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  1. These are some good points, though I'd still argue that the two are more opposed than two shards would normally be. The way Raboniel talked about it, the Rhythms were pretty hard to imagine fitting together. Though you're right, Ruin and Preservation are certainly more diametrically opposed. Though, Preservation would probably have problems with a lot of shards, there's a WoB about how he wouldn't have gotten along at all with Cultivation, and I'd imagine Ingenuity would too
  2. Nope, I'm just making sure I was correct in what I had said.
  3. Didn't all the others "die" in the Recreance?
  4. Are you talking about Lasting Integrity, the city, or just the Honorspren that were born after Syl? Because, I'm pretty sure it's explicitly stated Syl is the only living Honorspren born directly of the Stormfather. It was (I think?) also stated that the other Honorspren were born the way spren regularly are
  5. So, Brandon has talked about how a Splintered Shard can be restored, though he didn't elaborate much besides that there would need to be a new vessel and that it has never occurred thus far in the Cosmere. What would it take to actually do this? Would you just need to bring all of/enough of the splinters together and Honor will just reform? We know that the Spren are splinters that hold some of Honor (and Cultivation), and the Stormfather seems to hold quite a bit, and is capable of supplying Honor's investiture through the Highstorms. However, Spren clearly existed long before Honor was splintered, so recreating Honor through Spren seems unlikely. The Stormfather claimed he was a sliver, so he probably holds a significant portion of the shard, but clearly you need a lot more than just the Stormfather to fix Honor. Other than that, Dalinar can open Honor's perpendicularity, but that also clearly isn't enough either. The way Odium talked to Dalinar at the end of Oathbringer made it feel like Dalinar was very close to Honor/Tanavast, but Dalinar definitely isn't a Shard, and if he loses next book, which people generally seem to think is likely, he probably never will be. There's another theory that Kaladin will take it up, and him being called "Son of Tanavast" definitely makes this seem possible, but how would he actually do it? I think Kaladin would fit well with the Intent of Honor, but the shard needs to be fixed first. Maybe it has something to do with Adhesion? Maybe somehow you could "glue together" all the splinters with some super spiritual form of Adhesion? I sorta doubt Kaladin or Dalinar have that sort of power in them, I doubt even 5th ideal Bondsmith could. However, Ishar did mention how swearing ideals near him could bring back some of his sanity. Perhaps in swearing these oaths, some of Honor is pulled together for a bit? After all, Honor was all about oaths. Plus, Ishar tried to "Steal" Dalinar's Radiant bond with the Stormfather, is it possible a powerful enough Bondsmith could instead "give" his bond to someone? What if Dalinar, after losing to Odium, "gave" his bond to Kaladin, to protect it from Odium. We know its technically possible to have multiple Nahel Bonds at once through a WoB, maybe as a 5th ideal Windrunner/Bondsmith, Kaladin would have such a Connection to "honor's truest surge" that he could literally pull the splinters of Honor back together and recreate the Shard? Especially if he swore both 5th ideals at once, both orders holding the surge of Adhesion, maybe that would pull enough of Honor together to allow someone to take the power? I know this is definitely a long shot theory, but I really feel like Honor will come back at some point. There's the death rattle: "Three of sixteen ruled, but now the Broken One reigns!", and Honor seems a lot more "broken" than Odium or Taravangian do. Plus there's: "He must pick it up, the fallen title! The tower, the crown, and the spear!", couldn't Honor be the fallen title? Kaladin lives in the tower, serves the crown of Kholin, and is known for his spear.
