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  1. hi guys, i know i'm heavy on the SUs lately and i promise i'll stop, but i just have to ask: someone on here posted an SU  little while ago with a website that deletes your writing if you don't write fast enough, and i thought it was Sequence but i scrolled through all their SUs till may and i didn't find it. does anyone know of such a website?

    thx ya'll are awesome bye

    1. Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat

      Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat


      i'm kind of When your co-ing my SUs

    2. Slowswift


      It wasn't Write or Die, was it? I haven't used it myself but I remember hearing about it back in the day.

  2. ooo warbreaker vibes! i have a question not entirely related to art: what is a pencil taxi?
  3. i am going to cry because i do not understand the Artemis reference, and that is one of my favorite book series ever written ;-; might you explain it to a poor simpletoon? haha see i slipped one in there hehehe and your art style is so pretty! i especially like the second one (though i am saddened by the suffering present at its creation). edit: wait... is "randomosity" what's written on the t-shirt Artemis's mom tries to make him wear?
  4. rifle in my hand, in command, and my men with me!
  5. On my feet, the enemy ahead of me
  6. Facepalm karate chopped Szeth. "HOW DARE YOU!" they shrieked in indignation. "These pretzels are my life, my soul! how could you insult them so?!"
  7. Facepalm showed up, ate a strawberry-flavored-chocolate-covered-peanut-butter-pretzel, and called Hoid on the phone to gossip about the happenings on the thread.
  8. i enjoy ramen and also cheese and crackers i made a haiku!!!! 1383
  9. *catches muffin* thank you!!!

  10. hmmmm i mean it was that frog for w while... oh wait i don't think you were on here when it was a frog!!! did you see the frog in the hat? (rate Szeths, not mine, since i did it two times in a row lol)
  11. That thread has become absolutely wild calano and i started it just for like therapy for people who are to attached to books, but i quit once it turned into an rp (which was very soon. I think i only posted twice.) I have no idea what it's turned into and i'm to afraid to look. Song lyrics, i assume? Cute. 7/10
  12. Those don't exist Why did you kill Santa Clause?
  13. Observation is a nice word, points for that, but I dislike your use of "I agree." That could, however, be an idiosyncratic notion. 6/10
  14. s l i m e. Which parental phrase do you most crave when you have accomplished something?