwwwww i'm sorry :( best of luck!! and the comics are so great on their own.
  13. hey no one appreciated my heartstopper gif :(