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  1. From the album My Artz

    I was listening to the Elantris audiobook, heard this, and thought, "I'm gonna make a comic about this :D" I REALLY need to work on my side view drawings though
  2. Thanks for the clarification
  3. Kimmalyn!! I CANNOT WAIT for book three.
  4. Cool! I've gotten about halfway through the Reckoners, am SUPER excited for Skyward three and am currently reading RoW, gonna read Mistborn while I am waiting for book 5.
  5. HOW COULD I FORGET SCUD AND SPARKS? I don't know these ones, which books are they from?
  6. I think it kind of describes Brandon that he takes the time to find the perfect swear word for each book/series. There may be other authors who do this, I'm not sure, but, I mean, it's just perfect. That's all
  7. From the album My Stormlight Archive Artz

    Just a little comic to celebrate finishing Oathbringer Thank you for ignoring the many misspelled words u are very kind <3
  8. Hello fellow human! Do you enjoy murder? I do! Humans like murder, right? I also enjoy not knowing who Re-Shephir is. Why would I know who she is or think she exists? I have no idea!
  9. On point
  10. From the album My Stormlight Archive Artz

    I made him two armed for this one bcuz otherwise he would not be able to stick to the ceiling Or eat his lavis grain porridge, for that matter
  11. From the album My Stormlight Archive Artz

    If you see his left boot no u don't <3 And yeah he is kinda stumpy but I'm still learning and am not pretty good soooooooooooo
  12. Me likey
  13. This one is on point
  14. Storm Moash 2021, 2022, 2023, and all the years to come! If there are spren for people who don’t know who Re-Shephir is, definitely those! If not, then probably an Ashspren >:) Thanks, fellow human!
  15. I LOVE THIS THEORY! The moment I saw saw the title I immediately started theorizing on how this could work. I haven’t re-read the rithmatists in a while so I couldn’t point out some of the holes in this theory I’m sure there are, but, overall, this is such a cool thought!