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  1. Hi, this is my first post so im not realy sure how to write this, sory if its not very clear. Secend, sorry if my spelling is ronge English is not my first language. Now for my theory, i was just reding elantris for the second time, and i noticed the similarity between the herold Taln matra and the ones of the hoed in elantris. both are repetitive and both are caused partially by pain and partly by magic, in the hoed case, by being frozen in time,and i think that in Taln case, by only remembering the time on braze and loosing anything else just like we saw hapening to the other herolds, that loose most of there memoris just biger becase of the torture. i think that the fact taln was alone on braze for so long, made him forget enything else and become just pain just like the hoed resulting no longer capble of holding th oath pact. on both cases we also see that the mantra is talking about somthing tht was very importent to the person before just like taln mantra about the desolations or Raodens about how he failed his love. But what does this even mean? I think this are evidence for the existence of another type of shadows in the cosmere. after all cognetive shadows are either copys of the memory or the memory after the soel left, so i think the hoed are "spiricual shadows" where the mind left and the soel staed. i do not think it is a permenent situation as we see both the hoed heal and Taln healing for moment becase of dalanars bondsmith oath. we see more evidence in the fact that when Raoden was a hoed his mind was just floting around afraid to go back to his body becase of the pain. i akso wonder if the bondsmith oaths are not giving a moment of clarity but the power to forget the pain for a small amount of time. i also think that lifeless without exstra braeth could be phisical shadows where the mind and soel left but something(a form of Investiture) is mooving the body. a simuler thing i think can be said about the shades of Threnody that dont sem to reamember anything but still act. Im not sure what could be the implications but i just wanted to share my theroy and see if anyone implicationd before me and what does evryone thinks about the posebility. + which type do you think the reternd are?