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  1. Anything in Lyft's perspective is extremely fun to read. She has such a different and youthful way of looking at things that definitely make her chapters unique!
  2. Thank you! I'd probably be a Tineye if I had the choice. I like the thought of having a heightened awareness and being able to see things in greater detail.
  3. Thank you!
  4. Mistborn era 2 (and the rest of the cosmere for that matter) is on the list. I'll probably read Mistborn era 2 right after Warbreaker. Only got to read like 50 pages of Warbreaker last night, but im already loving how full of color this world is. It's a completely different take on magic that I wasn't expecting and by the end of the book it might be my new favorite form of Investiture.
  5. Thank you! Hmmm least favorite.... there is the obvious Moash but everyone hates Moash and I like to be more complex than that. I think my least favorite character is probably Adolin. I dont dislike Adolin, like he's a good guy. I just feel like where we're at in the series right now he hasn't offered as much to the story as others including Moash. Im sure Brandon has some things in store for him in the coming books though.
  6. That is a loaded question my friend. In Mistborn my favorite is Sazed/Harmony. In the Stormlight Archives it used to be Taravangian, but I think after reading RoW Navani takes the cake. Everyone likes a good action scene, but I absolutely thrive in the scientific study and technology advancement scenes. I love learning how everything works in these magnificent worlds Brandon creates. If I had to pick one to be my favorite overall though I think its Sazed. There's just something about his humble attitude that I love. Who is your favorite character?
  7. We saw a sliver of sane Ishar. I think he got 1 line out to Dalinar that sounded sane. Since Ash insists he's sane could he perhaps be purposefully acting insane for some greater purpose than we know? Maybe he's trying to convince Odium he is insane so Odium will visit him. Then when Odium visits him he reveals that he's completely sane and uses his unbound bondsmith powers to against Odium. Maybe a bit farfetched but doesn't sound totally impossible.
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Ethan I just joined the 17th shard yesterday. So far I have read the first Mistborn era and all 4 Stormlight Archives. I've tried and tried to get my friends to read the Cosmere books with no success yet. This has brought me here. There is way to much to discuss to have nobody to discuss it with! Warbreaker should be delivered to my house before the day is over so please no spoilers there!
  9. Id be interested in helping even if I can only contribute a little bit!
  10. I think El is a good candidate and agree that he may be the most likely pick. That being said I think Ishar is my theory. Ishar has already been very corrupted by Rayse and we know he's capable of some very devious acts. Ishar like all the Heralds is going insane which leaves him in a very vulnerable mental state to be manipulated. From Odium's point of view this decision makes perfect sense. Odium knows Dalinar will be his own champion and he knows that Dalinar is very unpracticed at his abilities. Dalinar needs Ishar to teach him. If Odium could fully corrupt Ishar before Dalinar can learn from him then Dalinar has to face Ishar in battle he will be at a severe disadvantage as his counterpart has had thousands of years to master the art if being a bondsmith. This all being said I believe a pivotal part near the start of book 5 will be a "race" of sorts by Dalinar and Odium to sway Ishar to their side. Whoever ends up with Ishar on their side may very well win the contest of champions.
  11. I still need to read Warbreaker (its supposed to be delivered today) so I don't fully understand the way breaths work. That being said from what I've seen on the 17th shard and the wiki's breaths seem like a fairly exact science for example we know Nightblood was made with exactly 1000 breaths. Given what we know about Hoid I find it hard to believe he wouldn't know exactly how many breaths he has and I find it hard to believe he wouldn't eventually notice if 1 or more are altered. Now as for Hoid's goal. I agree with many others on this thread who think it was some sort of distraction though I don't have any ideas for what the distraction might be that hasn't already been said by someone else. The big kicker here is that I think Hoid came with that specific goal in mind because he thinks he's speaking with Rayse but in turn he is going to recieve much more valuable information. This being the alteration of his breaths, something Rayse wouldn't think to do.
  12. I like the thought of this because one of the reasons Hoid doesn't want a shard is because he doesn't want to be bound in any way. Though I don't think this is the case. I don't think Hoid would want a shard even if he had access to every shard's intent.
  13. Shallan: Young woman who suffers from Alzheimer's develops split personality disorder to protect herself from her Alzheimer's
  14. I think my thought of being the closest being was miss understood. I dont think it is Hoid's goal to ascend into God hood. He already had that chance. It was more of an after thought. I was thinking that if someone had some sort of access to each kind of investiture they would be the closest being to Adonalsium because they would in theory have access to each individual part of Adonalsium itself. On another note thanks for pointing out that there are shards he specifically stays away from. This made me think about the complexities of obtaining access to every type of investiture. For example how would one bond a spren of Cultivation and a spren of Odium if they have already bonded a spren of Honor? Not necessarily saying its impossible, more so just realizing that there are greater complexities involved.
  15. Someone may have already thought of this so if there is another thread discussing this please link it. So we've seen Hoid use some form of lightweaving before he bonded a cryptic. He was also very ecstatic about bonding a spren, this got me thinking. Could Hoid's goal perhaps be to master all types of investiture? Would the mastery of all investiture possibly make him the closest being to adonalsium? Just my thoughts on this hoping to hear what all of you think of this idea.