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  1. He ordered an ice cream cone, but the machine was broken.
  2. So they had a backyard barbeque together.
  3. tysm
  4. Idk what discord nitro is, do u need, like, a discord acount for it? I dont have discord and have no idea how it works or how to give discord nitro (??? Lol)
  5. EEEEEE SHE'S PERFECT 16/10 Very spikey boi, i also rly like the background, it looks like she is floating in space Can i put this as my computer wallpaper (or background or whatever its called)?
  6. oh so sad... anyway, hows yall's September going?
  7. You mean this win this forum? I mean, i bet theres some limit on how long these things can get, but its prolly, like, 100,000 pages or somthing Idk
  8. Everything died. Except Tim the Janitor.
  9. They decided to get a random sharder to decide, someone who was not active on this thread.
  10. Regardless, i think 9 hours is plenty.
  11. Actually nm guys Thing changed lol
  12. D I E T H E N
  13. Uh oh, sry guys somthing came up and I'll be kinda busy for a week Rly sry Edit: actually, i could still probably do this, I just need a little time
  14. Yup. Got you at 29 minutes lol
  15. The nighwatcher tells you to eat the marzipan teeth that were in the coconut she gave you. I wish to be abke to know what to say in every situation