  6. I dont really understand the point you're trying to make. Warlight is called Warlight because thats what the song reminded Raboniel of. The name given to the Rythm doesn't suddenly mean that's the name of the hypothetical shard that could make it
  7. Are you sure? The way Navani talks about Honor's Rhythm, it doesnt seem very "Stormy", I'm pretty sure Stormlight is just called Stormlight since in the modern day, people get it from storms. No reason Honor's song couldnt have a name like "The Rhythm of Oaths"
  8. Well, I doubt Honor + Odium would become "War", since shards never seem to have the same name as their light. I think they may become something like Harmony since they are very different (almost opposite) shards. I think perhaps, the name/form a fused shard has depends partly on the vessel, since I believe there is a a WoB on how Harmony could just as easily have become "Discord", so Honor + Odium could become a Harmony synonym perhaps. Besides that though, Hatred/Passion but with Honor/Integrity makes me think of some sort of idealized war, the sorta glorious think people who haven't been to war think of. Only problem is this seems rather similar to the Shard "Valor". Honor and Cultivation, I think back to what Navani says when she and the Sibling made Tower Light for the first time, she called it "The Song of Science itself". The issue is, that may have been said because she found out how to do this with science, and not that the Intent of the Rhythm was science. Plus there's already a Ingenuity Shard. Honor/Law with Cultivation/Life makes me think of like Civilization, though that's a weird name for a shard. Cultivation and Odium, some sort of hateful life? I think I'd call the light "Plaugelight", but idk about the shard itself. Maybe if you think of it like Cultivated (planned/thought out) hatred, you could call the shard something like Revenge or Grudge? Honor + Odium = "Glory" or "Harmony" with Warlight Honor + Cultivation = "Civilization" with Tower/Science Light Cultivation + Odium = "Revenge" with Plaugelight? All three, I have no idea, maybe that's a better fit for Civilization?
  9. Welcome, the last 100 pages are pretty great! What's your favorite Order of the Knights Radiant?
  10. I hope so too. I'm a little worried, not sure how much I'll enjoy radios and guns in a high fantasy series, but we'll see!
  11. Stormlight, is my favorite series, but my favorite book is probably a tie between Rhythm of War and The Final Empire. Both were pretty tight the whole way through, and didn't seem to drag much, which was surprising considering the length of ROW. The other Stormlight books seemed to drag a little in spots, Zane really hurt Well of Ascension, and while I liked Hero of Ages, it almost felt too fast. Warbreaker was okay, don't feel that strongly about it.
  12. I mean, like most people my favorite surge is definitely Gravitation, since flying is just so cool. But in terms of my favorite order, I think it would be the Dustbringers. Just the way they have been described makes them sound so destructive, and yet due to their oaths they clearly were good guys at one point. Really wanna know more about them
  13. introduction

    Hey, welcome! What books have you read, and which of them did you like the least?
  14. I've never been the biggest fan of Shallan, she was okay in TWOK, slightly better in WOR, but in OB and ROW she just makes so many bad choices that it's extremely hard to relate to her, and I've grown a little tired of the constant bad choices. Even when she makes a somewhat good one, it's like pulling teeth with her. I also hated Zane. Probably the single worst thing to come out of Mistborn era one
  15. It's certainly possible, and it makes a lot of sense. One could maybe make the argument that its "against the spirit of the agreement", but Dalinar specifically said he'd be his own, so that's a tough sell. And it definitely makes the most sense, its a very "safe" option to more or less guarantee a win. I doubt Rayse would have done it because of pride, but Taravangian probably would not care. However, it just doesn't seem right to me, narratively. Yes, the two characters are obviously foils, but fighting directly against a shard is a pretty hopeless fight. And since Dalinar will probably lose, it just seems like a kind of weak ending to this first arc. Plus, when Taravangian was thinking over the agreement, the way it was written, it sorta felt like he was going to do something really smart to deal with this situation, not just vaporize poor Dalinar with the full power of a shard. Though, perhaps there are some restrictions on Shards fully manifesting in the physical realm? Maybe that would make it more fair? I think this could work if Odium was still pretending to be Rayse, then says Taravangian is his champion. Dalinar thinks it should be an easy fight, at least in a physical sense, and its only after the fight really starts does Dalinar learn that the fight is hopeless