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  1. Heartstopper!!!!! I normally don't go for romance shows or graphic novels (the tv show is on netflix and adapted from Alice Osman's graphic novels, which you can read on webtoon) but i loved this one so much. It's so cute and i love the cast sm. Also i relate to a lot of the characters. It's a really really cute show :)
  2. Edit: this was originally my inktober, but it has most of my recent art and i don't really go back to my old art thread cause... well i don't have a reason. That's fine. Original: I said I wasn't gonna make one of these, but i'm actually doing Inktober daily (which i didn't expect) and really enjoying it! Here are all the prompt lists i'm doing (so far i've only used the official prompts though): Here's all the drawings so far: Day one: Gargoyle. I did Blue from The Raven Cycle, as she is at the beginning of chapter one (it describes her as a "restless, sightless gargoyle" so i thought it was fitting). Day two: scurry. I didn't really do anything for that day because i was working hard on a different art piece (one of Kal and Szeth fighting). So here's what ya get: Day three: bat. I was gonna draw the bat from Anastasia cause he's funny, but then i remembered that bats can also be baseball bats, so here's Steve Harrington (from Stranger Things): Day four: scallop. This one is my favorite so far! It's my favorite OC, Iyaden (don't tell the others) in a dress with a scalloped neckline. It's a bit out of character for her, but i'm cooking up a little bit if a traumatic backstory for her, so she gets a cute drawing. I've already drawn tomorrow's prompt (Flame, for both official and cosmere inktober) but i'll wait till tomorrow to share lol.
  3. john jay got sick after writing five.
  4. uh oh guys we're being observed by the straight people uhhh uhhhh be cool SO. um anyone see Argentina won the uh the uhhhh soccer thingy. ?
  5. does anyone else take those gay tests for fun lol they're so stupid yet so funny. my favorite scene in any indie show ever is when Nick Nelson looked at the screen and it said "62% homosexual" and he started crying. most relatable thing i ever saw.
  6. but it's so f l o o f y i l u v i t
  7. You're amazing omg Do you mind if i use the doodles as a reference for hair?
  8. aw tell her to break a leg :D and pillows are good for hugs if you have no humans to hug.
  9. dude don't you have a gf? i'm joking i know you have a gf. obviously i know you have a gf. do we need to tag her?
  10. *sends cuddles and headpats* it's ok doomie you're gonna make it
  11. Well... it doesn't. we're all different, i guess. i don't view every small crush as "omg i need to be in a relationship with this person"- on the contrary, i'm totally not interested in anything like that atm, since i feel way to young. but i just view crushes as fun, and i think people are nice looking and fun to be around and like romantically, and i don't think it's stressful at all. questions are great and awesome and cool, but please be polite. i wasn't miffed because you were asking questions, i was miffed because it was in a rude manner. :)
  12. Hola! No soy fluente, pero quiero aprender mas. Hablar con otra Sanderfans en espanol seria asombroso! lo siento por los acentos y la puntuación faltantes, no sé cómo encontrarlos en mi teclado. (si, usé google translate para esa sentencia lol. y copié y pegué esa e acentuada.)
  13. umm... just because you don't feel something and don't understand it doesn't mean you have to put others down. i appreciate that you're aro and don't experience crushes and love the same way, and i'm not responding to everything you say about it with negative comments. i'd really appreciate it if you'd stop putting me down just because you don't understand my experience :(
  14. on the contrary :) it's super fun Bi gang cause i like girls better they're so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  15. Hiya! This isn't for any reason or milestone, i'm just bored. Ask me anything: deep philosophical questions, favorite things, likes and dislikes... Fire away!
  16. can't relate people are so hot omg i literally think everyone's hot and sometimes i get a crush just by seeing someone (rare though) anyway. yeah i agree y'all are cool af :3 but also i cannot relate to y'all lolll.
  17. hmhmmm anyone seen for the future yet (spoilers for the first 3 minutes)
  18. A fellow Shinovarian, i presume?

  19. feeling romantic luv is cool feeling just platonic luv is also cool all luv is cool we're all friends here guys lets be nice
  20. oOOoooOoOooOOOoo.... yOU're nOt LiKe oTher miDDLE CHilDRen.... YOu'Re diFFERent... lol jk. but honestly... i feel like most siblings think they are unlike their stereotypes, and that's because all families are different. my siblings do not generally fit into stereotypes either, and i don't as well (but in a bad way, i have all the bad older sibling traits but non of the good ones ;-;). i just think everyone is to different for the stereotypes to be such a big deal. but good for you for not getting sprayed loll
  21. *sprays with water* Oh hey do y'all want to hear an awful and messed up but also hilarious story? So when i was 12, my brother was at peak annoying. so i started doing this this where i would play All Star and then squirt him with water whenever he was being annoying. and then i just had to start playing All Star for him to stop being annoying and run away. i psychologically conditioned him to respond to All Star. it was totally messed up, i know, but i was 12 and it was really really funny. (dw i stopped doing it)
  22. NOOOO YOU SPELLED IT RIGHT I HAVE BEEN OUT SAPPHIC-ED BY A DUDE *cris* alr i shall still write it :3